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About is a website specializing for over three decades in financial publishing, which includes researching current financial trends and information, compiling data, and then sharing their findings with their users.

Founded in 1976 as a financial newsletter, went online in 1996 and currently has more than seven million monthly visitors who use their information when determining financial decisions. They collect original and impartial personal finance stories in order to help consumers make informed financial decisions.

They claim to be the web’s leading aggregator of financial rate information, with over 4800 financial institutions in all fifty states surveyed so they may provide objective and unbiased information to their customers.

According to their site, they provide rate information on more than three hundred different financial products such as mortgages, banking, investments, auto loans, credit cards, insurance, and general financial planning information.

They also include information on more specific financial planning questions, such as comparing money market accounts to CDs, certificates of deposit, and evaluating checking and ATM fees.

But their most popular feature may be their wide multitude of financial calculators. They provide everything from mortgage calculators and auto loan calculators to calculators for investment and savings plans, all the way to college finance calculators.

All the information, services, and tools at are free to use. However, users should be aware that offers many links to third party companies, and their Terms and Conditions no longer apply if you leave their page for a partner.

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