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About is a website that claims to protect your credit and debit cards by monitoring them in order to find bad charges on your bill and then work to get your money back for you. has many users and has saved over $1,079,417 for their members to date. Once they catch a problem on your bills, they will then work to automate a fast, hassle free refund for you.

According to, the average consumer loses over $300 a year to unwanted charges they're not even aware of. Card fraud accounts for $7 billion a year with banks only catching 1/3 of the fraud committed. 

Once you register the cards you want monitored, BillGuard will get read-only access to the website that displays your credit card transactions. Your transactions will be scanned daily to identify hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions, scams, and fraud.

BillGuard will alert you whenever a charge on your bill is flagged, and you will also receive a monthly report, which will provide you with a quick overview of your cards, and which transactions from the last 30 days need to be reviewed.

If you want to utilize, you can register for a free account where you can monitor up to three different cards. Or you can upgrade to a paid account for $79 a year, where you can receive further benefits and have up to ten different financial accounts monitored. There is also account especially for business accounts.

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Some corrections

October18, 2012

BillGuard is $79 a year, not a month... and I highly doubt if they have millions of users at this point.

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