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About Blowfish for Hangover

Blowfish for hangover was founded by Brenna Haysom in 2011 in NY and it’s changing our lives ever since. This fascinating hangover remedy from Rally Labs can guarantee you are feeling like a human being after a long night (or day) of partying.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy as dropping two tablets in a glass of water and drinking. Blowfish is a real hangover cure explicitly developed to reduce your hangover symptoms, designed to work fast, actually as twice as quickly as regular pills.

The effervescent tablets promptly provide super-strength pain reliever and pharmaceutical-grade caffeine to your suffering, painful body, while being extra kind on your tummy. This is because the medicinal caffeine and effervescent solution are more helpful to your stomach than regular coffee which is known for excessive producing of stomach acid.

Blowfish hangover pill ingredients are 500mg of aspirin and 60 mg pharmaceutical caffeine, which means that you’re having the best care possible because it gives you everything you need to get well as soon as possible: pain reliever, effervescence, caffeine, and water.

Blowfish is also kosher, vegan, and gluten-free so anyone can use it, except the few unfortunate ones allergic to aspirin. What does blowfish for hangovers do is just the right kind of miracle you were asking for last time you experienced headaches, nausea, dehydration, fatigue and many other unpleasant consequences of little too excessive alcohol siping.

Cost and Price Plans

There are many options for you to regain your sobriety in a heartbeat.

If you’re an occasional party maniac on the floor and you want to dance like you never danced before, Starter pack is a just the kind of deal for you. It contains 20 lemon flavored hangover pills, which is more than enough for you to be a soul of quite a few parties for just 15$.

If you are into a great time and a great deal, Value pack is a little piece of heaven, just $1.25 per hangover away from you. For only 25$ you’re going to get yourself in a new party mood ready to shine bright like a diamond.

If you are out of ideas for organizing and hosting birthdays, weddings or corporate parties, you can always count on Blowfish for hangovers Party box. With this fantastic pack of 50 tablets (25 individual packages), you can make cute little gift bags, maybe even make a gift on its own just by adding a beautiful bow or just keep it to yourself and you know you’re going to need it someday. It’s only $59.99. Bargain, don’t you think?

Ok, let’s assume that you are hosting this fantastic open bar party for all of your friends and family. Sounds lovely, but if DJ hit all the right songs most of the night, you’re definitely going to need Double Party box. For fantastic $99.99 everyone will remember your fabulous party and not some nasty hangover from imported vodka.

Of course, if you ever tried Blowfish for a headache, you know it’s a lifesaver. So you maybe want to make a statement with this awesome Blowfish trucker’s hat. It is as blue as the hearts of the ones that still haven’t tested hangover cure and as strong as hangover remedies active ingredients. For only $19.50 help others raise their awareness. Save the planet from hangovers. Be the change you want to see in this world.

Customer Service

There are very few things in a life of a man that is entirely for sure. Some of them are dying, paying taxes and the fact that Blowfish is a remedy that really works. If you don’t fall in love with it, they will give you your money back.

Blowfish formulation is acknowledged by the FDA, and you can totally check it out on FDA’s website here and search their NDC code 75920-0464

Online Reviews/Complaints

Of course, there are always a couple of nonbelievers, and it’s fine as long as there are so much more satisfied buyers and the ones that swear that Blowfish for the hangover is the best chill pill ever.

Customers are mostly delighted, feeling renewed and energized after taking the remedy, some of them used words like reborn, raised from death, the real deal, the only thing that work, etc.

Competitors and Alternatives

In life, you always must compete with someone. The healthy competitors are Sobur, Over Ez and of course Alka Seltzer.

All of the rivals have products that work, but Blowfish for Hangovers has the highest number of satisfied customers and the least amount of unhappy ones.

The ultimate battle comes to Blowfish for hangover vs. Alka seltzer, and we can only suggest you try both products and decide for yourself which one is better!

Where to Buy?

So if you decided to make the most of your light or a heavy night out, you could make a purchase of a lifetime on their website.

If you are more into the old fashioned way, or you like to chat with a staff, or just want to get out of the house to get some fresh air, you can always find a store close to you. 


You no longer have to restrain yourself from having a blast at the parties, passing on beer pong, dancing jelly shots or God forbid tequila shots for a potential hangover. You can now really enjoy yourself, just remember not to drink and drive, cause there are the ones that text and drive, and if you two crash, guess who’s fault it’ll be.

But seriously, don’t drink and drive, be responsible to you and others, and for everything else, you have your beloved Blowfish for hangovers.

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