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Out of all the gurus peddling their products online there are only a handful that can actually teach you how to start a profitable business.  The rest simply rely on the reputation of their own success to sell mediocre products.

Some of the most helpful gurus can be found in the marketing field.  This is because you can simply study their work to see for instance how they write advertisements or what some of their product launches have been like.

There are also many gurus who offer a bunch of free resources for you to take advantage off.  The truth is that nothing is really free and in return for the free information or services you get they will make attempts to market their paid programs to you.  All-in-all it's still beneficial to you because you get the free information and you're not forced to buy anything you don't want.

It's important to do some background research on any guru that you choose to work with.  There plenty of BS artists who will try to teach you things that they themselves have never been successful at or something that they used to do years ago and know that it no longer works.

You should check out their websites find out what they're currently involved with, see what kind of rep they have online.  It doesn't take long to weed out the scammers from true honest business people who are out to help you.

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