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About is a website whose motto is “Cars, Simplified” and who says their goal is to provide new and used car buyers with the information and tools they need to make an informed buying decision.

Buying a car is often one of the biggest purchases and long term investments that adults will make, outside of securing a mortgage or real estate loan, so it is not an investment that anyone should take lightly.

Before purchasing a new or used car, buyers should work hard to be informed of the necessary information that will make an impact on their purchase – not just the price of the car, but the gas mileage and the cost of insuring this type of car.

According to their website, the editors at  do not simply review spec sheets and track times of the cars they review, they actually make it a point to test drive each and every car themselves so they can approach their review from a first hand perspective.

The editors and reviewers of say they are hoping to not just give their users an understanding of a car’s reported details, but rather give them a chance to really understand what your day to day driving experience will be like.

In addition the website provides something they call the Buyer’s Guide. This guide will help connect you with a dealer in your area who can help you get the best price on the new car that you have chosen.

Finally, their website also offers a wide variety of Price Tools and Calculators to help you determine your best path to owning a new car. These features include the New Car Price Quotes, Auto Insurance Quotes, Loan Payment Calculators, Trade In Car Values, and more.

They also have a section of their website dedicated entirely to car research which can help you find a Fuel Efficient Car, Auto Loan Tips, help you identify and understand your Local Gas Prices, and more.

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