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About is the online home of Big Value Depot, a digital marketplace which allows people to both buy and sell items using a popular online auction system similar to that of internet giant eBay.

Customers who are hoping to purchase items can go to this website and search traditional items like Antiques, Electronics, and Fitness Equipment, and non-traditional items like Real Estate and Travel Packages.

Customers who are shopping have the ability to big on an item or to pay the Seller’s offered “Buy It Now” price which allows customers to instantly purchase an item and stop the auction from continuing.

But Big Value Depot promotes their website more as a place for people to host their own web stores, saying that they provide a safe business opportunity to their members, as well as a full set of online advertising tools to help you be successful.

According to them, owning a web store makes earning money online from own home both easy and affordable. They say you can set up your own web store at their site for just one dollar.

Unlike other websites which host online stores, says that the only fees you are required to pay to them are based on the sales you make through their website.

When you sell an item for between one penny and $49.99, you will pay a flat rate of $1.00; an item which sells between $50.00 and $199.99 will cost you a fee of $2.00, and so on.

In addition, they have affordable fees for customizing and personalizing your websites, generally just a couple dollars to offer featured items, borders, highlighting, and more.

Registering with the website to begin setting up your store and listing items is completely free. All you must do is complete a basic form with your name, contact information, password, and designated username.

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