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About BloomNation

When you’re trying to send flowers to a friend or family member who lives far away, it can be hard to arrange the details. How do you find a reputable florist in a town you aren’t familiar with? Enter: BloomNation, an online marketplace connecting customers directly with local florists to make flower delivery a simple process with uniquely beautiful arrangements.

What Is It?

BloomNation is an online floral marketplace which enables artisanal florists to build a website and sell their arrangements directly to consumers. BloomNation was founded in 2011 by Farbod Shoraka and Gregg Weisstein and now has about 3,500 florists delivering to nearly 5,000 cities across the United States.

BloomNation is similar to marketplaces like Etsy, where customers connect directly with local florists, who have posted their own photos of their floral creations to the site. On the BloomNation site, customers can browse the marketplace to see different arrangements and previous customer reviews before purchasing one.

How Does It Work?

As a florist, BloomNation allows you to get a website setup and create your own online shop for your arrangements. When you create your Florist Account, you simply fill out your profile to include shop details like location, hours, and information regarding delivery and billing. You can then create your Catalog by uploading photos of your custom arrangements – no stock photos are allowed! 


The Florist version of the site includes a main dashboard page that allows you to easily track your shop’s orders, payouts and customers and keep tabs on your business all on one page. There are helpful resources in the BloomNation site to assist florists in making sure their site is user-friendly and can capitalize on SEO and other keys to success for an Internet marketplace.

As a customer, simply select the address or city where you are delivering flowers, and browse the marketplace to choose the arrangement you like best based on the custom photos the florist has uploaded. You can filter by occasion, color, price and flower type so you can get exactly what you want.

The visual aspect of this marketplace allows for you to really know what your arrangement will look like, with full transparency on cost of arrangement and delivery. The other unique and useful feature is the review section – each arrangement and each florist has customer ratings and reviews which help you confirm they are a reputable source with high quality arrangements.

You can use either the online platform or the phone app to browse the marketplace and order flowers. Once you’ve ordered, you are easily able to check your order status and stay up to date on progress.

Cost and Price Plans

There is no additional fee or cost for florists to utilize BloomNation as a marketplace, and the price of arrangements is the same as if you were ordering from them directly.

According to BloomNation, florists who are most successful on the site have an average of 28 different floral designs for sale at any given time, with about a quarter of those priced below $65.00, and a quarter priced over $100.

Additionally, the best-selling arrangements are typically under $65, and many have the option to add “upsell” features where the arrangement can be made more premium by upping the flower quality or getting extra flowers added in. There are additional fees for flower delivery, typically around $10-15.

Customer Service

BloomNation holds itself, as a company, and each of its florist partners to the highest standard of quality. The Help section has an article outlining how to have best practice customer service, so there is no question for individual florists on how they should aim to practice. While there is a BloomNation customer service phone number, (210) 405-5050, and email address,  [email protected], customers are typically best served by connecting directly with the individual sellers.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Each florist and arrangement are individually reviewed on the site, so you are best served as a shop owner to create and deliver high quality arrangements to keep recurring customers and attract new ones. As a customer too, you are able to know exactly what you are purchasing, and what to expect from the experience.

That being said Bloomantion does have its share of complaints, however as a company doing business nationally that is to be expected to some degree.  As a marketplace they do well to provide their service however you may still experience issues with individual florists which is why they each have their own feedback.

As a precaution you may research the shops that Bloomnation recommends to you independently to see how they’re reviewed online.  No flower shop is perfect and they all face difficulties as their busiest days are always on big holidays.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are not many other online floral marketplaces out there, and so BloomNation occupies a rather niche space. However, their biggest competitor is probably Teleflora, which is an extremely popular flower delivery site with over 10,000 member florists in North America. Like BloomNation, Teleflora allows customers to connect with local florists to get beautiful flowers delivered.

However, BloomNation works more like Etsy where florists sell directly to customers through their own “sites” within the marketplace, whereas Teleflora has more standardized arrangements that local florists fulfill.

Is BloomNation Legit?

BloomNation is a reliable marketplace to purchase your flower arrangements directly from local florists and empower small businesses. It can be hard in today’s world to find those small shops, especially if you’re not familiar with the city, but BloomNation makes it easy. The creativity in the local designs let you deliver beautiful and unique arrangements.

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