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Computers today play an important role in our lives; they are used to store photos, music, documents and much more. Relying on the contents stored in our computer to be readily available at any time can be risky. If your computer was lost, stolen, or if the hard drive crashes, it can be devastating. This is why it is so important to keep a backup of your system. External hard drives are an option, but they too are not 100% reliable.

Backblaze in an online backup service that stores your computer data in a remote location. It is easy to download the application onto your computer through their website. The program is designed to detect and transfer all of your files from your hard drive and external hard drive to their datacenter. If you need to restore or access your data, you may choose to download the zip file or you may have the USB hard drive or flash drive sent to you.

Every computer platform is compatible with the Backblaze application; all you need in an internet or WI-FI connection. When you initially download the application you will not need to provide a credit card. Payment is only requested when you are ready to start using the service.

Backblaze is available for individuals, families as well as businesses and includes unlimited storage. The service costs $5.00 a month for each computer in a household. The cost for a business to use the service is $50.00 every year per computer.

Automatic backup is one of the features of this application or you may designate your own backup schedule. To protect your information, you files are compressed and encrypted before they are transferred to their datacenter. You may also create your own encryption code if you choose to do so.

Knowing the data on your computer is backed up and stored safely offsite using online computer backup services will bring you peace of mind. It is best to be proactive because computer problems can occur when you least expect it.

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