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About Beaute MD

Beaute MD is an anti-aging cream produced by Labgenix, a cosmetics company which claims that 9 out of 10 customers say they witnessed a “profound improvement” in the quality of their skin after using it.

Beaute MD is joining the ranks of many other popular online skincare companies, like AuraVie and Levela, by creating a product and creating a customer base for it online, rather than distributing it to stores.

According to their website, the Aging Solution Moisturizer they have created provides quality skin therapy that is both dermatologist approved and clinically proven to provide rapid wrinkle reduction, though their website provides no documentation of these studies.

They go on to say that their wrinkle reducer contains natural ingredients like fruit acids, green tea extract, grape stem cell extract, and alpha hydroxy acids which help to rejuvenate skin, brighten dull skin tone, and lighten dark spots.

These ingredients are also intended to assist delivery of their products into deeper layers of skin, which they say adds hydration and helps skin rebuild its moisture retaining capability, as well as assisting in maintaining clear pores and allowing skin to “renew and balance” itself.

If you are interested in ordering this product but are wondering “Does Beaute MD really work?” the company is currently offering a free trial to brand new customers, where they can order a one month supply of the moisturizer for a 14 day period for just a $2.95 delivery fee.

If you like the product and wish to keep it, simply do nothing and at the end of 14 days you will be charged the full price of $87.50. In addition, you will be entered into an auto refill program which will automatically send you a brand new month supply every 30 days, as well as automatically charging your card for the cost.

If you want to keep the initial one month supply but are not interested in being a part of the auto refill program, you must call customer service and speak to them directly about changing the nature of your membership.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Beaute MD reviews below.

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22 ‘Beaute MD’ Reviews
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1 Review

Beaute Beauty Scam

Reviewed By Nancy kisich on August 11, 2017

I took advantage of a free trial offer of wrinkle cream where I would only pay for shipping. This morning I was informed that my bank account was $93.00 overdrawn. The unfriendly customer service person proceeded to ask me questions about how I liked the product as if it was a normal call! Words do not do justice for how betrayed I feel! The customer service person refused to refund me or transfer me to a manager. I called my bank and I'm awaiting approval for the reversal of the two charges, both around $89.00 each.

I wonder if Chip and Joanna Ganes know how their "brand' is being handled?

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1 Review

This product is a scam!

Reviewed By Glenda Anderson on June 1, 2017

Whether the product works or not is beside the point. (Although I did really dislike this product!) The way the company is run is disgraceful. Once you are on their page, you will get a full page write-up about the product, encouraging you to get a trial for 2 products, 1 for 3.95, the other for 4.95. What it does not do is let you know the terms. Now, wait! If you scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the little word "Terms" along with Contact Us and Privacy, you will find it! There is no guarantee!!! Try it for 14 days (10 day trial plus 4 days added for transit time) to experience the benefits and if for any reason our product is not for you, you may call our Customer Care toll-free at 844-388-3475 within your 14 day trial period to cancel. If you are satisfied, do nothing and you agree to be charged $99.95. Plus you agree to be enrolled in our Beautè Instant Wrinkle Reducer. Preferred Membership Program and approximately 30 days from your initial order date and every 30 days thereafter, you will receive a fresh supply of Beautè Instant Wrinkle Reducer for $99.95 (plus $3.95 shipping and handling). Ah-Ha!! There is the catch.

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Reviewed By Linda Feldman on April 18, 2017

It is day 12 since I ordered it. I called to tell them it didn't come. They offered to extend my trial period. I insisted over and over the "membership" be cancelled. They kept me on the line while they tried to cancel - slow system, etc. while the phone started making unbearable static noises. Finally they said I would get an email within 48 hours confirming the cancellation. I told them to send it within the hour. This is nothing but a scam. Companies like this deserve to have class action lawsuits and be put out of business.

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1 Review

I don't want to deal with this company!

Reviewed By aoi on March 3, 2015

I ordered the sample from online, I paid shipping fee of $2.95.

After 7 days later, I researched the company and product.
I found out that there are so many BAD reviews!!!

I called and cancelled the subscription.
You have to cancel before 14 days from your order date, otheriwise you get charged about $90 every month.

They said they already shipped the sample but I didn't receive for 1 month.

I receieved finally after 6 weeks later!
They made a shipping label on the date I ordered (1/24/15) and they shipped it on 2/27/15.....

I don't even have a chance to try it and I'm sure they would have charged me if I didn't cancel it.


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March 13, 2015

scam, scam

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1 Review


Reviewed By moski on February 17, 2015

These people are all about the SCAM!!
They charge you $90 before you even have a chance to see results.
You think you have 30 days to try. NOT TRUE. When you call to make sure you do not get charged, I called on the 14th day that I had it - they say too bad for you, you did not cancel fast enough.
Evil scammers just out to steal your money.
Cancel your credit card for Fraud Fast ! or they will keep charging you.

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Do Mina
February 17, 2015

I wish a class action lawsuit was possible.

April 18, 2017

it is

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