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About Beneflex Joint Relief

Beneflex is a new supplement that is used to relieve joint discomfort and increase flexibility. It can alleviate pain due to arthritis, intense physical activities and joint pain from every day wear and tear.
Beneflex, made in the USA, is available for purchase on their website, GNC, Amazon, and Vitamin Shoppe. Each bottle costs $60.00 and contains 30 capsules. By taking one capsule every day, joint pain will begin to dwindle. After approximately 2 weeks, the amount of joint pain will be considerably noticeable.
Through their website you can request a 14 day trial sample for $5.00, the cost of shipping and handling. If you do not cancel within 18 days of your initial order date you will be automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program. At that time they will apply a $75.00 charge to your credit card and ship out a full size bottle.
To unroll from the auto-ship program you must call to cancel your membership. If you are unhappy with the product, returns are accepted within 30 days for a full refund. They accept returns for bottles that have already been opened and even those that are empty.
Beneflex consists of 4 ingredients, each one individually proven to reduce joint pain by the FDA. These four ingredients include:  Aprèsflex, UC-11, Hyaluronic Acid and Turmeric. Beneflex is natural and meets the standard regulations of FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.
Aprèsflex is a gum resin derived from the Boswell Serrata plant. It relieves joint discomfort and is especially known for helping relieve knee pain. UC-11, a denatured form of collagen, significantly reduces pain and swelling for those with arthritis. Hyaluronic Acid is produces a lubricant and adds shock absorbency to your joints by enhancing the protective structure surrounding the cells. Turmeric properties provide further relief by lowering histamine levels and increasing the production of natural cortisone in the body.
Each of the ingredients have been clinically proven to aid in joint relief and increase joint mobility; however, the combination of these ingredients known as Beneflex, has not been clinically studied.
Beneflex is different than most other joint pain supplements because it doesn’t contain the 2 commonly used ingredients, Glucosamine or Chondroitin. Glucosamine cannot be ingested by individuals with fish allergies; Beneflex provides alternative to those products because it does not contain Glucosamine.
There are not many online reviews found on Beneflex; this is due to the fact that it has only been on the market for a few months. Without having enough substantiated evidence to prove the combination of ingredients maximizes and aids in joint discomfort, it is probably best to speak with a physician before buying it.

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Beneflex is a rip-off!!!

June30, 2014

I am a runner who was looking for a product that would help with knee pain and a saw an offer on-line for a free trial of Beneflex. I signed up and got my free sample in the mail, but before a got a chance to try it I got another bottle in the mail. I thought it was just a mistake, but when I got my credit card statement in the mail I realized that I had been charged $65.00 for the bottle. A few weeks later another bottle came in the mail. I then realized that this was the method that scam artists use to rip people off. If Beneflex was legitimate they would not have to resort to these deceitful practices to sell their product. I would recommend staying away from this sneaky rip off product.

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