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Don't recommend

December6, 2012

I am having problems with my dog (fearful, territorial aggression) and after going to a couple trainers who failed, I decided to try these guys. The man that talked to me over the phone assured me that BB could help with my dog and that there were several things we could do right away to improve her behavior. I told him that she is fearful due to the situation she was removed from as a newborn (drug dealer who thought he was a puppy mill), and is aggressive towards strangers. I was assured that he could handle it.
This guy shows up at my house two days later with a tennis racket in hand, no idea what for as he never used it. He met my puppy outside, who was aggressive at first but warmed up to him quickly and even let him in the house. I was amazed that someone who wasn't me or my wife could get into my house. He was petting her and everything, she was even leaning on him and licking his hands. Right here I thought it was gonna work.
Then he teaches us about body language and several other things, and they all seemed to have an effect. All the while telling us that he is scared of our dog, but he can't let her know that. How are you going to be scared of a dog and teach anything?
Now he tried to work on her with people coming to the house. He went outside and rang the doorbell. She wasn't having any of that and ended up nipping him. He got scared, told us to put the dog up, refunded some of our money, and more or less ran out the door to his car. Then he calls back and says he wants vaccination records from our vet. OK so we gave him those, and never heard back. He asked if we were considering getting rid of the dog.....(if we were we wouldn't have tried BB!)
If this guy can't handle a nip from a puppy (granted a 70 pound puppy who left a small bruise), he really shouldn't say he can train aggressive dogs. I gave two stars because he refunded most of the money, tried to recommend a different trainer, and was at least honest with us that he couldn't handle it. BB might be fine for a neurotic toy poodle, but for dominate powerful breeds stay away...

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Gwyneth Shugart
January 02, 2013

I was just going to try BB for some special needs pets :-) both from the pet clinic and my own. What is the name of the guy that "trained" your baby and what areas of what city does he train? I just don't want the chance of him ever coming over to me to train my babies :-) He should have been trained in dog handling first and coming to someone's house with a tennis racket not left in the car... He probably was going to use that to keep the pet he was supposed to train at bay, not a good thing. He was right that the baby you train cannot see that he was in fear but dogs sense stuff like that from a mile away! At least he was responsible to refund most of your money and I hope he will not report your dog as the one that bit him.

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Amanda Castravet

Bark Busters Rocks!

September18, 2012

AMAZING! There is no other way to explain how Ryan was able to teach me to train my dogs. I I have two large dogs and both are rescues. My German Sheppard (Ram) scored an "F" on his doggy behavior test and my German Sheppard/Husky/Rottweiler mix (Dexter) scored a "D". I love my dogs very much but I found myself so frustrated having my husband deployed and dealing with their destructive behavior issues on my own. My Veterinarian recommended Bark Busters so I reached out to Ryan. After the first training session with Ryan, my dogs were completely different dogs. This isn't the first training program they have gone through but it will be their final training program! I am loving my dogs more and more each day as we work together. Stop spending your money with other dog training programs! Use Bark Busters! Understand why dogs act the way they do so you can train them faster with results that last a lifetime! I am so thankful for Ryan and Bark Busters!

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Natalie Y.
September 20, 2012

We used Bark Busters in Edmonton, and couldn't agree more. We have had dogs for years, but our latest rescue proved to be more difficult than anything we had ever experienced. We actually thought we know a lot about dogs, but it wasn't until going through the training with Carol & Greg, that we realized we had much more to learn. I cannot believe the difference this program has made in the our lives. Thank-you.....

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