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A baby can bring parents a new world of joy, but once the nursery is no longer empty, you might be having a couple of doubts about the safety of your home – despite having mentally and physically prepared for it months on end.

However, the world isn’t baby proofed and sometimes, that can be okay. While children naturally learn from their mistakes and some life lessons are unavoidable, trips to the emergency room could be.

In this situation, Baby Bodyguards is a firm which ensures that parents can find a happy medium, protecting their home and enhancing their skills during troubled times.

Consisting of renowned and handpicked nurses, firefighters, contractors and pediatricians the company boasts an efficiently comprehensive approach to baby proofing your home from real dangers.


Car Seat Installation Lessons

Knowing how to install a car seat the correct way isn’t as straightforward as you might believe. On their website, Baby Bodyguards suggests that as many as three out of four car seats are incorrectly installed and that’s a scary thought.

Featuring lessons on how to adequately adjust your baby's car seat, you will gain better peace of mind knowing that your baby is fully protected.

What makes this service different is that the company doesn't merely install products for you, but instead, you’ll be taught the skills to do it yourself. In fact, by the end of the private lessons, you should be more than confident in your ability to install a car seat in any vehicle without fail.

Baby Proofing Instructions

Your home is the place where your baby will spend his or her first days in. Should you need help in wanting a package designed to cover the basics of baby proofing, Baby Bodyguards is able to offer all this information during your private visit – consultation and installation included.

In-home CPR Classes

Knowing how to act in the most delicate situations could largely depend on your CPR skills. Baby Bodyguards offers an American Heart Association Infant and Child CPR course that can be completed in the privacy and comfort of your own home, whenever you deem fit.

Cost and Price Plans

Depending on the service you’re opting for, you will be offered an estimated price which is valid up to six months after the quote. You will need a $50 deposit before being able to book an appointment, but there is excellent value for money in what the company provides.

Customer Service

Baby Bodyguards’ customer service team can be quickly reached either via email at [email protected] or through their phone number on (718) 332-0511 – useful for out-of-the-blue appointments or for discussing a product issue.

Concerning returns, Baby Bodyguards needs at least two business days before being able to reschedule an appointment, which is more or less an industry standard. While you might find a few companies with a 24-hour cancellation, it's all about managing your time commitments.

If you fail to give enough notice, the company reserves the right to charge you the deposit, $50, for the first time it happens. However, should you make the same mistake twice or more, then $100 will be charged for each subsequent occurrence.

Online Reviews/Complaints

By reading reviews, it's easy to see why the company has managed to prosper through the years. Most parents seem excited about the quality of information they receive during lessons and baby proofing.

They find that it is a kind of eye-opener, as they become more alert to the dangers around. Fast, unobtrusive and efficient, Baby Bodyguards is an excellent option for ensuring that your home and car feature the best safety tips and suggestions.

While it may be a hard bullet to swallow in having to pay for missed appointments, there seems to be no reason for not trusting or attending lessons and advice.

Competitors and Alternatives

As with any other service, there are many choices available, including the following three companies. Baby Safe Homes is a same-day baby proofing service that can also ensure that you create the safest environment possible for your little one.

However, these professionals will install the needed gear instead of teaching you the tricks of the trade. Featuring a fun name, Kiddie Proofers is Canada’s leader in child safety solutions.

Boasting approximately 25 years of professional experience, there is an excellent selection of baby proofing gear for the choosing.

Last but not least, Baby Proofers is most renowned in New Jersey and New York. The company is a family-owned business that has survived generations, celebrating 25 years of experience.

Where to Buy?

Once they became more prominent and well-known, Baby Bodyguards expended their service in Fairfield County and other areas of Connecticut as well. At the same time, they managed to educate thousands of parents, grandparents and caregivers around the New York area.

There are talks that the company will be expanding in other countries of the world too, but nothing has yet been confirmed.


Whether you’re having your first baby, or whether you feel that your home could be an even safer environment, Baby Bodyguards is a great choice for securing your space and minimizing danger.

That said, there are other companies with similar services too, in case Baby Bodyguards isn’t available on your side of the country. However, if it is, there is definitely no reason as to why you shouldn’t give them a shot. At the end of the day, you’ll be relieved that your home is safe.

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