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About B1 Blue Strike Golf

The B1 Blue Strike is a training aid for golfing that claims to correct a problem of yours that you might not even know you had: flipping. Flipping is a term used for a swing that stems from a wrong impact position, which completely throws your shot off.

The B1 was designed as the first ever golf aid to train you to learn all the elements that a Tour-level impact position possesses. It was created when the B1 team realized that flipping isn't conspicuous — to the swinger, at least.

When you flip, you don't feel it but you certainly hear it and see the consequences afterwards, as your golf ball doesn't reach the shot you were hoping for. Hence, that's what B1 aims to change.


B1 Blue Strike has three main parts: the impact bow, the anti-flip compression sole and the impact slider. The Impact Bow is a thin and flexible cable that loops from the top of the shaft to the top of the grip. 


The Anti-Flip Compression Sole is a feature that ‘punishes’ you for flipping. Lastly, the Impact Slider slides toward the club head when you decide to swing down and lets you know whether the timing of your release was perfect or not.

How Does It Work?

Using B1 Blue Strike Golf increases the distance of your shots and helps you improve your accuracy. Now that you know the three main parts of the product, we’re now going to explain how those three parts give you wordless instructions and trainings for golf.

The Impact Bow is a removable cable, giving you the option on whether you want to use it or not. If you keep your left wrist touching it until you reach waist-high in your follow-through and you'll have released the club properly otherwise, you will have flipped it.

The Anti-Flip Compression Sole is one that cannot be cheated. Should your hands lead at impact, it will cause you to strike the ball with a square clubface and downward blow.

The Impact Slider then is attached to an O-ring right under B1's grip and slides its way towards the clubhead as you swing down. If your timing is right, the slider will make a sound by hitting the bottom at the moment of impact.

If you release too early, the slider will sound a bit too soon. This trains you to perfect your lag, which is a delayed release action.

Cost and Price Plans

Usually priced at $139, the B1 BlueStrike Training Aid costs $99 right now. For the intense and complete shifting of ways it does for you and your shots, that's an amazing deal. That said, the shipping fee is a mere $9 for US shipments and $19 for international shipments.

An important reminder is that the right hand Blue Strikes take a little longer to be shipped than left hand Blue Strikes, as they are in high demand.

Customer Service

You may contact customer support by filling out the form on their website, shooting them an email at [email protected], or by calling their team at 888-42-2173.

Know that should the B1 not completely better your swings in 60 days, you are offered a 60-day money back guarantee, which you are able to request by contacting them through all of the given means.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Unsurprisingly, the reviews on the official website have been nothing but positive. These customers claim that the B1 Blue Strike Trainer was just as Hank Haney had advertised and it has helped them drastically in the few minutes they used it.

However, we have managed to stumble upon a few much more reliable reviews and have come to the conclusion that, while the B1 isn't the best training aid out there, it certainly is worth its price.

Two of the three main features of the golf club don't work exactly as advertised, but they could still be useful for some.

Competitors and Alternatives

A few training aids to check out besides the B1 Blue Strike are theHANGER, Swingyde and Swingclick. Unlike the B1, they are merely hanger-like devices that are to be attached to your already existing golf club. Moreover, all three are so much cheaper than the B1 Blue Strike.

However, they all provide similar aid and have promises of helping you improve your swing through perfecting your rhythm, technicality and the consistency of your swing.

Where to Buy?

You may order the B1 Blue Strike online from their website at https://www.b1bluestrikegolf.com/, or through the contact information given above – via telephone or email.


While the B1's advertisements and the advertiser, the esteemed Hank Haney, do seem very convincing, the more reliable reviews seem to lean towards a not-so convincing route.

We believe that it would be better to get a training aid that doesn't try to fix the top three problem areas of golf in one go. However, you could still give the B1 a go, as it might work out for you.

On the other hand, you could check out the alternatives and decide which one tickles your fancy the most.

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Hadn’t played all year, git the Blue Strike, and...
September 11, 2019
after 15 minutes on the range, shot the best round i had in years (10 strokes better than my average score for the last couple years of golfing). During my practice session, I mainly concerned myself with the bow/wrist contact, while also observing the compression sole’s feedback. I took the feeling of the swing onto the course, and shots with all my clubs were noticeably straighter and longer. My swing was already okay, and I was a decent golfer in my youth, but really don’t have the time to play much nowadays. I also live in NYC, which limits my access to the sport. Blue Strike Gabe me a quick reminder of what my hands need to be doing, and the Reilly’s spoke for themselves. I highly endorse this product!

B1 Blue Strike
September 5, 2018
I just bought one and the problem I see with it is the slider does not slide consistently. I have to pause at the top for a second or two before it gets to the ring on the club. real bummer. The cord however works great, I would not mind if it was a little less flexible however.

Tried two Blue Strike clubs - Not Impressed
September 1, 2018
The first BS club seemed okay, but the slider did not work. The club was replaced. However the second club slider didn't work either! Customer service just suggests putting Vaseline on the O Ring. Fortunately they have refunded all money. Very surprised Hank Haney endorses this product.

Blue Strike Is Weak
April 26, 2018
Every ball I hit with the blue strike club results in a low line drive of about 50 yards. If I really try hard I can pop one up maybe 75 yards. I get the concept, and it's a good one, just the club is not very good. I can hit my 6 iron pretty consistently about 160 to 165, if this is a 6 iron it's pretty pathetic. I think it's a better club to hit wiffle balls with so you can get the concept because the results with this club are not good. I'll give it more of a chance though because I only hit about 20 shots with it.

Very disappointed
April 17, 2018
I am a 20 handicap. Purchased it in late February and practiced it daily taking many practice swings trying to replicate what the videos show. Weather got nicer and took the "new" swing and the club to a real driving range to see how thing would go. It turned my 10% shank into shanking 80% of the time. There is nothing good about what it trying to teach you for a 20 handicap. If you swing fundamentals were there - it possibly could help. If you swing is "home made" - it is going to make things worse, much worse. Now I got to get my "Homemade" swing back - which is 100% built over the years around not shanking the ball.

John C May 30, 2019

Your shank is not the result of a forward leaning shaft or a bowed lead wrist. It is cause by extending your arms away from your body and toward the ball before/during impact. I've struggled with this myself. My correction was to stand up out of my posture... That led to loss of distance and more flipping. The key is to keep your arms close to your body through impact by extending them straight downward (into turf after the ball) then extending toward the target in follow through.