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About Blue Diamond Pan

The Cookware Company (USA) is one of the main manufacturers of some of the top branded cookware products. Specialized in the making of different brands, they focus on thermolon ceramic non-stick technology and have been in operation since 2007.

Their brands include GreenChef, Cookware Holland, GreenLife, VitaVerde, Keltum, van Kempen & Begeer, and Fiesta cookware. Known for making strong, quality non-stick cookware, they provide kitchen solutions, making the cooking process more fun, faster and easier.

Most of their cookware is available in various retail, hardware, and grocery stores. They are also featured on television shopping channels that market their products on a worldwide level.


Blue Diamond Pan

The Blue Diamond pan is a new frying pan recently introduced to the market that has been manufactured to simplify your cooking and kitchen tasks. The nonstick cookware is made out of an Ultra-durable, sturdy ceramic coating reinforced with diamond. This makes it 5X stronger than regular nonstick cookware and is very durable.

The nonstick coating allows it to last for long before you think of replacing it with a new one. The cooking pan does not contain toxic chemicals such as lead or cadmium and is safe to use. This also makes it safe to use on heat since you won’t be exposed to any harsh chemicals.

The forged base of the frying pan makes it strong and prevents warping. With a strong base, coating and materials the cooking pan use less time in food preparation.

It performs 4X quicker and can work on the oven broiler to up to 850 degrees of heat. It also allows an even distribution of heat.

Cleaning has never been easier. With the Blue Diamond pan, you can safely clean it in the dishwasher with other metal utensils.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy to purchase the Blue Diamond pan. You first need to select the offer that you want. There are two offers available.

The first is where you choose free shipping, saving $8.95 which is considered the best value. With this offer, you will receive a set of two 9.5" Blue Diamond Frypan for just $39.98.

The second offer is a single offer where you will only receive a single 9.5" Blue Diamond Frypan for just $19.99 plus $8.95.

Having selected your preferred offer, the next step is filling in your personal information which includes your zip code, your payment information, billing information and then finally your shipping information.

Once all the details have been filled, click on the Process Order button where the credit card whose details you have submitted will then be charged the specified amount.

The normal shipping process is 30 days from the time the order is processed. Your product will then be mailed via UPS. Questions related to orders should be directed to customer service.

Cost and Price Plans

The Blue Diamond pan is sold at $19.99 + $8.95 shipping totaling to $28.94. You can also include a lid during your purchase which will cost you an additional $10 upon checkout.

The Blue Diamond is currently on offer where you receive a 9.5" Blue Diamond™ Enhanced Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan for only $19.99 plus $8.95 p&h. This includes free shipping, saving you $8.95. Alongside the offer is a bonus of a recipe book containing 50 free, quick and easy recipes. The company has a 90-day money back guarantee (minus p&h).

Customer Service

Any questions regarding the cooking pan should be addressed to customer service. Get in touch with the Blue Diamond customer service department by calling them at 800-430-0475 between the hours of 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST or emailing them at [email protected]

To find out more about your order status check it out at

In case of any refunds or replacement of the product due to damage or unsatisfactory results, return the product within 60 days after purchase. Upon returning the product, it should have full details which include your full name, address, daytime telephone number and email address.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many people have seen the cooking pan in commercial advertisements on As Seen on TV. While some think the infomercial advertisements might be a scam some disagree. The product as seen on tv displayed the benefits of having the frying pan as one of your kitchen essentials.

Several customer reviews show that customers were impressed as well as pleased with the overall results, praising their experience cooking with the frying pan. The pan was found to be easy to clean, cooks evenly due to the even heat distribution and the food didn’t stick onto it.

Some customers even experimented with the strength of the nonstick coating by using sandpaper on the pan’s surface which they said didn’t leave a scratch on the cooking pan.

Competitors and Alternatives

Online platforms that sell similar products include,, and Diamond tech pan and Swiss diamond both have tough pans with the strongest cookware surface that is durable.

When comparing Blue Diamond pan vs Red Copper Pan, they both provide you with similar results and a swift meal preparation.

Where to Buy?

The Blue Diamond Pan is not available in stores. This nonstick pan from the Cookware Company, LLC can only be found on the official website


Different companies have manufactured non-stick cookware in an effort to attract the market. However, the Blue Diamond pan has been able to dominate the market for a while and deliver satisfactory results.

The well-incorporated materials and features make the Blue Diamond pan an essential tool in the kitchen. You can enjoy your top favorite recipes without worrying about the food burning or be unevenly cooked.

Apart from looking at the ratings, you can decide to purchase the cooking and experience firsthand how it cooks. Furthermore, there is a 90-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results. Purchase one today and experience the pan’s high performance.

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1 Review

blue diamond

April10, 2019

not non stick at all

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1 Review

Blue diamond scam

March2, 2019

Beware the blue diamond pan. It is a scam. I bought one to be used exclusively for cooking omelettes. The first 6 were great. Then the non-stick feature stopped being non-stick and is big-stick.
Save your money, Teflon still looks like the best. Bob Herr Victoria, Canada

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April 10, 2019

the same thing happened to me after spending twenty eight for this fry pan .big price for junk

April 15, 2019

I really hate y'all went through all that, but i'm glad to know everything you've said, because i was just about to buy one of those things - but guess what?


i'll tell ya what i've had better luck with than anything - those cheapy ceramic walmart pans. the one i use all the time is like five years old, and it's still exactly like it was when i bought it.

it's like - not "totally" non-stick, but a tiny bit of olive oil, butter, etc, and you're good to go.

i'm having SUCH a HARD TIME finding ANY pans where the reviews are at least MOSTLY good.

i really hate this shi0t...

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