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January 22, 2024

Unless of course you like to lose money and like people lying to you...

Many scammers make lightwork of your bank account
April 15, 2023
The reviews say it all , not that it surprises me , I have seen a lot of Bills strategies over the years never swallowed them . Why have so many systems anyway? Yeah they all say money back gurantee don't they. We know who makes the profits!

Profits Run Success Coaching Program
November 16, 2019

I am super impressed with the knowledge my coach has about the market, trade strategies, and technical analysis. Initially I started out with the 6 month “One on One” coaching program, and seen early on it was money well spent, so I upgraded the training program to 18 months. I only wished I had made the decision sooner, before the market taught me a couple very expensive lessons (more than the 18 month tuition) with little or no explanation.

My coach totally knows how to take my trading game to an entirely different level. He has taught me about how to properly manage money while reducing risk and how to cut losers while maximizing winners. I have been taught multiple different trading strategies, some are very complex, while others are what I have already been doing.

It is priceless to be able to ask questions and get them answered directly as your watching them demonstrate on your computer screen while viewing theirs. The sessions are recorded so they can be reviewed as needed, there is enough pertinent information conveyed in these lessons, that I find myself reviewing them quite often.

This level of trading expertise you could never get in a recommendation service, although they do have some very good training videos, podcasts, and supporting materials. Believe me I know- I currently have 3 different subscriptions for option trading that provide recommendations, and the cost was nearly the same as my 18 month tuition.

There wasn’t a lot of reviews for the Profits Run Success coaching programs, so my plans are to get this review out there on multiple sites like,, and google to name a few. This way if somebody is interested in a coaching program, at least they can read about my experience with their coaching program.

Thank You!!! to the “Profits Run Success Coaching Program” and all the staff that make this service possible. An extra special “hats off” to my coach and Bill Poulos!!!

Terrible return on my money
July 23, 2019
Paid several thousand dollars to get into the program. Did what they suggested and turned $14,000 into $7,000 within 6 months. I was assigned a trainer, but didn't feel they were really on top of their game. Asked one of them to review my holdings two days before expiration of a couple options. Two days later, I was assigned a stock I had no intention of buying - lost $2,000.

$5,000 - $60,000 program for $7
July 14, 2019

Best $7 I ever spent!!! The parameters for setting up my chart

Happy to share my experience
December 26, 2018

One wouldn't really think much of this, all I really wanted to do was invest and be part of it but the way I was misled by this brokers was terrible, to easily take money from all in the name of investment and when I wanted to make withdrawals every single attempt was fruitless with constant hassle to invest more I really can't say more than I have already said.

I would really consider myself to be one of the very few lucky ones as I was able to have my funds recovered from this scam Binary option brokers, although it was through unethical means as far I am concerned but what can I care after how my hard-earned funds where taken from me, these guys are the best in less than 7days all my funds including bonuses had been recovered, If your broker lost your funds trading Binary options wealthrecovery94 at geemail dot com are more than able to get your funds back without any traces.

Best of luck people.

November 18, 2018
I did the weekly options trading for 5 months. I followed all of the rules and learned a lot. I lost$6500. He doesn't tell you up front that most of the trades he recommends will never fill after you place the order. More that half of his recommendations may make money but it won't be you. He has no phone number to answer questions or complaints. He knows it doesn't work and keeps selling it. Sad for us all.

andy August 25, 2020

Thank you for sharing. you are helping other people you don't know, but to make lighter, here is my comment.

The problem is that you guys did not get it, but he said in his program name. "Bill Poulos Profits (

November 8, 2018

Spent time listening to his pitch, plunked down a lot of money, got into the website with a mystery password provided and read the material about how it worked, but no access to the Options Engine trades. couldn't get back into the website - when I tried to change the password, it repeatedly tells me INVALID PASSWORD. There is no phone number anywhere to talk to a real person, so no way to resolve any issues one might have.

I hate to say it without absolute proof, but IT APPEARS TO BE A SCAM.

profits run
October 30, 2018
its a scam......i cant't even report a problem right now or get into to see the latest complex trade they want me to put in.....i thought i was signing up for something that was 300.00 instead it was over 2000

Thanks for your honnest revews
September 10, 2018

I'm glad I checked out the reviews before beliving in this scam.

Thanks to all who wrote in.

one pitch after another.
May 26, 2018

I paid the 7 dollars, and then paid the 77 dollars and then expected some education before i paid more. only more webinars. I have not received any login information via email.

LindaCole November 08, 2018

I was provided a log-in with a mystery password (not of my making), got in once and read the material provided, could not find the Options Engine trades that I plunked down $$$ for, later tried to sign in from my mobile but didn't know the mystery password, when I tried to create a new password it says INVALID...over and over I have tried to no avail. THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER ASSOCIATED WITH THIS WEBSITE, so I am stuck in a FRUITLESS LOOP.

Indeed, this is looking very much like a scam.

ErnestoBuch December 07, 2018

Paid initial $7, then upgraded to $14, then finally, 77 Dollars. Have received nothing except a Webinar and a heavy pitch to sign up for a $1,000 service, which I declined. Did get a user name and password. I have tried to log-in to their site, and says that their given password is invalid.

Don't buy it!
May 8, 2018

I bought several of the programs because it was stated you could get your money back within 60 days. Well that is not true. I did not get my money back. They wanted me to log all the trades that I made first.

Also, when I followed along using their recommendations using Paper Trading, the trades lost money.

I therefore was afraid to use real money. There were inconsistencies and errors on their part.

Bill Poulos 100% scam
December 17, 2017

A total waste of money just to lose more money from the system.

I purchased Instant Weekly Income, and Options Income Engine

Instant Weekly Income is doing credit spreads on weekly options.

Very high failing rate of more than 50 percent. Lost another 1k following the signals with real money.

Options Income Engine is a system to buy calls on stocks which myself yields a lot better results than following the system in this bull market.

Both system costs me altogether about 3-4k if I remember it right.

They are selling dreams and if you are a dreamer like I was and being unrealistic, Bill Poulos is the guy.


robhertz October 01, 2018

how does he sleep at night?

Nothing but bait to buy more.
October 26, 2017
I wanted to see what he had to say about his little known secret to turn 5k into 6k, fortunately I only spent $21.00 to find out what I already knew, some secrete! What I really found was the classic sales pitch of bait with a little information that really doesn't say much, but if you really want to know how to do this , give me 3k and I'll really show you, he keeps repeating the same thing over and over again, plus he's boring as hell to listen too. What his supposed little unknown secrets are, are already well known in the investing world, So I would sum it up as a scam, nothing new folks.

Profits Run a total SCAM
January 5, 2017

Profits Run:

- Paid for three items-credit card

- Couldn't access members site-not given username or password to allow this despite being told that it would be sent in separate e-mail; e-mails never sent

- Live chat off line all the time

- No one answers phone

- Only automated responses to multiple requests for support-no other follow up

- Received e-mail alerting to a "live" talk at !:00 Eastern. Was just the same video i had seen earlier; nothing live about it.

- No response to multiple requests for username and password

- I invested before I investigated. Looked for reviews and most were negative. The positive ones were probably written by Poulos himself.

- Contested the charges to my credit card.

How is Profits Run not a scam?

Image of office doesn't match that seen on Google Earth

tom March 19, 2017

Thanks for the heads up. Lots of criminal minds have a tongue with gift of gab to sucker money from citizens. Sounds like this guy has limited consciousness and is heartless as a liar and cheat. Amazing that American engineers are now designing systems to fleece citizens and simply turn their backs while stuffing their pockets. Another chapter of the USA gone south. Sad news. Perhaps Profits Run should take up politics in America. Thanks again for saving me untold misery of this scandal.

robhertz October 01, 2018

bp needs some serious jailtime

doesn't honor money back guarantee
November 23, 2016

I e-mailed them asking for a money back guarantee within the 60 day trial period, but the claim I didn't get the $1,997 refunded because I didn't return a welcome kit that I never received!!

I looked at a few of their trades during the first week and all of their suggestions lost money.

Harvey March 27, 2017

I requested a refund of $1997 plus $7 plus another amount and received it in 3 days .back on my Credit Card .no questions asked.I have no idea if the program worked or not as of March 2017

Harvey S

Long & Boring, and worthless
March 19, 2016

I've heard these sales pitch over and over, buy my method and you'll get the best results in picking winning stocks. I bought one when I first started trading and quickly got my 49 bucks back. I could find the same info at any online website about stocks that are free.

These con artist are making real guaranteed money off the suckers buying their methods. Most of the suckers find out it's too late to get their money back or wright it off as a bad lesson learned.

Oh, and read their discloser at the bottom! That should be a big red flag for you.

Now I offer you this advice to counter their gimmick get your money first then show you a stupid method that may or most likely will not work. Use and make informed decisions on their top 100 stocks to pic from.

Robert January 05, 2017

I agree with Philo. You can get free information from or where you can screen the very top stocks that are trending up or trending down.

Profits Run Forex actual user results!
December 28, 2015

I paid a year ago for the Forex trade daily tips/feeds from Profits Run and Bill Poulos. I've traded Forex on and off for a few years. Never a great trader but I was respectable and sure know how to read a simple order and key that into my MT4 trading station.

So I paid for the leads (about $300 if I recall) in Oct of 2014 and ran them in my dummy acct for 90 days to see how they did. They actually did fairly well. If I recall I was up about 30% in 3 months. So on Jan 2 of 2015 I began with a $10k balance of live money and followed his leads to the T. Every order, every day!

Wasn't too time consuming... the results... I was never up more than 12% total at any given time (i.e. balance went from $10k to 12k) and then the tips started going downhill fast. Many many many losing trades that stopped out. I was down about 10% and eventually broke even again. So in about 8 months of trading my acct is exactly where I started. Sure someone can argue, stay persistent, but why? Eight months of daily trades should be enough to prove this isn't a coin flip.

I still get the leads but stopped trading. EVERY Instant Pips lead I've gotten in the past 2 months I've paper traded and about 70% of them break even or are under water. Glad I'm not risking real $ anymore. I laugh now. I should just do the opposite of what it says.

So perhaps in the past this system worked, but I can attest, in most of 2015, it has been a waste of time and my $300. I would not recommend it.

I can't say anything for his training classes or other products like Options trading, as I have no experience, but I can say, stay away from the Forex product.

Watch the videos, don't buy the product
March 1, 2015

I got involved with Poulos years ago with Forex Nitty-gritty. I was just starting in forex so it was useful for me and affordable. Later bought Portfolio Prophet which spits out recommended trades in ETFs. I couldn't make it turn a profit but let it run past the 60 days so no re-fund. So when I bought Market Mastery I knew what to do - I recorded every trade it recommended for 60 days and, guess what, complete dead loss, even without broker commissions. Also, his software was claiming better results than you could actually get - sell at the open at the mid-price after a gap? Forget it! The re-fund procedure however was painless - cost me a bit in postage and exchange rates but otherwise got my money back.

I often go and watch his latest pitches just in case there's something there which I can use in my own trading, but it's easy to spot downright lies - example trades which don't meet his trading rules. Somehow, my questions about those never get published in the comments. Then he's always batting on about being an independent trader and dissing robots, then selling systems which have become more and more automated over the years and charging you to renew it annually. Independent??

No, Bill sounds the part and produces good-looking videos and software but it's all basically snake-oil. It's a shame other traders that I've more respect for (eg Steve Bigalow) seem to promote him.

Scam, scam and more scam
February 17, 2015
Really need to have this place shut down by the FTC. It is the purest scam, they overcharge you and then you can forget getting it back. The receipt does not exist because they want no record of what you bought or how much you paid for it. There is no customer service for the customer, only there to defend the service. Horrible is the best description for this place. STAY AWAY, DO NOT DO IT! You have been warned!!!