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About is a website which helps people find fun, offbeat events and activities throughout the nation that they can do together to break up the work and monotony of everyday life.

Founded by Jonathan Ages, a man who met his future wife during a community dodgeball game, (or BSC) is a place that people can go to find local activities they can do with likeminded people.

But these are not your average activities. While BSC does provide their community with alerts about a wide variety of 5K races, bike races, and fitness classes, most of the events and activities they seek our have a more unique vibe to them.

An example of the interesting events currently on their site include scavenger hunts, a Dog Surfing Championship in Florida, a Santa Showdown, a Wife Carrying Contest, a Punkin Chunkin contest and more.

While anyone can go to their website at any time and check the events they have posted in three different categories – Fun, Cheer, and Sweat – you can also sign up for their daily newsletter.

This newsletter is completely free to receive and only requires you to submit an active email address to get started. Once you do, you’ll begin receiving daily emails about the newest events and activities they’ve posted.

There are two separate daily newsletters right now – one for the New York City area and one for the rest of the nation. As BSC grows in membership, they’re hoping to include more specific newsletters for other metropolitan areas.

Currently, does not offer any coupons or discounted rates for their members who sign up for these organized events, but they claim that this feature is going to be available in the near future.

They also give their members the ability to sign up for text message alerts to certain events or activities, but before you request this service you should know that there may be fees involved.

If you have any experience with this website or newsletter, please leave your reviews below.

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