Treating your dog with a box full of new toys and treats each month is a surefire way to keep them happy and busy. At, you can setup recurring care package deliveries for your furry friend.

At initial sign up, you will need to provide information such as the size of your dog and select one of the three package plans. A month subscription costs $29.00, three months cost $57.00 and 6 months cost $114 .00. All subscriptions are paid for upfront, shipping for each monthly delivery costs an additional $5.00, unless you sign up for 6 months, in which case it’s free.

You may cancel your plan at any time; however, if you are in the middle of a subscription plan, it will cancel after the plan term has ended. Each subscription automatically renews the third of the month after the last package of the cycle has been shipped. To change this option, you may turn off the auto renewal setting through your online account.

If you want to gift a BarkBox, you may only order a gift subscription and provide them the contact information for them to finalize the shipment. When a gift subscription is over, it will not automatically renew.

Each BarkBox contains approximately 4-6 items; there is a different assortment of goodies each month. Packages contain a mixture of toys, treats, hygiene products and coupons for dog products.

10% of each BarkBox purchased is donated to dog rescue groups and shelters across the country.

While they try to provide treats and chew toys that can be enjoyed by all dogs they are unable to customize packages specifically tailored for any food allergies. The treats however are made from high quality ingredients and are all-natural.

Saving money in instantaneous when you subscribe to The total cost of products in an individual BarkBox costs less than their full retail value. Further savings can be obtained with online coupons and free BarkBox packages are given to members when they refer new customers. has a blog with dog-related content for site visitors. There are various articles, lots of dog photos, and information about donating to rescue centers.

Customer online reviews were positive; they displayed an overall satisfaction with BarkBox’s service and products. Comments included statements regarding the exciting new products each month. Their competitor, Pawalla, claimed to have different items in each package, but customers received the same product in consecutive packages. members also felt that the dog products were of high quality, whereas, Pawalla customers questioned some of the ingredients listed on the edible products.

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Terrible Service: They Hold You Hostage

January 5, 2019

I had seen ads and thought Bark Box might be good for my dogs. Ordered a chewer box and it was 100% not good or right for them. Grinch themed, easy to destroy, and I gave it away. I cancelled via email. Oh wait, here comes another box. Give it away and think maybe they are behind. Fine. This morning, I see a notice for a 3rd box, so I contact customer service chat this time and they appear to avoid cancelling no matter what. They are trained in denial and redirect. Get through two people and use the term "cancel" at least 12 times. Nothing works. Finally, they tell me I cannot cancel and they are sorry I did not read the terms. Regardless, if I don't like a product from the first box and let them know immediately, they should have let me go as I cancelled immediately. Instead, I am a hostage. Terrible. Terrible business model. No other subscription does this model, save for ProActive 10 years ago.

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