About is an online dating site designed to connect African American single men and single women. Anyone can join for free and become a member in just a matter of minutes. To search through other people’s profiles you must set up a profile. With the number of members on the site, narrowing your selection down by location, interests and age range can help you find those whom you are interested in and lead you to connect with that person which may even transpire to someone who becomes a future date.

Each member’s profile can be as detailed or as vague as they choose. Those that have included more information are afforded with better opportunities to meet someone they are compatible with. The base of your profile includes a standard set of questions to identify yourself. Pictures of yourself can also be added to your profile, this is the key to attracting people, because it is the first thing they see.

The next section is a personal greeting to relay important unique details about yourself.  That is especially important if you are looking for someone to create a relationship with. To capture even more viewers you can add a voice greeting or a video.

Although you can view other profiles as a free member, you cannot communicate with people on the site. You must upgrade your account to become a paying subscriber which will then enable you to communicate with others. 


Different membership options are available. If you choose to pay month to month, the cost of the membership is $29.95/month, if you decide to pay for 6 months at once it costs $59.70, you can also choose to pay for 12 months at once for $120.00. The option to highlight your messages or profile is available for a one-time fee of $4.95.

Subscriptions are on automatically set on a continuous billing cycle until you decide to cancel. Even if you cancel your subscription you are still considered a member of the site and people can view your profile. To remove your profile you must either terminate your membership or hide your profile through you online account.

On, resources are available for members to browse through. There is literature with a lot of useful recommendations and ideas on how you can approach someone you are interested in. There are many other great reads including articles, dating guides, and advice columns.

As with many dating sites there is a possibility that the person on the other side is not who they claim to be and may even be an employee of BlackPeopleMeet’s parent company. On the site’s terms and conditions, it clearly states that they may create test dating profiles for both transactional and relationship communications. Coincidentally many online reviews, posted by BlackPeopleMeet subscribers, pointed out that the site had many profiles that did not include profile pictures. They felt that, although some of these profiles may have been legitimate, most of them seemed fabricated.

In addition, some subscribers complained that they couldn’t reach customer service representatives; if they had a discrepancy with their bill, they couldn’t resolve the issue unless they disputed the charges directly through the credit card company.

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March 12, 2014
OK this is for all of your attention on this site. I used to work for People Media in Costa RIca and they are a huge RIP OFF. I cant't call them a scam because if you sign up for an account you better read the Terms And Conditions immediatly and thoroughly. THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION>>>>>The easiest way to get this turned off is call them and SAY you met someone. THey will not try to keep selling to you if you do. CALL...877-727-8920 and you will get through. They will answer PEOPLE MEDIA....Tell them your account and tell them you want any OPEN account to be closed. THEY WILL LEAVE anything you don't mention open. I suggest a class action suit against them and MATCH.COM if you want to accomplish anything as far as getting refunds back but remember...If you send a message at any PEople media site you will not be eligible for a refund. The Customer service is done PRIMARILY in COSTA RICA for a company named VIALINX!!!! THey are a shady company with shady business practices and handle only rippoff companies such as SCORESENSE, AND PEOPLE MEDIA AND MATCH.COM SITES....DONT get taken advantage of. STAY away from anything dealing with these companies in order to have a happier life.