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About Blurb is a website which promises to give their users everything they need to take control of their printing needs, whether it is a personalized photo book, self published book, or even eBooks.

With the growth in digital photographs and e-readers, there has also been a growth in websites that gives the average person the ability to create these types of products themselves, with no need for a professional printer or publisher, sites like Lulu, Mixbook, and Shutterfly.

Blurb offers many different advanced tools to help you create your project in the most professional way possible. For photo books, they offer Bookify, the section of their website which is dedicated to helping their customers create the highest quality personal photobooks.

The website also offers Booksmart, which is the section of their website dedicated to helping writers upload, format, and self publish books. Today’s internet capabilities and accessible technology have made the concept of self published books extremely popular. 


When you have finished formatting and designing your project, you are ready to publish. Self publishing generally relies on print-on-demand, which means that your book will only exist digitally until it is ordered – at that time the book will be printed and shipped.

Unlike many other self publishing websites, which generally only offer print on demand, they do offer the option of large volume printing, though this is often a more expensive route. Customers who are interested in self publishing and are curious about pricing must consult directly.

This website also has the technology available to let users transfer their books into the proper format to allow them to be downloaded onto e-readers, so that they may have access to the whole book market.

There are third party sources that offer coupon and promo codes for Blurb, but these will generally be applicable to their photo projects.

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After dealing with them it is clear that they never had any intention of paying any profit payments.
October 30, 2019
They blatantly in my face ripped me off by never sending any payments then claiming the check was cashed. Total fraud. Tried to call but they have a telephone answering system that is so lamer fake. Just stuck in an endless loop. Call the number and see how childish

I like
October 15, 2013

I like this company. The opportunity to become a published author was a distant dream of mine. I found this company through a search engine and it's been a long journey for me.

I have 28 books published through this company already. I recommend anyone that is beginning to write to give it a try. I like their rates and the completed products are great. Thanks to them I'm finally an author. Now my work is for sale world wide. My photography work is also for sale. I can finally tell anyone that I'm an author and photographer. The pride you feel when you see your name on a book is incredible. It's my work and I created it. My name is on it. :-)