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The is a company that says their goal is to provide people with all the products and tools they need in order to “think big, stay focused, and get more done” like the most successful people do.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of were two entrepreneurs that were both working hard to start their own businesses, but felt as though they were working all the time without making enough substantial progress. So they decided to learn what was separating them from more successful entrepreneurs. 

They realized that the most outstanding performers had an excellent ability to plan their goals, effectively execute their goals, and then track their progress. The website says that they “create daily rituals for success.”

And though these habits and this kind of focus may not come naturally to everyone, that doesn’t mean that these aren’t skills that can be learned and developed for people who truly want to. To help people do this, they have created a range of products that help people automatically incorporate these habits into their everyday routines. 


These products include their SELF Journal, which helps people organize and align their big picture goals with the smaller everyday goals that need to be accomplished along the way, and their Wall Roadmap, a thirteen week dry erase calendar which allows you to visually organize and detail your 90 day goals and tasks.

Cost/Price Plans

Because this company sells a variety of products, there will be a variety of prices as well, and these products and prices may change over time as this company adds to or further develops their product line. That being said, their SELF Journal is currently priced at $31.99 while their Wall Roadmap is priced at $8.99. Other product prices will vary. 

Refund Policy

This company does say that any product may be returned within 30 days of the date of delivery for a refund, less the cost of Shipping and Handling charges. All products must be returned in their original, re-sellable condition, and once your products have arrived, been inspected, and approved for a refund, their Customer Service team will contact you via email to let you know.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] for general inquiries or [email protected] for questions or concerns about purchases, or they can be submitted directly to their website through the Contact Us link. 


Though there are not many customer reviews available, there are reviews available from different blogs and websites which focus on organization and planning, all of which appear to be very positive at this time.

In general it seems as though this approach to meeting goals and have business and personal success is widely accepted, and as such products similar to these do seem to provide assistance for most people who are hoping to become more organized and effective in meeting daily or weekly goals, whatever they may be.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many different types of planners available on the market of all different sizes and for all different types of goals, so if for whatever reason you don’t think so these products will work for you, there is likely to be another product on the market that will work for you. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Do not work here
July 10, 2019

Truly one of the most bizarre interview processes on earth. They had us send a cover letter with the subject line "I am your Marketing Director" and the process seemed well organized at first--it was explained that there would be a series of elimination rounds before the final decision would be made. Okay, that's totally fine. I got an automated email explaining NOT TO FOLLOW UP because of the large volume of emails they receive (yeah...I'm sure). I have hired junior staff in Marketing before, and personally, I would disqualify anyone that didn't follow up with me after any interview or process, etc. That is just an expectation of mine and many other people who work in Business in general. I received another email after a couple days saying that I made it to the next round and to click on a link to answer a bunch of questions.

Next I received an email 3 days later with a link to an uncomfortably awkward video with one of the co-founders asking me to send in a video telling them about myself outside of work…I did so and uploaded it and sent it to them. 8 days later I got an email from the HR person saying I made it to the next round (oh my) and to schedule a phone call with her. This phone call happened the next day and the questions that were asked of me were shockingly simple and the call only lasted for 15 minutes.

Luckily, at this point, I was already considering multiple other opportunities who had a much quicker timeline (within 2 weeks) and a more professional process with companies who actually understood the field of Marketing and had their candidates complete a Marketing plan, presentation, and other questions to qualify that people understood simple and advanced metrics.

Over a week later, I get an email from the “Executive Assistant” to one of the Co-Founders

asking to arrange a video interview with both of the Co-Founders…again this was not a final interview after several weeks of their process. The call was to last 1 hour and was scheduled for the next day…

The next day comes, and I am just about to head into a meeting for my current job, when I get an email from one of the Co-Founders who asked me to switch the interview time to literally 30 minutes from the time he sent the email…talk about last minute! I of course was unable to do that on such short notice after I scheduled the day around the agreed time. This happens of course; that’s life sometimes, and I said I would be unavailable but would be happy to reschedule for another time close to the time we agreed upon, or some other day not far from the scheduled time. He replied that he would reschedule for the following week and asked for my availability. I told him a certain time I would be available, and then he immediately replied and stated he had tentatively booked me for a different time on the same day…without asking if that new time would work.

Then I get a cryptic sounding and bizarre email from the “other Co-Founder” who obviously doesn’t communicate with her business partner saying to please reschedule the interview ASAP when I obviously had been in communication with her partner to do just that…

THEN I get an absolutely ridiculous “automated” email in the evening (same day) from the HR person saying the classic: Unfortunately our team did not select you for further consideration…and “we will keep your resume on file for future openings” nonsense. At this point, rightly so I am incredibly annoyed that I had wasted a month of my time. I email her back saying I am very confused as I literally was speaking with one of the Co-Founders (her Senior by the way) to reschedule the interview. She replied back simply saying she apologized for the confusion, but they had hired somebody for the position and sorry again for all the confusion. I email her back again saying how strange this was and how confused I was again and then get a response that they hired somebody in the position a “short while ago” and apologized for the confusion again…

This lack of communication, blatant disorganization, and frankly rude and inconsiderate interview process is something I would never wish upon anyone. I am not upset that I didn’t get the job (and with everything that happened who would want to work for an organization with no culture and is incredibly disorganized and lacks simple communication skills??), I am very upset with how this was handled and how rude they were with their lack of respect for people’s time. DO NOT WORK HERE!

Mondo C September 15, 2020

This is typical. Our team was scammed by a co-founder of Best Self Co.