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Bark Begone
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Stopped working
September 18, 2022
It worked only 3 days and quit sent company email their response was since I did not purchase a warranty all they will do is offer a 10% discount I threw it away and bought a different one and I works great

Works great
June 17, 2022
This thing is fantastic. Tried on two dogs, worked on first dog using twice and hasn’t barked since with positive affirmation. Second dog stopped barking after third time using.

Do Not Purchase, Poor Customer Service
September 4, 2021

I would give a half star if possible. I ordered the bark begone, it took 3 months before it was even shipped. They shipped me the wring items, took 3 weeks for them to respond email (so much for an 8 hour response).

They told me to keep the wrong items & they would ship the correct items. 3 months later & still haven't received them. Sent another email a month ago and still haven't gotten a response. I say DO NOT purchase from these guys, they DO NOT respond or ship the correct items.

July 14, 2021

Got mine within a week, dogs just look at me when I use it. They are only 3 years old, so their hearing is good, they hear me coming home from work 3 minutes before I get there.

Junk, don't waste you $$$.

Bad News Company
June 23, 2021
After 30 days still have not received it. This has to be a scam.

Bad business practice
April 25, 2021
I ordered the product in the middle of March 2021 and by the end of April I still didn't receive it. No email, no contact from the company, no information on whether and when the product will be sent. Meantime my credit card has been charged for a service that was not provided. This is definitely a fraud. I would certainly not recommend the company or product to anybody else.

April 17, 2021

I ordered a device a month ago.... The reason I ordered is because my mom has one and it works wonders on our dog.

But.... i still have not recieved a product. I have contacted customer service at least 5 times and am told the same thing " it will be shipped next week " but it never arrives. I'm so frustrated! I know the product exists I've seen it and used one! I just cant get them to ship mine!

There is a major lack of customer service, there isnt a phone number you can call just email. It's so disappointing.

April 16, 2021
Scam. Take your money but never provide product.

Bad Company
July 30, 2020
The company is a fraud! They take your money but send no product! Zero customer service! For your on good do not deal with this company!

SuzunEggler November 07, 2020

I had a problem but they fixed it right away .