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A Little Pricey But Worth It
September 18, 2017
It is a little on the pricey side (especially per meal), but I find Blue Apron to be an enjoyable alternative to going out to eat. I don't think it will ever replace 100% of my grocery-buying routine, but the ingredients are very high qualitative, the instructions easy to follow and the end result is always worth the experience. I've kept all my recipe cards so that I can use them independently in the future.

Blue Apron is perfect for me
August 2, 2017

I have been a Blue Apron customer since 2015. Their meals are easy to prepare and the recipes are good. Every meal I made came out tasting "restaurant quality". I like the fact that although it's $9.99 a meal, I don't pay tax and tip, so it's equivalent to ordering a $8.12 meal in a restaurant. For this price, I get the main ingredient and 1 or 2 sides - plus the satisfaction of being able to produce dishes like I am a professionally trained chef! I also like their wines and kitchen gadgets.

Untimely delivery means no delivery
June 12, 2017

After accepting payment for the initial order to my office, the BA website only then informs customers that delivery will be "before 8pm." The sequence of this disclosure is dishonest.

"James A." of Blue Apron confirmed that he could not guarantee delivery before my office building doors are locked at 530 pm and suggested I have it delivered to a "safe place" or my "office, a friend, or a neighbor."

Well James, why don't I just confine my business to reasonable, honest merchants who don't take my money before telling me they cannot perform in a commercially reasonable manner?

If BA'S website reported this risk of late non-delivery before taking my payment I would not have completed the order or wasted my time complaining.

please waste of money
March 13, 2017
just reading it makes me laugh. we spend about 500.00 in one month most of it in meats .pork loin , chicken breast , burger (80/20) whole chickens which that will last us two 6-7 months. . . most we eat two times a day that bring everything to about 70 cents a meal per per person . 500.00 / 6 months= 83.34 per month. 83.34 / 30 days avg per month = 2.77 per day / by 2 persons = 1.39 pp. / eating twice a day 69.5 cant'ts so .70 cents per meal - talk electric okay our avr bill is about 75.00 per month we have washer/dryer/ chest freezer ( 6.9 cf ) and a flat top stove. all new items within the last four years. so out of that 75.00 say 35.00 thats half and being on the high side just for cooking. thats ads 1.17 pp that about 59 cents pp about 30 cents more per meal so you still are talking about one dollar per meal. ill even narrow it down for you i live in flordia about a 2hr ride to disney area.

Wendy NJ August 02, 2017

Frozen meat does not taste like fresh meat, especially after 6 months.

Poor Quality For the Price
December 31, 2016

I was given three weeks of Blue Apron (it was set up to come every other week on a Friday) as a birthday gift from my children. We did it this way because I was cooking for myself most of the time and it took at least a week to consume all the meals as fresh cooked and as left overs. I cooked all the meal promptly within the first three days of receipt of the package so as not to have spoilage of the ingredients.

Without exception, every shipment came with problems. In the first, the fish was bad (the ground lamb/beef was excellent), several bags of the vegetables were brown and slimy (I took pictures to show customer service) and all the bags were way under the volume called for in the recipe. I even had an under ripe grocery store tomato (and yes, it was from the store as it still has its code sticker on it) The second shipment was just OK to barely passable in quality and had missing ingredients. Fortunately I was able to make substitutions an get the meals cooked. At this point I had emailed customer about both quality control issues and they did issue some partial credit for the next meals.

For the third week I decided to try their more vegetarian dishes and this is where we hit rock bottom. Between missing ingredients and some very slimy brown vegetables, I was pretty much on my own to make the meals work. I again sent photos to BA customer service and this time I called. The representative was pleasant and offered to replace that weeks meals with another weeks credit. I thought this was at least reasonable..... until it never came... I went on line and ordered the meals, the credit showed on my account and I thought we were all set. Little did I know they were trying to charge my Daughters another $60.00 for meals even though I showed a $60.00 credit.

To get them to stop charging her card, she stopped her involvement with the order... i.e. took her credit card off the account. ... So even though I had a $60.00 credit with the company, had chosen my meals and set up a delivery date they cut me off and I lost that credit.

Would I do this again... never... I found the vegetables I received to be old, half the time unusable when brown and slimy, and the grocery store tomato really finished it for me since this is supposed to be fresh from the field.

I'm glad others received good quality food from the company, but on the east coast on a Friday delivery, I obviously got the dregs from the bins. :-(

wise owl March 13, 2017

i looked at it, what a waste of money - we spend an easy 350.00 just in meats going to bjs warehouse and between winn-dixie,save-a-lot- and publix we spend another 150.00 total of 500.00 this will last the two of us for an easy 6 months. so that comes out to 83.33 per month divide that by 30 days ( avg day per month ) 2.77 per day at eating twice a day its 1.38 per day.thats about 70 cents a day so how is 59.00 a month for a small amount of food not to mention just enough spices , and if the ingredients call for 1 and half cups of black beans thats what they are going to give you .nothing more this is only one meal a day not two or three. you will spend way more. what a rip off if you really think about it

Best ever!
November 1, 2016

Love everything about this service. Easy to use recipes and wonderful fresh ingredients. They make it simple to cancel meals for vacations, etc. Also fun to look ahead and make choices on delivery. There are 6 options every week. Food is always delivered on time. Online, they teach you simple tricks to make food prep easier.

I have enjoyed cooking from scratch my entire life. I am a young 72 year old. My husband of 51 years and I find this a welcome and enjoyable treat. Have learned new combinations with food. Have had the service for 8 months now. Never had a problem. We love it. Cannot understand the complaints.

Pretty good
October 31, 2016
We used the service, cancelled it easily (in order to try others), but found it fine. You do not have to shop, spent time and money on that work, and you do not have to plan a meal (if you just want to eat steak or chicken everyday then good luck). The prep time takes some time and the assembly and cooking takes some level of skill. Once however you master this minor skill, the results my wife and I found were good. Not perfect but what is. We are going to use meal kits, by someone and in some form, for a long time. But, it clearly is not for everyone.

Wendy NJ August 02, 2017

I have been a Blue Apron customer since 2015. Their meals are easy to prepare and the recipes are good. Every meal I made came out tasting "restaurant quality". I like the fact that although it's $9.99 a meal, I don't pay tax and tip, so it's equivalent to ordering a $8.12 meal in a restaurant. For this price, I get the main ingredient and 1 or 2 sides - plus the satisfaction of being able to produce dishes like I am a professionally trained chef! I also like their wines and kitchen gadgets.

great value
October 25, 2016
Found the coupon mailed to me and used it once. The food is yummy and price is reasonable

October 25, 2016
Cooked 2 meals so far. Meals are way over priced. $35 for a family of 4, you get about $15 worth of food. You have to do the prep work. Vegetable portions are skimp, no organic an the amount of packaging plastic is such a waste.

Blue Apron Love it
September 22, 2016
I'm on my 3rd week and I love how easy everything is... fresh ., Meals arrive on time they quality of the product is great... I used to hate cooking but now I look forward to getting my box every Friday. Price is reasonable. Portions are just enough for two people... I truly love them

They are the best!
August 17, 2016
I'm sorry, but the above comments make my blood boil! The only ones complaining are the one's who got a free box first! I have been with them for months, they never charge when you skip a week (or 5), all of the ingredients are fresh, and the box gets delivered on the day promised by 8am.....EVERY WEEK! And I live in Michigan, not some huge metropolitan area! And for the guy who said ingredients were missing....HELLO...the meat is separated by cardboard and 2 ice packs at the complete bottom of the box! Dud you think it was a trap door and a rabbit was going to pop out? I never have cooked before Blue Apron, and never thought I would. In a few short months, I can make the most fantastic meals that impress all who eat them. They are the absolute best, and whoever states otherwise is either a fool or jealous of their simple but extraordinary product (I'm betting on all of the above myself)

Don't waste your time!
August 7, 2016

My experience is troubling. My wife was given a coupon to try this service and in signing up she gave them a credit card number. The first shipment was complimentary but the company immediately billed us $60 for a second shipment even though we will not be accepting the food. Unfortunately some good food will go to waste and I have to dispute the bill with my credit card company.

The food that they sent was decent, though for the money you can do a lot better going shopping locally. I hope that going forward the company will understand that good products and services sell themselves and they will make more enemies by continuing to charge people for things they do not want.

Rob Oldham

Davis, CA.

Doesn't uphold its standards
July 26, 2016
For 2weeks, no delivery. When I asked for a refund, wouldn't provide it since it was a gift. Worst company I have dealt with and I certainly wouldn't recommend it trust their food either

Love it
July 21, 2016
We have had this service for several weeks and love it! Having a varied menu is important to me. I have really enjoyed cooking with ingredients that are new to me as well. Blue Apron fills both of those goals. So far , the food has been fresh and at my door before 10:00 am on delivery day. The portions are filling, too. My husband has shown a bigger interest in cooking and has become more involved with the meal preparation. Blue Apron is a win- win for my family.

Prmoise but no delivery
June 5, 2016

Would write Zero but no options. The wine service came through, but with 5 days after promised shipment of food, I can't trust the safety of the food and IF it comes, will likely have to throw it out.

Meanwhile, they are glowing about my next shipment.

Canceled. They are a mature organization ? Yet they will promise to send me food that will be expired before I get it.

Good, but...................
April 13, 2016
We have been subscribing to Blue Apron for a couple of months now. We have been getting three meals a week and the woman I live with thinks they are great, but I have my reservations. The meals are definitely tasty and reasonable, but they do not fill me up and they do take s great deal of prep time. Granted the daily meal process is a lot easier. You don't have to choose what to cook and all the ingredients come directly to you, but for me, the portions are small. Also, There is so much packaging and I don't feel they are as healthy as they advertise.

The Second time.
February 23, 2016

Received our shipment of Blue Apron this Morning. Three meals, but only one was complete..

Spicy Shrimp spaghetti.......Complete.

Trinidadian Chicken Curry.......everything but the Chicken!!

Pretzel Burgers.......everything but the Ground Beef.

Now we have enjoyed the meals to this date, but once before they left out one of the important ingredients. Blue Apron responded and was giving us Credit ( I never saw such).

So Pretzel Burgers without any Burger.

Trinidadian Chicken Curry without the chicken!

February 2, 2016
I just finished my final of three meals that were gifted to me by my daughter. The meals were average. I tend to try and eat healthier than the meals that Blue Apron offers....I.e.brown rice instead of white, whole wheat instead of white... One issue is that you cannot choose individual meals....they come in packages of three and if you choose one, you are stuck with the other two in that package - like it or not. Also, two of the three meals did not include all of the ingredients. I had to substitute with what I had at home....this can make a big difference. All in all, food was average - recipes were average - wouldn't do it again....

Hard to cancel/ deceptive practices/ unresponsive support
January 26, 2016

I received my membership for a week of deliveries. It is impossible to set up only the delivery for your gift. Low and behold, I was charged the full price for the delivery after signing up and redeeming my gift.

After cancelling (attempting to cancel 5 days in advance) I was notified that I will be charged YET AGAIN for another week of deliveries.

I have not heard back from Blue Apron support in 2 days.

Rob January 26, 2016

Sorry, proofreading. Should have said....

It is impossible to set up only the delivery for your gift without a credit card on file.

Solid service for those in need
August 15, 2014

Was recently invited by friend to blue apron and received a free 3 meal trial. My gf is a pescatarian so we only had veggie and fish dishes.

The meals were all really tasty and made use of some complex ingredients and spices that I normally would not have tried. If you're not used to cooking I can see it taking some time to get everything prepared but overall the prep and cooking time should be about 30 min or less.

This is by no means a "night off" from cooking but you do get all the ingredients shipped to your door and everything is individually packaged and labeled to make things easier.

I can see this being a good special occasion type service or maybe nightly if you can afford that. There is a lot of packaging material that comes with it so if you eco conscious order in bulk and recycle as much of it as you can.

The website was also very easy to use and well organized, it lets you plan your meals for weeks ahead and choose what you want.

Overall it's a great service for introducing you to gourmet meals and a great stepping stone to cooking more on your own after you've tasted their combinations.