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About BikeExchange is the online home of BikeExchange, a company that describes themselves as the number one website for “everything bike,” as well one of the world’s “most innovative example of online marketplaces.”

How Does It Work?

According to the BikeExchange website, “If you’re in the market for a bike, a bike part, accessory, bike holiday or even tickets to a bike event, you’ll find them” on their website, as they currently carry an inventory of thousands of bikes and bike related products that are for sale across America. 

BikeExchange provides an online store where different independent retailers can come and quickly and easily set up a virtual shop for their products. They will then have immediate access to the traffic of shoppers that come to their website each month to find all the products they need. 

When customers successfully locate the product or item they want, they can either choose the option to “Buy Now” and pay for their product through the site, or they can “Click & Collect” which means that you will pick up the item in-store, if that’s possible. Finally, customers are also welcome to email the retailer directly and discuss payment options. 

Cost/Price Plans

Since this website not only sells a wide variety of products, but also sells products from a wide variety of different, individual retailers, there is really no way to quote the specific price range of products you will find on this website. That being said, since the BikeExchange brings together such a wide number of retailers from all over the world, one of the benefits of their website’s format is that you can easily compare prices for similar or even exact matches of bikes, parts, or accessories. 

Refund Policy

The BikeExchange themselves does not appear to offer a general, umbrella policy for refunds for the retailers which sell products on their website. Instead, they say that they do require their retailers to provide a variety of policies, of which a Refund Policy is included. 

This means that the Refund Policy you will adhere to will depend on the specific retailer from which you purchased your item. The Refund Policy will not be consistent across all retailers that sell items on this website.  

The one exception is that this website does say that if you determine that any charge you receive was billed in error, the BikeExchange says they will ensure that your money is refunded. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 949-344-2616 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


There are not many customer reviews that appear available for this website at this time, and of those few which are available it appears as though the general consensus on this website is mixed.

One of the complaints is in regards to the lack of an umbrella Refund Policy, with some customers saying that they felt the policy they were expected to adhere to was unfair or flawed, and when they reached out to BikeExchange to intervene, they would not. 

This means that prospective customers who are looking at buying a product through this website should look at the Refund Policy of the individual retailer they are working with to make sure they are comfortable with the terms of the policy before they buy.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many different general retailers where you can purchase bikes and bike related items, like eBay or, as well as many different local and specialty retailers all over the country, if you are unhappy with what you find on    

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your BikeExchange reviews below.

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Terrible customer service

November12, 2018

As a previous reviewer stated, they will entice you with $1 offers but still charge your credit card after you instruct them to cancel your account. I have just filed a dispute with our credit card company regarding the most recent charge. I have the email where they acknowledged my request to cancel. But when contacted about the charge, they made false statements and refused to credit our account. In a follow up email, they blamed us for the situation. Also, during the trial period, they never fully provided the services that they originally promised. I cannot believe that people act with such a lack of integrity.

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February 06, 2019

It's true. Bikeexchange scammed my shop as well. Do not trust their sales-team or management. It's a rip-off.

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BikeExchange Scammed My Company

October24, 2016

BikeExchange will make unauthorized charges to your credit card. Do not share any Bank or CC info with them. They will rip you off.
They entice you with a $1 trial offer and then charge you $300 to cancel. The FTC will be investigating this shady operation.

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October 27, 2018

This company is a scam!!! Do not I repeat do not under any circumstances give them permission to charge your credit card. They will make unauthorized charges to your account.

November 12, 2018

As stated in my comment below, I've just had the same experience.

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Bike Exchange Fraud

January1, 2016

Bought a bike through them just before Christmas 2015 then got a call to say sorry the bike had just been sold prior to my online purchase.Dodgy receipt sent to me after I complained with the time on the till receipt scrubbed out.
It is now 2nd January 2016 and NO REFUND despite many promises from Bike Exchange.

The matter has now been reported as a fraudulent transaction.

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