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About is a new cloud storage service which promises to give people the chance to “join the cloud revolution” and back up all their files for free without downloading any software.

Traditional file storage requires you to manually back up everything onto an external hard drive. It can be time consuming and requires you to be vigilant about keeping a regular schedule of when to back files up.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, is when you back up all your files using a third party, virtual storage system located online. These systems can be set up so that they are responsible for storing all future files and file changes on an automated system, so once it is in place, you no longer have to worry about backing up your system.

These types of cloud storage systems, like JustCloud or Livedrive, have grown in popularity over the last couple years, though they must be downloaded onto your computer and some can only work with specific types of operating systems., however, says they are unlike these other systems because their program does not need to be downloaded, it works with any computer, and most importantly, they say their service is free to use.

This program does not need to be downloaded and can work with any computer because what it does is securely save all your files to your personal email account, which allows you to have access to them from any internet capable device without any need to download applications.

However, before you begin using this program you should know that their “free” system actually has limited space and can be transferred to a paid system at any time. If you need large amounts of backup space, or even unlimited amounts, you’ll have to arrange for a monthly subscription service which will have a different price depending on your specific needs.

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