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About Awair Air Quality Monitor

You should know what’s in the air that you breathe.

At least, that’s what Awair says. This company manufactured one of the first smart air-quality monitors, with the original model making it easy for you to track the air-quality factors that can play a role in your health and wellbeing. What’s even better is that they made it easy for you to track this on your phone.

The idea of keeping track of your health with your smartphone isn’t anything new - nor is the ability to track airborne particulate matter.

However, this device makes it easy to combine the best of both worlds. The Awair Air Quality Monitor is the product you need to know about if you want to improve your respiratory health.

How Does Awair Work?

Awair is the name of the company that offers several different products to track chemicals and other irritants, like mold and pollen, in the air. The original Awair tracked various air quality factors, with a unique ability to sync to the app.

The new Awair, known as the Awair 2nd Edition, is similar to the original version. It can track carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, and chemicals - plus, it even has a dust sensor. When you open the export data on your app, you will be able to see all of these levels with increased accuracy. The device will show each level and will give you a score - the higher your score, the better the air quality.

The default settings on the app will show your overall air quality score along with graphs that show levels of the different factors. This can be changed with a companion app to show single metrics or you can go through each and every one individually.

This device comes enclosed in what looks like a small vintage loudspeaker. It includes a wooden enclosure made out of high-quality North American walnut timber and it is a sharp departure from the cold, overly modernized look of most smart technology. It’s the perfect size to be placed on a kitchen counter or a nightstand - it just needs to have a clear line of sight.

The Awair device also comes with an app. You can see your air quality in a colored circle - it will be green if it’s good, yellow if it’s fair, and red if it’s poor. You’ll then see air quality for each factor. The app will monitor for a comfort level but will also give you different settings based on your needs. There’s a CO2 sensor and even a baby edition to tell you the best settings for allergies, productivity, and of course, raising young ones.

And if you don’t already own a smart thermostat, Aware also makes a product just for you. It’s called the Awair Glow C, and it’s an inexpensive monitor that can activate a non-smart thermostat to regulate itself for changing conditions.

If you own an apartment building, you might want to consider Awair Omni. This product has enterprise-grade sensors that monitor everything in the air and give you, as a multifamily building owner, to make the changes that will improve the air safety and overall health. This is a great option for building owners who want to get a LEED, RESET, or WELL certification.

Cost and Price Plans

Depending on where you choose to purchase Awair - as well as which specific product you choose to purchase - you will pay nominal fees for the Awair device. The Awair 2nd Edition starts at $179 when purchased directly from the manufacturer, while the Aware Baby is $186. The Awair Glow C is just $79.00.

The company has a generous 30-day return policy. If you need to return your device back for any reason, you can easily do so. All returns must be submitted in their original condition, and your item must be unused and in the same condition in which it was received.

Competitors and Alternatives

Awair is one of the most popular air quality monitoring devices out there, but it’s far from being the only solution. Three other home indoor air quality monitors include Laser Egg, Molekule, and Uhoo.

When comparing Awair vs. uHoo, know that both are relatively accurate when it comes to monitoring temperature, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds. uHoo has a more modern design and offers a beautiful, user-friendly interface via the app. However, it is nearly twice the price of Awair and does not offer a similar device to turn a “dumb” device into a “smart” thermostat like Awair.

Next you might consider Awair vs. Molekule. Molekule is a bit different from Awair in that it does not just sense poor air quality, but it fixes it. Designed for large rooms, this portable device senses air quality and then breaks down viruses, VOCs, bacteria, and other pollutants in the air. Activated by a light, this device also has smartphone compatibility - however, it’s quite expensive, coming in at $799.

Finally, you should think about Awair vs. Laser Egg. Laser Egg is an indoor air quality monitor manufactured by Kaiterra. It is roughly the same price as Awair, monitoring data related to humidity, VOCs, and temperature. It is highly accurate and has mobile compatibility but again, does not offer the same synchronization capabilities as Aware.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers report that Awair is effective and that readings were relatively accuracy. Although CO2 levels rise during times when people are congregated in one area, they can be reduced when you open the windows - this is an accurate depiction that you can monitor in real time on your phone.

The smart integration is easy to use and adds an additional level of convenience. The app has Bluetooth compatibility and can also be integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can even link the device to your Nest thermostat or your Ecobee, if you own either one of these devices.

There are minimal negative reviews about Awair, but most have to do with the device’s functionality. For example, if the blue light not blinking persists as an issue, you may have to reset its connection. If you lose connection altogether, the LED on the front will blink twice in a row. And if the unit keeps disconnecting, you may need to reposition your Awair to make sure it’s within your wireless network’s range that there is nothing (like walls or other devices) there are interfering.

The major issues reported with Awair’s functionality are easy to fix, and the company has a helpful troubleshooting section on its website in case you have any issues.

Customer Service

Need to contact someone at Awair with a question - or comment? This is easy to do. All you need to do is visit the manufacturer’s website. There, you can find the company’s customer service phone number, +1 (888) 712-7241. You can also initiate a live chat or submit a request for service. The company also has an email address published on this site.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase Awair directly from the manufacturer, but it’s available from other retailers as well. You can find it on Amazon, as well as on Uncrate and Sylvane. It is currently not available for purchase from major tech retailers like Best Buy.

Is Awair Worth It?

If you’re ready to take charge of your own health, it’s time to consider giving Awair a try. This air quality sensor will give you some insight into the indoor air quality in your home, and regardless of whether you want to know these readings for health, personal comfort, or just plain interest, that’s important information to have. Once you are armed with the proper information about the levels in your home, you can take the steps necessary to improve your health.

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