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great agency.....

March26, 2013

Well done, Reviewopedia! Normally, I wouldn't want to share a secret that gives me a competitive edge amongst fellow job seekers. However, with the economy being as it is, I consider it a humanitarian duty to let the world know about Blogstaffing.

Blogstaffing company in Indianapolis was great! I went in for assistance in my search for a more career oriented job and that is exactly what I got. One of their mottos is that they see you as a client not as a commodity to be sold and they truly treat you as that which is more than I can say about other agencies. I have been permanently placed for four months now. They don't mind working as a team, help you with any final touch ups your resume may need, and even negotiate your salary with your new employer which was a great relief for me. Thank you! I could have not been happier with how you have helped me and continue to do so.

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March 27, 2013

I would like to give a voice and a line for this agency, and the staff who worked with me. Very pleased that there are places where we can express our gratitude and admiration. At first glance dull company, but workers Blogstaffing do good work and do not remain indifferent. They are pretty strong .... Only lazy does not work....
Thanks Daniella

April 03, 2013

Blogstaffing is a very useful tool to assist with everything from applying for jobs using a CV to presentations sometimes required at the interview stage to the actual interview. Polyna is a very honest and straight forward presenter so that everyone in his audience understands the subject. She is webinars nearly always run over the allocated time which is great as to it means She cares enough to stay on answer questions; She always responds to emails in a timely manner so you don't have to wait long for a response.

April 06, 2013

This is a total scam. The address listed for this so-called company doesn't exist and after speaking with other let staffing agencies in the city,they say they have never hard of it. The FBI is aware of their site. It is a money laundering scam.

Ane A.
April 07, 2013

dear Danielle,
I also used the services blogstaffing and now I will advise it to all who need it.
My advice to candidates is to be professional, consistent and quick to respond to calls and emails; you never know when they will be calling with a great job for you.
thank you

April 16, 2013

The Blogstaffing has been the best agency I've ever went through for employment. After graduating college and having an internship end I was out of work, the economy was declining quickly and within a week of interviewing with them I had 3 interviews with QUALITY companies. I've been working for one of the companies I interviewed with for 6 months now & honestly has been the best !
For those looking for employment, they is the way to go.

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