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Work for Nothing
March 27, 2013

I performed a mystery shop and did the online survey as well. I got an email a few days later saying that the shop was cancelled because I didn't do the survey. I went online to see if I could verify that I had done everything and they had removed all records that I had uploaded the receipts and did the survey. I called the office and they said they never received it and they only had records of me looking at instructions.

Needless to say that's the first and last shop with Worstmark I mean Bestmark.

December 29, 2012
Hi, i'm a little nervous about this check that i received in the mail. Is this a real check. They want me to western union some of the money, keep a certain amount & spend the rest at one of the retail outlets they provided. Is it a scam or is legit??

Jan December 31, 2012

This is a total scam - please take the check to your bank for more advice about your next move.

Anom April 27, 2013

So not a scam people. I've never had them ask for anything like that.

Anom May 08, 2013

Scam. I rec'd one and the account on the check is closed.

Lisa May 15, 2013

It's a scam by someone using their name.

Dan June 10, 2013

Definitely don't do it!

Joyce November 15, 2013

Please don't cash the check. Usually they want you to deposit it in ur bank account, then go to western union send them some of the money and use a fictitious name when u send it and go back the next day to retrieve it and do ur next assignment. I did just what they ask me to do and it was a scam, I wish I had listen when people was telling me that the check was a fake. Well it cost me over $4,000, money I had to pay back to the bank. Call the place that the check was written from and they said that this fraud had been going on for 6 months and the FBI was involved. But I still was out of $4,000. The bank waved the fees because the teller told me the check was good. Then it would have been over $6,000 with bounced checks...

Meredith October 28, 2014

The check you received was NOT from the real BestMark. There are individuals using our company name to send out fraudulent checks and asking individuals to complete wire money transfers. A legitimate mystery shopping company will NEVER ask you to complete a wire money transfer and they will NOT pay you for an assignment prior to completing it. In fact, you should NEVER accept a mystery shopping job from a person or a company unless you have filled out their FREE online application and have researched/called the company to ensure legitimacy. Please view our scam alert for more information at You can fill out our free online application at Give us a call at 1-800-969-8477 if you have any questions! Thanks and happy shopping!

Less Than Minimum Wage
June 1, 2012
An individual would have to be desperate to do this work. They will give you 1 hour of pre-shop study material(all their specifications as to just what and how you must do everything, including a test) ... then 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete their detailed shop and driving time, then another hour to complete the actual paperwork submitted online with all the details of the 'shop' written up for them. In my case, it was $15.00 offered for what would have been 4 hours of work plus gas expense out of my pocket. I did not do the 1st shop requested because of this negative financial impact.

Gail D October 11, 2012

I unfortunately did the same thing. I am a shopper, not always a buyer and always a critic. It sounded interesting. After printing 15 pages of questions/instructions and determining the actual time put in (about 4 hours), plus gas and the ink and paper costs, for eleven dollars and fifty cents, I did not complete the first shop. I would be losing money. They still send me shops, however I haven't found any worth responding to.

Kathleen T October 13, 2012

They are very unfair, even when they send you on a shop with misinformation. Now since I cancelled my next shop, I'm not going to be paid for the shop I did, even with the misinformation.. I don't want any part of them anymore

Sigh April 27, 2013

So not true. They don't send you with misinformation. You have to pay attention. But hey, don't do it. More shop for me

Sarah August 01, 2013

Bestmark is a Fraud.

Jackie October 06, 2013

I agree that the earnings are slim, but better than none.... I've had a new outlook on work since being diagnosed with a disability that limits me to full time work or very part time work. The only other available job that has accepted me is piecework at a packaging plant for sub-minimum wage (legal, I believe, if you are on disability or an independent contractor or self-employed). Choosing between factory work fr below min wage or Bestmark, it's Bestmark all the way! I am just being very wary of going over $600 on all my independent contractor work per year, and I'm planning to look into itemizing necessary shop expenses other than mileage!

Meredith October 28, 2014

There definitely is a learning curve associated with completing new shops! BUT, once you get used to the shop instructions for each client, the survey forms, etc., the shops actually go rather quickly. AND, you can set up routes for yourself so you can maximize your travel time. I'd suggest reading blogs about how you can become an efficient mystery shopper, as this really does give good tips. The amount of time you mention above can be decreased greatly once you have more experience.

Nervous about SSN
April 16, 2012
I wasn't sure if this company was legit and wasn't going all the way to MN to check. I didn't want to give out personal info online. Thanks for the reviews.

Sarah June 21, 2012

Was this for the audit section because this is like getting a job and they pay you a whole lot more than $10. Some of the jobs are anywhere from $130-170 to do an audit on a store.

BESTMARK = not reputable
March 4, 2012
I mystery shopped for BESTMARK until they docked my pay for a late submission. Their policy is review deadlines are at 10 am, I submitted mine at 10:02 am. Two minutes? You are going to haggle about two minutes. The customer service personnel at Bestmark then berated me when I told them I thought this was bad for business and fostering an unpleasant working relationship. I will not be working for a company that squabbles over 2 minutes, I don't care what their policy is. My policy is work for people you respect, and I don't respect nickel and dimers, and neither should companies looking to hire them to mystery shop for them.

My E July 12, 2012

Hmm. I read the comments above and have not had the same experience. I've been mystery shopping for 2 years and BestMark is one of the companies that I consistently work for.

I can tell you that when you mystery shop, you need to pick and choose your jobs carefully. Some jobs take much longer than others. For example, when I started out, I did grocery store shops for another mystery shopping company. The pay was around $15 which included a $7 reimbursement for a purchase and $8 payment for the shop. However, the survey report was 5 pages long and extremely detailed.

Once you get to know each mystery shopping company and the stores they work with, you get a feel for which shops are worth your time and which are not. Also, many times you have to take a few of the less paying jobs first in order to be invited to do the better ones. You need to provide yourself to the shopping company. They want to see very thorough, detailed, well written reports submitted on time. For example, after 2 or 3 grocery shops, that same company started calling me to do online insurance shops which pay well and I love!

Regarding the comment above about submitting a report late, unfortunately, mystery shopping companies are notorious for disqualifying the shop (and not paying you) if the necessary information is not submitted on time, even minutes late. There are two reasons for this. First, every good reputable mystery shopping company STRESSES the importance of careful observation and timing. If they can’t trust the shopper to turn in their report on time, how can they trust the report itself? Next, just like the shopper, the company itself has a deadline to meet. Once a shop report is submitted, the company must review it and qualify it, and they are typically on a deadline as well. If the company cannot get the shop submitted because it was late, the COMPANY doesn’t get paid either.

There are two addition things I wanted to mention. First, you will not get rich mystery shopping but you can make $100 - $200 a week (In goods and services) if you pick and choose your jobs wisely. Never fall for the "Make $1000 with 2 hours work ads...they are just scams"

Laslty, I just wanted to mention that all legitimate mystery shopping opportunities can be found FREE through the Mystery Shopper Providers Association (MSPA) at This organization has a free, searchable database of jobs available from their members. In my experience, the only legitimate places to find mystery shopping jobs are either through the MSPA search or searching their member’s website directories.

Never “subscribe” to a service such as Shadow Shoppers. They are basically just providing you the same database that you can access 24/7 for free. I hope this helps.

Want t February 26, 2013

This is very beneficial information. Thank you for sharing.

Experienced s April 27, 2013

OMG.. but you had 24 hours to get the shop done and submit. Why wait till the last minute to do the survey. Do it after you have completed the shop. Goodness. Information above not true.

Never U June 13, 2013

At "experienced shopper". Your first comment seemed pretty defensive. And your second comment seemed as if though you took the comment personal. Which makes me think you may just work for BestMark. If so, why not say that you work for BestMark. And by the way, yes, BestMark will nickel and dime you. It's like they look for a reason not to pay you the full amount of the shop.

Seriously? July 31, 2013

you were late end of story they were plain about the rules it doesn't matter how late you were you were late plain and simple. I had this factory that docked points if you were late regardless of how late i got a point for being 5 minutes late once plain and simple they pay you to do work well and on time and they don't want you getting lax or used to doing things late because it does affect their business. just own up to procrastinating and work on not doing it again.

Jla November 08, 2013


BestMark: Secret Shopper
September 30, 2011

As a college student in California with it's declining economy, finding work can be rough. You'll try almost anything to make a few extra dollars here and there. One avenue is being a Secret Shopper or Mystery Shopper. This is basically where companies reimburse you to visit businesses and rate them on their service. Secret Shopping isn't what it used to be though.

Back in the day, businesses themselves would hire shoppers to see if their employees were slacking on the job. Nowadays, you can sign up with companies like BestMark who try to match shoppers with businesses all over your area to "shop."

After signing up with BestMark, you're able to choose how far you'd like to travel to "shop." The three different options available to me within a 50 mile radius was to try out an upscale restaurant in San Diego, purchase a video game at an all gaming store, or pretend to go car shopping. The reimbursement amounts was anywhere from $5 to $25.

Nothing that's going to make you rich but it is a few extra dollars. I'd say that if you have the time to throw away, why not get a little money out of it. But for someone who is looking for real income, this is definitely not the way to go.

I haven't tried any other Secret Shopper sites out yet so nothing to compare it to, but based on BestMark, Secret Shopping is not a way to to support yourself financially.