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Not as good as you think they'd be.

January8, 2016

They work in secret and don't do what they say they are going to do.

My experience:

Deed In Lieu-3rd part interference BUT BofA didn't tell me. I thought the house was gone on June 3, 2013 but only found out it wasn't 6 months later.

Short Sale-They refused a sale that would have netted them all but $5K of original loan.

Then they sold the house at foreclosure AND at the same time, "sold" my mortgage to one of their subsidiaries, AND they still expected me to pay.

It turned out that BofA made $90K on a $45K loan AND the house is still in my name!! So I get to pay, for the next 20 years, on a house that has been sold to someone else who is also paying on the same darn house.

If they had handled my account in a reasonable manner, it would have been gone 6/3/13. Now it is just a legal nightmare.

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