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About BlahTherapy

BlahTherapy, found online at, is an online service designed for people who are having a tough time and just would really like to speak with someone who is having problems like them. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, BlahTherapy was founded and established in 2010 with the goal of helping people find someone that they can speak to about the problems or stresses they are currently experiencing in their lives.

Traditional therapy can be expensive and difficult to for some people to arrange, but the website says that often people don’t necessarily need a professional therapist as much as they need someone to speak with who may be going through the same thing that they are, or have gone through the same things in the past. 

BlahTherapy connects their visitors with random strangers around the world who are interested in and would like to speak to you about your problems, and share their own in return. 

Though this website is not connecting you with professional therapists, they say that the reality is that simply being able to release your anger, stress, depression, or pain through sharing it with someone who can empathize with you is still an incredibly beneficial experience that can be very helpful for most visitors. 

If you do decide that you would prefer to speak with a licensed therapist, this website will send you over to their partner website BetterHelp, where you can be connected with a mental health professional. 

Cost/Price Plans

The BlahTherapy website says that when you use their service to connect with another BlahTherapy visitor, you will not need to pay any fees whatsoever. They say that this service will be free “always and forever.” If you do decide that you wish to take advantage of speaking to a professional therapist, you will need to leave their website and move over to the BetterHelp website, where all fees and costs will be explained.  

Refund Policy

BlahTherapy does not provide their customers with any form of a Refund Policy, because visitors are not charged any fees for taking advantage of this service. If you do decide to move over to BetterHelp and use one of their paid services, you will have to address that website for information regarding any Refund Policies, Cancellations, or Guarantees.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by using the web address in order to submit them directly to their website.


Obviously it is important to point out that if you make the choice to speak to a licensed therapist, you will be taken away from BlahTherapy and redirected to BetterHelp, a website that does utilize professionally licensed therapists and appears to be well rated and have a positive reputation within the online counseling community at this time.

BlahTherapy, on the other hand, does not enjoy the same positive reputation. Instead of using professional therapists or even volunteers that have been trained in mental health care, the only goal of BlahTherapy is to connect you with other people that have similar problems or issues to yours and allows the two of you to have a conversation. 

It should be noted that mental health professionals have expressed some serious concern over this format, as there may be visitors who are in genuinely difficult circumstances receiving “advice” from people who are blatantly unqualified, resulting in a situation becoming worse instead of better.

In addition, many online reviewers who have used this service say that it seems like the service is used most by people who are extremely young, such as high schoolers or college aged individuals, meaning that not everyone will feel as though they are matched with a listener who understands or shares their problems.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies and websites that are working toward providing people with alternatives to traditional expensive, in-office therapy, including 7 Cups of Tea,, BetterHelp, and many others. Some services use certified therapists while others use trained volunteers, like BlahTherapy, so it just depends on what you believe your specific needs are. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your BlahTherapy reviews below.

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Very Dangerous for Romance Scamming

June2, 2017

This site is a place of choice for Romance Scams. The scammers are coming from Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, UK,..
Take care of this site and please, don't hesite to report the scammers


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