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Be Irresistible is the maker of a relationship and dating advice program which claims to be able to teach women how to understand men and get them to fully and completely commit to their relationship. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, there is a communication gap between men and women that makes the difference between a relationship succeeding and failing. Women who can understand and bridge this gap will experience relationship success.

The video presentation refers to this concept as "The Respect Principle," and it refers to the fact that the vast majority of men - if they had to choose - would choose to be respected over loved. Most women don't understand this and, more importantly, most men don't really understand this either.

But the Be Irresistible Guide to What Men Secretly Want says they can teach women not only how to understand this concept, but how to use it in their relationship to have more effective communication with their partner, and to ultimately have a happier and more successful relationship. 

Cost/Price Plans

At this time, this downloadable digital guide is priced at $47, which is described as being significantly discounted from what the program is worth and what it was originally priced at.

Refund Policy

The website says that customers have 60 days after the date of purchase to contact Customer Service and request a refund if they are unhappy with what they have received. This product is also sold through the Clickbank digital marketplace, which guarantees their customers a 60 day refund if they feel the product they received is not as advertised.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-755-4364 or by submitting them directly to their website.


Unfortunately there does not seem to be many customer or user reviews for this product at this time. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different websites, professionals, and downloadable books that offer both men and women relationship advice, including Make Him Desire You, Catch Him and Keep Him, and more. 

If you have any experience with Be Irresistible or their products, please leave your reviews below.

Be Irresistible Customer Reviews

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no answer to emails
December 6, 2022

i sent several emails to Be Irresistible as I get an error message when I want to purchase a course. none of my messages are answered. looks like standard messages are sent out but nobody reads your messages' I am very disappointed.

This site can’t be reached The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


This is quality advice
December 29, 2021

This information has been very valuable. First purchased in 2014 found it very helpful understanding the way men are wired to think and how they respond. Had not looked at it for quite few years and just went back today and find I had forgotten most of what makes a difference in how to respond especially. Also, what I can do and the "why" it makes a difference in to him.

Recommend this to anyone who would like more confidence in how to be in a good relationship!

denisejaffray September 06, 2022

I purchased it and it seemed like a scam every button I pressed couldn’t load the program even the contact info so I immediately disputed it with my bank and had my money returned.

MelissaMacy September 14, 2022

Thanks for honesty

James Bauer is on point
December 2, 2016

I was broken off with my boyfriend for three months. I seemed to rely on this site for guidance and Bauers mixed review site in Australia wasn't the most popular forum for love advice.

I think the whole thing got my attitude back on track to the point I was blown away by his respect principle theory- it's incredibly poignant and also very applicable to my personal circumstances and I ended up reuniting with a man I loved so much.

Be Irresistible is one place you think to go should you be desperate to learn about men and what drives a man- and what drives a man to be interactive in love and how to respect that. He's amazing.