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Bioshield MD is a dietary supplement from SunCoast Sciences that aims to offer immune system support along with a number of other claimed benefits.

SunCoast Sciences also markets another comparable product named BioShield +, which has some similar ingredients.

The company was founded by Dr. Mark Rosenberg who states his aim is creating high-quality supplements that help increase longevity and cellular wellness.

On their website you can find more information about his work as a practicing doctor, accolades & accomplishments, and his current clinic in Southern Florida.

Products and Ingredients

SunCoast Sciences states they use only high quality ingredients in all their products.

One of SunCoast Sciences featured products is BioShield Plus, a supplement designed to help the immune system and boost your energy levels, increase mental clarity, and provide joint pain relief. 

BioShield Plus ingredients include: CherryPure Motmorecncy tart cherry skin powder, Longvida Curcuma longa rhizome extract (23% curcuminoids), Boswellia errata resin extract (65% Boswellic acids), EGCG (as green tea leaf extract), Quercetin (as quercetin dihydrate), Resveratol 50% as Polygonum cuspidate root extract, Cocoa seed extract (10% Theobromine)

Other ingredients included: Rice Flour, HPMC, silicon dioxide.  They state that this supplement is free of Gluten, Diary, and Soy.

BioShield MD is one of the company's other most popular supplements. 

It has the same active ingredients as BioShield Plus but is boosted with the addition of:  Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Turmeric Root Extract. 

The company lists the same intended benefits of BioShield MD as BioShield Plus.

Overall they make the claim that these supplements should be a part of a daily dietary routine as its become more difficult to get the same level of nutrients simply from eating healthy, in part due to the failures of many modern farming practices.

DR. Rosenberg states that due to soil nutrient degradation and our foods prolonged shipping and packing process, it now takes 10x the amount of servings to get the nutrition we once did.  

Thus, they advocate for the use of supplements like BioShield MD and BioShield+.

Beyond their BioShield supplements, Sun Coast Sciences has also developed AMPAlive for metabolic health, FloraThin probiotic, D3 Shield for immunity, bone health, and energy, and DetoxiThin for liver health.

They state that some people may see rapid results but they recommend taking their products as directed for at least 8 weeks to see best results.

Cost and Customer Service

One 60 capsule bottle of Sun Coast Sciences BioShield Plus and MD sells for $49.95 with free shipping.  There are discounts included if you order in bulk or subscribe to an auto ship plan.

If you have questions about BioShield Plus, or any of the other products made by Sun Coast Sciences, you can reach customer support by phone at 1-888-281-6816 or via e-mail at [email protected] You can also fill out a contact form on their website.

The company offers a 365-Day Guarantee for all their supplements, claiming that if you don’t love the product you can receive a hassle-free refund.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

When it comes to customer reviews of BioShield Plus, there are mixed reviews.  On their own website you will find a ton of glowing positive testimonials and virtually no damning remarks.  While on independent review sites you can start to see more of the issues that people have had.

One of the common complaints has been for shipping times of the product, with customers claiming that they were instantly charged but it took a long time to receive the items.  Further, some have claimed that the company was also slow to issue refunds.

In response one reviewer below recommends purchasing the product from Amazon as a way to circumvent their customer service team and avoid non-receipt of goods/refund issues. Other reviews claimed that the product did not provide them with sufficient joint relief.

Amongst the favorable reviews, some found below, people do claim that they experienced more energy from taking BioShield or an overall improvement in how they felt day-to-day.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your immune system has never been as important as it is right now.  We all know how helpful vitamins can be in boosting our health but these days people are looking past that for more involved preventive care.

As with any supplement, experiences can be very personal.  It's also very difficult to quantify their intended effects, some of which are quite vague like immune support.

Taking vitamins is not going to prevent you from ever getting sick but they might be positioning your body to better fight off infections when they do happen. 

In general you should always consult with your primary care provider about specific deficiencies you may have and possible negative reactions or side effects to ingredients found in whatever you’re taking.

If you do feel that you need to supplement your diet for any reason, you can purchase BioShield MD from Amazon for an added layer of protection.

If you have any experience with Bioshield MD or Bioshield +, please leave your reviews below.

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Bioshield MD Customer Reviews

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No issues
April 23, 2021

Have not had any issues with sun coast products. I have contacted them and right always always receive an answer back very promptly. They have been good to work with.

Total scam! No product and monthly charge!
March 18, 2021
Don’t buy! Ordered in Nov. 2020, and never received a THING! Now here in March of 2021, they have been charging me EVERY MONTH like clockwork! TOTAL SCAM!!!

After 6 weeks no improvement.
March 12, 2021
I have been taking this supplement religiously for 6 weeks with no improvement in the joint pain. I am not sure about brain fog, boosting immunity and their other claims. I will be taking it until my second bottle is empty and follow up.

Warning- Do Not Purchase From
February 26, 2021
This product is available on Amazon, so purchase from Amazon and avoid customer service, non-receipt of goods, obtaining refunds problems that seem to be so common from

This product made me sick.
January 27, 2021
I ordered Bioshield and found I was getting a bad physical response to this product. Unfortunately after hearing the info commercial I ordered 6 bottles which did take a long time to arrive. I emailed them about my feeling ill taking there product and they informed me to stop taking it immediately. They did not agree to take back the 5 unopened bottles and give me a refund.

Quick to take your money slow to ship product
January 20, 2021

I am sure the product works but what i was not prepared for was the delay in getting the product. They were quick to charge my card. If they knew they were having supply chain issues then they shouldn't be advertising the product like its readily available.

Tried calling them, no response and it goes to v/m. Emailed them and they offered me $11.70 credit towards my bill. Subsequent e-mails got a canned response. I told them not to put statements in their e-mail that aren't true. I ordered the product on Jan 11th and still waiting. If i don't get it by the end of the month I will cancel as there are other similar alternatives out there.

This Company is Legit!
January 18, 2021
I can truthfully relate to others that this is not a scam. I ordered Bioshield Plus and it's helping me have more energy. Their customer service did get back to me and it sounds like they run out of stock at times and have to wait to send the supplements once they come in.

Slow to ship but it really works well!
December 30, 2020

I ordered Bioshield about 8 weeks ago and it took 2 weeks to arrive. I started taking it 6 weeks ago because I have terrible allergies and autoimmune issues. I had migraines, fatigue, brain fog, tendon pain in my arms and legs as well as stomach issues.

After 6 weeks, I have no more pain in my limbs. The fatigue is gone. I can focus now!! The migraines have reduced from daily to once weekly and the severity is nowhere near where it was.

The stomach problems are minimally improved but there has been definite improvement. I can concentrate for the first time in a long time. I am convinced it is improving my condition.

Disappointed for the Victim!!
December 22, 2020

I have been listening to a 20 minute dissertation which provided so much medical information that it made me dizzy!

All the information appears to be very important to help improve the immune system.

I don’t understand how a doctor with such credentials can be part of an organization that performs the way it does. Many clients in their reviews feel it is a scam!

I have seen the same selling system in other medical products. Do not understand why our government has not shut down these companies that take advantage of sick people who need help.

What a disgrace! How do they sleep at night!!

JodyNichelson December 30, 2020

How do you sleep at night? You were supposed to review the product. I listened to all 20 minutes and a bit more. It wasn't dizzying. I appreciated the science and learned from it. I also took away key points and did additional research. I didnt see a negative review certainly nothing suggesting that people were scammed. I think you must be getting paid to write something this nefarious.

WendyArendts Schultz January 01, 2021

I totally agree with Jody. I found his information very reasonable and in line with much of the research I read.

December 10, 2020


I ordered BioShield in late November, and it supposedly shipped the same day. My CREDIT CARD WAS BILLED THAT DAY, but here it is December 10th, and my order has not yet arrived. I left two phone messages on two different days and sent two emails on two different days, all of which gave detailed information. Yet, I have not heard from anyone!


MaryLloyd December 15, 2020

I also ordered in late November six bottles. Yesterday I received twelve and see that I have been charged twice totalling $350. I called the phone number and no one answered but I was able to leave a message. I am very upset.

Total scam don’t buy it
December 1, 2020
I’m having same issues as others they were quick to charge my account but never sent product. I’ve called, emailed and no one is there to respond.

Jeff Samco December 17, 2020

With all the shipping problems no one has mentioned checking tracking to learn if it's the supplier or shipper's fault for the delay. Any updates on tracking info?

bryanlee December 24, 2020

Proof is in the pudding mr Jeff. Snake charmer is how mr Rosenberg should be addressed.

Bioshield is amazing!
November 16, 2020

I have been on Bioshield for a month now and have had a very positive experience with it. I have diabetes and Chrohn's and since the very first day taking this supplement my gut has stopped hurting and have started more regular bowl function.

I am hesitant to start a biologic as I am a breast cancer survivor. I am pretty sure I'm going to order their Florathin probiotic.

Never received my order
November 16, 2020
I ordered the vitamins on 10/26 and was supposed to get them on 11/5. Today is 11/16 and i still don’t have them. In tried calling and no luck never able to speak to a member. I emailed as well and nothing. I hope they will get back to me next or refund the money. Must be a scam.

November 16, 2020
This company is a SCAM. No way to speak to anyone in their office. Only a canned response to my email and absolutely no response to my VM. My product still says processing a week later. YES it was billed and has shown up on my cc. I will dispute this.

DawnEngland November 16, 2020

Don't give up Dawn, this supplement has helped me so much.

November 14, 2020
I ordered BioShield in late October, and it supposedly shipped the same day. My credit card was billed that day, but here it is November 14, and my order has not yet arrived. I left two phone messages on two different days and sent two emails on two different days, all of which gave detailed information. Yet, I have not heard from anyone! This is so disappointing!!

DawnMcAuliffe November 16, 2020

Wish I had read this before I ordered. IT IS A SCAM and I hope I can get my charges reversed if it shows up on my CC'd. I called many times, left VM, sent emails. Still no answer. I plan to report to BBB.

DawnEngland November 16, 2020

You guys aren't reviewing the product.

DawnMcAuliffe November 17, 2020

Because we never received the product! We were, however CHARGED for it! Can only share my experience with the company and it looks like they're a scam.