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About Beauty Box 5

Beauty Box 5, found online at, is a subscription based beauty "sampling service" that will deliver a mix of deluxe samples and full sized beauty products to your door, each month.

Their website says that they strive to "lend a helping hand" by introducing their customers new brands and products, including makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is sign up for a subscription and each month a box will be delivered to your house with a variety of products, as well as a list of tips that will provide you with the best ways to use them.

In order to provide products that work for the largest number of people Beauty Box 5 says they go out of their way to provide products that are a mix of luxury, drugstore, niche, eco conscious, and even vegan brands, as long as they all "really work."

Cost/Price Plans

There are three different subscription plans that you can choose from when signing up on their website. The first is a Monthly subscription which costs $12 each month. Or you can choose to pay quarterly, which is $30 every three months, or annually for $99.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately right now their service is unable to accommodate people's personal preferences, allergies, or skin sensitivities. It will be up to members to check the ingredients of individual products before they use them if there is an ingredient they know they have a sensitivity or reaction to. 

If there is a product that you have a bad reaction to or experience negative side effects from then you should discontinue use immediately and feel free to submit your feedback to their website. 

Refund Policy

Beauty Box 5 does not offer a Refund Policy. They do allow you to cancel your membership at any time, and will allow you to finish out your subscription period without incurring any further charges.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Currently the only option for contacting Beauty Box 5 is by submitting your questions, concerns, or complaints directly to their website, or by traditional mail at 6805 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 312, Austin, TX 78731.


Beauty Box 5 seems to have a positive reputation online for the quality of their products and the affordability of their service. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different subscription beauty services available on the market, including Birchbox and Glossybox, among others. 
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Beauty Box 5 reviews below.

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