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Beachbody is a company founded by Carl Daikeler and Jonathan Congdon in 1998, which claims to be the creator of many of the nation’s most popular in home fitness and weight loss solutions.

This company has been responsible for many of the fitness DVDs which have gained notoriety, including programs like P90X, Slim in 6, INSANITY, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Body Beast, Yoga Booty Ballet, and RevAbs, among others.

The company specializes in what they call “challenging” DVD home fitness programs with easy to follow diet guidelines, superior nutritional supplements, and an online support system. Their DVDs also offer closed-captioning for users who may be hearing impaired.

Beachbody says that their products are developed with a team of experts and are thoroughly tested before being sold. Their team includes a wide array of people they describe as Fitness Experts, as well as Registered Dietitians and a Neurophysiologist.

In addition, the company claims their products are so successful because they offer access to a large, thriving online community of both information and support. They claim to have Message Boards and Forums with over one million active members, and that these message boards act both as a helpful coach and motivational tool for their members.

You can search Beachbody’s fitness products by category, whether you are looking fitness DVDs focusing on Dance programs, Abs/Core, Weight Loss, and Specialty, among others.

You can also search their Supplement offerings by the specific goals you are looking to accomplish. They have supplements including but not limited to Meal Replacement, Muscle Enhancement, Weight Loss, and Wellness.

All Beachbody products come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee from the day your product arrives. If you would like to return a product for any reason, you must call their Customer Service for a Return Authorization Number before returning the product.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Beachbody reviews below.

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Diet plans make you lose weight fast

June 15, 2014

Fruit and vegetables are inexpensive, healthy and delicious, but large numbers of Kiwi kids simply don’t eat an adequate amount of them forever health. The diet plan we learn as youngsters are more likely to turn into life-long pattern, if our youngsters eat poorly they may be prone to become adults with unhealthy diets.Picky eaters not only suffer nutritionally, as they age they become increasingly socially disadvantaged. The inability to eat in others’s homes or perhaps in ethnic restaurants can be a problem in the event the crew can be a Thai buffet, your top client invites you to lunch at a Japanese restaurant, or your flatmate who cooks every second night is a vegan. use unhealthy dietary practices for weight control..It is necessary to training on Beachbody workout.

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beachbody coach

June 9, 2014

My son hasn't had the best diet habits lately. He's almost 8 and he's been experiencing some depression surrounding bullying and merely was not himself. I am a beachbody coach then when I saw the Shaun T Fit Kids Club DVD I figured it couldn't hurt! Once my little man started it he couldn't stop smiling! It had been SO FUN!!! I even got up and did some of it with him! The instruction is straightforward to visit, it really works all muscle tissue (but appears like you're enjoying themselves!) and Shaun T breaks all this upon an even kids get. He helps it be so fun. Now Shaun T is my son's model, he wants to be exactly like him......specially in the ab department! He started drinking my Shakeology, making better snack choices and isn't seeking take out anymore! One and only thing I would suggest.....) Either that or I'll just move him as much as my Hip Hop Abs program when he gets after dark Fit Kids Club! Thank you for providing something so fun and engaging for the kiddos. I'd like to get certified to explain to this program!

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