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Blue Nile is the leading source of online diamond sales, offering quality, selection and value to their customers. They have over 60,000 diamonds and over 100’s of settings to choose from. With their online site and their iPhone application you can search through their inventory of jewelry and diamonds from wherever you are.

Fine jewelry available through Blue Nile includes engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and charms. By using their search tools you can narrow down the selection of options based on what you are looking for. For diamonds, you can search by carat weight, the cut of the diamond, the clarity of the diamond, and the color of the diamond. If the diamond ring you had in mind is not on their site, you can customize your very own ring.

Educational resources on their website can be helpful to those whom are not familiar with the characteristics, quality and properties pertaining to each individual piece of jewelry. Help from their customer service representatives is also available twenty-four hours a day.

Blue Nile has a virtual inventory and does not buy the piece of jewelry from the supplier until the sale is finalized. They offer a 30-day refund policy for items that are still in their original condition. They do not accept returns for custom items, engraved pieces or special orders.

Blue Nile online customer reviews were mixed; some customers complained they received diamonds that did not match the grade of quality they purchased. They also complained about the setting of the diamonds.  Customer reviews also relay that refunds can be difficult to obtain. Some individuals who should have been issued a refund were instead given the option to replace the item or use the credit to buy something else.

Purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry, especially diamonds, from an online source can be risky. You are relying on the integrity of suppliers and appraisers with whom you do not directly have connection to. Because Blue Nile has a virtual inventory, they do not see the jewelry items nor are they able to verify the quality of the diamond their customers are receiving. Final appraisals are signed off on by Blue Nile and their appraisers never physically come in contact with the diamonds or jewelry.

The safest route to buy a diamond or an expensive piece of jewelry is to shop locally so you can view the item in person. It is recommended to have an appraiser, not affiliated to the company, conduct your appraisal. Local retailers are less likely to discard their policies regarding refunds and the way returns are handled. Shop around for the best prices, using online sites and local dealers. Sometimes your local retailers can order items for you and they may even be able to match lower prices you find elsewhere.

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