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About is an online dating site which uses the convenience and accessibility of the internet combined with scientific analysis to help single people find the matches which are best suited to them.

According to their website, be2 uses a combination of psychological, anthropological, and sociological criteria to assess the compatibility of the personalities of the members on their site.

They say that they utilized the results of research done over the course of sixty years on both personalities and relationships. Using this research, they then spent more than two years working with psychologists and sociologists to create a personality test which will concentrate on the factors of your personality necessary to a successful relationship.

Their test concentrates on seven aspects of your personality which fall into the categories of Qualities & Behavior, Attitudes & Views, and Interests. Once you complete your personality test, you will receive an evaluation of your test results, along with a description of your ideal partner.

Afterward, you will be introduced to other members on the site whose personality suits yours. This means not only will you have certain personality similarities, but also aspects of your personality that are different but provide balance to one another.

When you are shown your matches, you will also be shown an extensive evaluation of how and why your personalities work together, including detailed graphs which will clearly show your similarities and differences. also promises that their system is completely secure; your information will be protected, even from your matches. You will communicate through an internal mail system which means that no personal information needs to be released – including your photograph – until you choose to do so.

Like most dating sites, the basic features of this site are free to use but once you want to interact with other members you will need to upgrade to a paid membership. Depending on what type of membership you want for what length of time will determine what you pay.

Customers who have complaints about the services they receive can cancel their membership at any time, but requesting refunds may be difficult as this is an international company not based in the US.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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December20, 2014

It's a scam! They charge you 5 USD for an intro membership and then immediately dock you 150 USD for 6 months membership.
The matches are completely false with many photo's being re-used on other profiles. The normal course of email is a few 'chats' followed by a sob story for a 'gift' money and then complete silence and deletion of that profile!
There is no way you can cancel you membership! Therer are pages of blogs on this operation and the company has been referred to trading standards in many countries. They just brazenly change their business model and start up again.

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