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Bank On Yourself is the financial program and strategy created and promoted by professional speaker Pamela Yellen, who says that this program is more beneficial than that of traditional investors.

Pamela Yellen founded the Bank On Yourself program in 2002 because she had complaints with traditional financial planning and investing that she didn't feel was being successful for her.

Instead, she created a financial planning system that specializes in helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives using a variation of a whole life insurance policy combined with financial principles not currently taught in schools or universities.

The Bank on Yourself financial plan focuses on utilizing whole life insurance, which is a life insurance policy that stays in effect for your whole life, using the terms you negotiate at the time you sign the policy.

Yellen says that her financial plan lets you bypass Wall Street and Banks to grow your money up to 40 times faster than the policies Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and others talk about, even when the market is down.

She has promoted her book and plan on every radio and TV network and has helped more than 500,000 families nationwide achieve financial freedom. Pamela Yellen is so confident that her strategy is the best one available, that she has a policy in place for those who think they have a better strategy.

If someone or some organization believes their program is better for financial planning than hers, she says that if a comparison of your strategy either matches or beats hers, then she will pay you $100,000.

Customers who are interested in seeing how this program works for them can request a free copy of their 18 page report " How to Safely Grow and Protect Your Wealth Even Stocks, Real Estate, and Other Investments Tumble."

You can also ask for a free analysis of your current financial planning, and one of the 200 specially trained Authorized Advisors will help you properly implement this concept and maximize the results you receive from it.

If you have any experience with Bank On Yourself or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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