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Absence of customer service
March 27, 2024
If I could give it a minus I would. I ordered an item and received a conformation but no tracking or delivery date. Their customer service is only a bot so you only get pre-answered questions. Tried for several days and several hours to contact someone. Finally cancelled through paypal. Worst ever.

This company might actually be operated solely by AI. There is no way to contact real people.
March 18, 2024
Less than 1 star. I ordered. Twice I received a text that said the delivery driver was unable to deliver even though I was home and the text was automated so I couldn't communicate with the driver. So I go on the Babylist website as well as the delivery company OnTrac website and both are operated by chatbot dropdown menus where you get stuck in endless loops of no end, Beware.

Bad processing with delays
January 20, 2024
Ordered an item 2 weeks ago and still has not shipped. I was told it would go out next week. I purchased on Jan 7 and they promptly processed payment on my charge. I needed it for a shower 1/27 and it is doubtful it will arrive on time. I was told the registrant choose "simple shipping" 3 weeks is more than ample time to deliver. It does note simple shipping but no where is an option to choose otherwise or explains the delay. They also could not tell me where it is shipping from or the carrier. Very disappointed the mother to be will not have her gift. I now have a bill due for payment on this gift but NO GIFT. Should have gone with Amazon. Don't do business with this company.

STAY AWAY from this company.
September 24, 2023
Ordered and Received the Safety 1st 5 Modes Bluetooth Swing I ordered off the website for a baby shower I was going to go to. All I can say is STAY AWAY from this company. The swing arrived with 3 holes in the box (of which I could place my hand in them and touch said item). I requested a replacement-who wants to go to a baby shower with a potentially damaged swing as well as a tore up box with the item inside. Who knows how it was tossed with such damage to the box. I kept getting messages from them saying it was going to take awhile. Then they asked me to open the box and see if anything was damaged and send clear photos of item. I did as asked, there was a mark on the motorized part sort of like a scuff. I then get an email telling me I needed to contact the manufacturer to see if they would do anything. I disagree with this as this item is from their store and their responsibility to take care of any issues not mine.

VBarb September 25, 2023

Update:Customer service reached out and said it was miscommunication and are going to issue a refund.

VBarb September 25, 2023

Updated again! Babylist sent refund - done quickly! Thank you BabyList!!

I’m out $1,250!!! Too bad for me.
August 24, 2023

I have been trying for over a month to return a $1,250 stroller because the parents decided on a different stroller. I’m within 90 days, and it’s new in the box, but the site is saying it’s a product that can’t be returned. Babylist won’t return my emails.

Awful customer service
July 26, 2023
My daughter registered here and I have been on and off a bunch of times. For the most part, it’s been fine, except that it is a nuisance to have to go back on if you purchase from Amazon or wherever, to mark the item as purchased. All went well until something arrived damaged. I wrote, then followed up by calling a few days later. All they could tell me was that they received my communication and that they are working as quickly as they can. No time frame there ba k from them, no info regarding the process. It was just basically, “don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Really poor customer service. I wish my daughter had just used Amazon!

Horrible Customer Service and Delivery Time
July 7, 2023
Horrible customer service and Delivery time. Ordered several gifts for Mom to Be and my main gift took over 2 weeks to arrive from order date. Would not recommend this company.

Lacks Customer Service
June 14, 2023

Impossible to communicate with anyone in customer service..They conveniently miss your chats...Ordered a gift off the registry and it arrived in a dilapidated box, unwrapped, and looked used..No customer service response...Don't waste your time using babylist as a registry or purchasing gifts...

Lacks Customer Service
June 14, 2023
Impossible to communicate with anyone in customer service..They conveniently miss your chats...Ordered a gift off the registry and it arrived in a dilapated box, unwrapped, and looked used..No customer service response...Don't waste your time using babylist as a registry or purchasing gifts...

Beware of Baby List
May 25, 2023
Horrible customer service. Received an item that was cheaply made. They won’t do anything about it. Amazing how much money they are making and could care less about customer service!!!

Horrible customer service! Be warned!
April 13, 2023

Received the dresser for the baby's room in a timely matter. As the gentlemen were unboxing the dresser, I ran downstairs to get them each a bottle of water.

They were downstairs when I gave them the water and signed the paperwork confirming receipt of the dresser. I immediately went upstairs to look at the dresser, my bad for not checking it before they left, and noticed there was damage to the top right corner of the dresser.

I immediately called the gentlemen to let them know the dresser was damaged. They told me I had to contact Babylist directly.

I did and all I have so far is an email stating "that the item was shipped from the vendor directly, and they can send out parts/pieces for damaged items". I don't want parts/pieces, I want a new undamaged dresser. That's what I paid for!

Poor cancellation option- non existent
April 7, 2023
There is NO customer service! I tried to cancel an item I purchased within the allotted “45” minutes and the link did not work. I called support and they have a message saying they can’t take messages and to use the website-which did not allow the cancellation. I emailed support with the order number on the subject line and the reply was to give them all that info again. Then I received an email telling me “sorry but all we can do is send you a label for a return.” This was a gift I was trying to cancel!!! They are beyond helpless! No customer service at all. All the focus is in the front end-a nice website to encourage purchases. Do not use!

EmmaD April 08, 2023

Ok. Just updating. Babylist came through and canceled the order for me. Thank you!

Santa lists should stop by age six.
March 21, 2023
Felt like I had to order from a 40-year-old person’s Santa list here. Meh.

Horrible customer service
February 25, 2023
Horrible customer service me and my wife ordered a Doona and the sent us a regular car seat. Had nothing in common with my purchase. Tried reaching out and they never emailed back. I’m truly disappointed and our child is due in a few weeks.

Horrible customer service.
February 4, 2023
Awful experience!! The customer service is horrible !! There’s no phone number to call. Everything is through email which takes 24 hours to 7 days for each response. No one to reason with on actual facts. If you place an order don’t ever expect to do any kind of exchange or refunds even if the item is broken.

Terrible customer service, you probably won't get what you ordered.
February 1, 2023
Terrible customer service, bought a very expensive stroller and received something else instead. Customer service is nonexistent. Chat tells you to email, they only respond to emails in the middle of the night, they have no phone number. Won't purchase from this site again or use it for a registry.

Poor service
January 6, 2023

Poor customer service. AI chat is ignorant. Customer service will not talk to you, hide behind ignorant wall of chat which is unsatisfactory.

Jgintx January 27, 2023

Agree 100%. Had the same experience. I had difficulties making a purchase and there was absolutely no customer support for this problem. Then I found the same item selling for 15% less on Amazon.

Increases costs, no safety net for returns.
October 31, 2022

They allow for group gifts, but in the fine print it says that you can only spend the funds at their store. You can't fix this once someone has already contributed to the group gift. Since their store charges more than other vendors, you end up wasting your friends' money.

They also are useless if you receive a damaged product from a vendor and the vendor does not respond to attempts to return the item. I understand this is their business model, however I found the babylist staff who responded to messages/inquires to be condescending and unhelpful.

They are essentially like an Amazon registry, but without the customer service, refund policies, or ease of use. They are not a small enough business to make it worth putting up with these additional hassles. I would recommend using another site.

Poor customer service
September 20, 2022

If I honestly could give them a 0 a would . I purchased Dr Brown’s Milk spa for my 3 month old . The item stopped working within a month of purchase. When I reached out about returning the item,

This what I was told : please read below . This is a nightMare to ask a new, non sleeping mom.

How is this helpful to a new mother. I really did not want a refund. I wanted a replacement. However. I do believe the machine may have been defective , but Babylist should be your advocate. When do we have the time to chase and call the manufacturer?

I do NOT recommend them ! They will take your money and if the machine breaks , then you are done . You can’t reach anyone by phone . You have no options . Order from Target , Dr Brown or Amazon. You will come out better .

Debbie Y. (Babylist)

Sep 19, 2022, 1:07 PM PDT

Hi Tracey,

Thanks so much for reaching out to us about this. I'm so sorry you're having difficulties with your Dr. Brown's Milkspa Breastmilk And Bottle Warmer. Since this sounds like a manufacturing defect, contacting Dr. Brown's would be the best place to start. Click here to see their contact information.

In most cases, they can repair or replace a malfunctioning unit within their warranty period. It's also really important for them to record this information in the event other units are experiencing the same issues.

I've attached your receipt to this email should their team need it to help. While this is absolutely the first step in getting this resolved, rest assured that it's not necessarily the last.

It may take the manufacturer up to 10 business days to respond but please let me know if the manufacturer isn't able to get this taken care of for you. I'm always happy to help!


Debbie Y. • Happiness Hero Specialist

Horrible customer service
September 14, 2022

Horrible customer service! Sent wrong item and then wanted me to bring it to FedEx to return the wrong (large) item.

No compensation for my time or trouble.

Buy from Amazon or another retailer.