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Order Never Came -- No Human Customer Service
August 28, 2023
I'd like to bake myself a wish that I had read the reviews here first! HORRIBLE experience. The birthday gift never arrived. There was no way to reach a live human on a Saturday or a Sunday or get any information about the order which ultimately didn't show. Terrible customer service, untrustworthy, do NOT give these folks money or faith if you actually want a gift to be there for someone's birthday.

Out of this world good.
June 17, 2023

I have sent about 6 different people items from this bakery. Every single person stated how good the products I bought were. I finally sent one to my husband and we tasted for ourselves how incredibly good this bakery is.

We tasted the chocolate cake and the brownies. They were out of this world good. I recommend everyone try this bakery at least once. Guaranteed if you try it once you will definitely go back for more. That's how good they are.

Great Customer Service
November 28, 2022

I recently ordered two cakes as a gift for Thanksgiving. The cakes shipped on time and according to UPS, were delivered the day before. While the cakes were not received, I cannot thank customer service enough for refunding the full amount even though the non-delivery was the fault of UPS. I will definitely order again so I get to taste their delicious product. Thanks again customer service.

Do Not Buy Save Your Money!
November 18, 2022

Save your money and buy a real cake somewhere else. I got a cake for my birthday. It was super small halfway melted from being frozen and tasted horrible. It was so bad I took one bite and threw it out. The person who bought me the cake tried to buy me another one and guess what, still tasted bad and still ended up in the trash. Can I be put on a no ship list?!! Stop sending me these crappy cakes.

Horrible support and service - beware
November 18, 2022

Horrible customer service. Ordered a Bday cake for my son which was supposed to get delivered on the 16th, it's still not delivered, no idea where it is, left 10 messages and emails, no responses.

October 28, 2022
My wife bought a cake and cupcakes for my birthday. For the price she paid we expected more than something that looked like it was baked in an Easy Bake Oven. The cake was TINY. The cupcakes were so small I couldn’t taste them. It’s criminal for what they charge. Do yourself a favor and buy a box at the grocery store and save $100.

J.R. November 03, 2022

Well stated, and absolutely accurate.

Lemon soup
February 13, 2022
We have used Bake me A wish on numerous occasions, the cakes were beautiful and we were very pleased. However, 2 weeks ago I sent a lemon meringue pie to a injured friend and upon arrival it was a box of mess. She sent me a picture and it looked like lemon soup. We were so disappointed. We will still use Bake me a wish, but only for cakes.

Not a reputable company
February 7, 2022

Shame, paid for next day delivery that took 5 days to arrive, 17 phone calls, 5 voice mails, 3 emails and guess what, no one has contacted me. Now 8 am stopping payment through my credit card. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A BOAT ANCHOR.

Very disappointed!
May 7, 2020

I too would give this company a 0. I ordered a cake for a dear friend of mine, to be sent on my friends birthday. Two days before it was to be shipped, I tried calling to change the delivery date because my friend decided to take vacation on the day it was to be delivered. I could not talk to any person, so from their web-site I emailed them and instructed that the delivery time be moved.

The following day, I called them again, this time I talked to a young lady and I told her I needed to change the delivery date...she states "I will try to take care of this for you, I will call you back".

Well, of course she never called me back. So a couple hours after and because she did not call back, I decided to just cancel my order, which according to their web-site I was within the time that I could (I have screen pictures to prove messenger "letter" to cancel the order after once again explaining the situation, a copy of my order that stated my order had not been sent out at the time I cancelled and a picture today that states it has now been sent out even though I cancelled it). I am beyond upset with this company....

There was PLENTY of time for them to change this order, and now my friend will not receive the cake I ordered, and only God knows who will get to enjoy it. I will now go to my bank and show them the evidence that I did cancel and etc., so they can go after the $73.00 that I had for a cake that will not get delivered to the person in whom it was intended.

January 13, 2020
Although the flavor was amazing, it appeared to be a full size cheesecake, it was not! It was $80 including delivery one would expect more. I would not use them again. Description and size would be helpful.

I want to give 0. What is the point of delivering it after birthday
November 13, 2019

Total nonsense . Always delivers late .

Pathetic service. Please don't order from this site.

Poor Delivery
August 7, 2019

I ordered a surprise birthday cake to be delivered to my daughter for her 40th birthday. Since she had a fairly large group visiting her in Maine. I ordered a large sheet cake for approx. $100.00 and paid another approx. $40 for delivery. To ensure an AM delivery I paid another $10....yes total approx. $150.00.

The ordering process was great and within hours I was notified the cake was on its way, wonderful I thought.

The morning of the delivery I checked the "tracking" and saw it was indeed out for delivery.

I notified my son-in-law (he was in on the surprise) to be on the lookout. I rec'd a delivery confirmation from UPS indicating "delivered at 10:14am left at side door." Shortly thereafter Bake me a Wish also sent me a "confirmation of delivery at 10:14am," Figuring everything was all set I went about my day. At approx. 11:20am my son-in-law calls and says "no cake yet and we have to leave shortly but someone will be here." I told him to re-check all doors as the cake was delivered. He did and said nothing here but we did see a UPS delivery at a neighbor.

He walked down and checked with them and they had rec'd their own delivery.....not the cake. I sent Bake me a Wish a note notifying them that there was no cake delivered. At this time the surprise was ruined as everyone had to hunt for a cake that was never delivered. Everyone had to leave the house at approx. 11:50am and still no delivery. When I was finally contacted by Bake me a Wish they, stated (sort of like I don't know what I'm talking about)"sir I'm showing the cake was delivered at 11:56am" I said where did the 11:56am come from and showed them two confirmations indicating a 10:14am delivery.

I then called my son and had him leave his job drive 7 miles to see if the cake was now was. I then got back to Bake me a Wish to indicate that the cake had finally showed up, some hour and forty-five minutes after it said it was delivered and that they had ruined the surprise.

In the end I rec'd a half-hearted apology the "their delivery partner had disappointed us" and an offer to give me a 25% discount on my NEXT PURCHASE.

They should have (at the very least) refunded the extra $10 charged for AM delivery!

Not only will I not give them another chance but recommend that others seek other options vs buying from Bake me a Wish!

Repeat customer!
February 1, 2019

I've ordered Bake Me A Wish products several times over the past few years and will continue to do so. I've never had anyone tell me the products were anything less than moist and delicious! Believe me, my family holds nothing back! (I've never purchased cupcakes, so cannot speak to previous reviews regarding dryness.)

I have had one recent issue with shipping, through no fault of Bake Me A Wish, which was completely resolved to my satisfaction after contacting customer service via email.

The goods are packaged in such a way as to ensure the product arrives fresh, attractive and intact.

Cupcakes and good custome service
September 28, 2018

I ordered cupcakes for a birthday gift for my niece. The cupcakes were very very dry and she called the company because she knew they did cost a lot of money. They could not of been any more professional.

They sent her another cake the next day. I would not of known but they sent me a email showing the cake they were going to send her. The cake did come and it was very good. Therefore I feel they should get 5 stars.

September 26, 2018
The cup cakes were very very dry. So my niece called the company and they were very professional and offer to send her their #1 cake for free. That is why I am giving 5 stars. They did every thing to make it right. Thanks

shipping materials
June 22, 2018
While the cupcakes were good, they were shipped to me in a Styrofoam chest that the company would not accept for return. I resent companies that use materials that they will not take responsibility for disposing.