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About is a weight loss program that revolves around teaching people how to eat healthy and develop a healthy lifestyle. The diet primarily focuses on using raw and organic foods to achieve weight loss.

Isabel De Los Rios, a certified holistic nutritionist and exercise specialist, created to educate its members on how to decipher between nutritious foods and unhealthy foods. The knowledge gained through the program can be used even after you reach your weight loss goals.

To become a lifetime member of the site, there is a one-time fee of $47.00 and there is also a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the program. Members of have full access to resources on the site that include articles, recipes, meal plans, calculators, community support, and online shopping. A free 7 day e-course also comes with a membership. You receive an email every day for a week that includes part of the course. Isabel De Los Rios also offers “One-On-One Personal Consulting” for $2500.00. A “Full Day Fat Loss Intensive” and a “Full Week Weight Loss Intensive” are also available but you are required to call for details and pricing.

It is necessary to take advantage of all of the resources supplied on the website. Pay special attention to the calculators which can help you determine your metabolism type. From that calculator alone, you can then use the other calculators to view your allowable servings, determine which foods are best for you to eat and calculate out your food ratio combination.

Although there is a lot to learn about nutrition, each member can go at their pace. By incorporating the fundamentals of nutrition with one’s own needs, it is possible to achieve you desired results.

Because is focused on nutrition you have to commit to the diet and be willing to invest the time and money it takes to succeed. Taking the time to calculate out portion size, make healthy meals and record data in your personal diet journal is going to be hard at first but will eventually become part of your natural routine.

Since raw and organic foods tend to be more expensive than what consumers typically purchase there is a cost factor component as well. Because you have to replace your unhealthy kitchen food staples with new healthier items your initial shopping trip will cost more than the ones thereafter. Investing in healthier food in turn leads to a healthier future.

For $47.00 the cost of the program seems fairly reasonable for the lifetime source of information. Throughout your weight loss endeavors you can refer back to the information on the site at any time, whether it is for recipe ideas or to get support from the community members. You can also submit questions online for any health and diet related inquiries.

Most of the reviews on are positive; many of the subscribers found the information and tools to be very helpful and were able to achieve weight loss through these resources. Isabel de los Rios’s one-on-one packages are not very popular due to the fact that the prices are a bit extreme. For that large sum of money, you can hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist for an extended period of time. While is primarily geared toward nutrition, exercise is still another component of achieving a total well rounded healthy lifestyle and shouldn’t be forgotten.

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May2, 2016

I purchased the "Cleanse" and 21-day Belly Buster for $67. Though the "lifetime" is only $47. I have no guidance after 30 days unless I spend more $$. So after 30 days I'm out of luck.

Also, while I understand that there are certain foods that should be consumed, the lack of creativity in the recipes (particularly the 21 day) is inexcusable. The same recipes are repeated, and repeated and repeated again.

Given the number of delicious recipes on the website, there should be 2-3 different choices for each meal. And every day should be different. I think Isabel could put a lot more effort into giving choices vs. creating a "shopping list" for those who want variety.

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For $47 You CAN'T Go Wrong!

March5, 2014

Beyond Diet is like a one-stop-shop to find:
- tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle,
- friends with similar goals and ideals,
- healthy recipes,
- suggestions on food supplements like protein powder, probiotics, vitamins, etc.
- suggestions on exercises and additional ways to reach your weight loss goals, and
- resources and support for a lifetime.

The scientific research, current information available FOR LIFE and support group behind Beyond Diet make this lifestyle choice worth far more than the $47 you pay to become a lifetime member. Even professionals can be biased and not have all the facts. That why Isabel's co-operation and support from other experts is so helpful to provide her members with information from a variety of sources.

With motivational messages, recipes, and various resources to track your success the Beyond Diet site for members is fabulous. If you're looking for a way to improved your health, lifestyle, and even your outlook on life, look no further.

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Beyond Diet Rocks!

February24, 2014

I have been a member of Beyond Diet (bd) for two years now and I can honestly say that this way of eating has become a lifestyle for me. Isabel makes everything so easy to follow with step by step instructions including menus, shopping lists and recipes. If you want to know what eating "clean" and feeding your body what it really needs is all about than bd is for you.

I lost 25 pounds in the first year on bd which is huge for me. Before that I could only lose about one pound per month. I am postmenopausal and on hormone therapy so I thought I was doomed to be fat the rest of my life. Not true with bd. There are tons of members over 50 who have had great results.

This is not a starvation fad diet it is real food. You will eat five times per day and everything is balanced according to your metabolism type. There is no "one-size-fits-all" with bd, it's completely adjustable to your lifestyle. If you want to have your meals planned for you, you have that option. If you like to make up your own meals, you have that option too. You can even do this if you're a "wing-it" kind of person.

There is tons of free information on the sight and recipes too
The best $47 I every spent. And that is a one-time fee. What other diet only costs $47 and actually works. There are other specialty diets you can purchase as well but you really only need bd.

The best part about bd is the ongoing support you get from its members - priceless!

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Took my money and did not send me what I ordered. I rate them -0

September10, 2013

DO NOT BUY this program. They will charge your card. Not send you a single thing. When you try to contact them there are no phone numbers or any way to contact them. It is a SCAM they took my money and gave me NOTHING. I doubt this review will ever make it to the reviews because they do not want you the costomer to know that all they want is your money. Very unhappy !!! And lost my money !!!

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February 24, 2014

This is complete bs - I have been a member of bd for two years. There is no written manual. When you sign up you go to the website and register. Everything is done on the website. This is not a scam.

May 08, 2016

It says right in the video that they don't mail you anything....Didn't you watch it? Its all done online through their website.

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