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About is a website which says their goal is to assist their visitors in finding the best quality and most affordable car insurance available to them in their state and in their budget.

According to the website, auto insurance is an important thing for everyone to have, not only because it’s the law, but because auto insurance protects your assets and can help you take care of potential medical bills and the cost of vehicle repairs in the case of an accident.

This website says they give their visitors the ability to go online and use their comparative search engine to find and directly compare the auto insurance policies that are available to them so they can choose the best one for their needs.

This service is free to the visitors that come to their site, because this site is actually providing a service to the insurance companies whose policies they recommend to you by giving them access to customers they may not have otherwise had.

Unfortunately, unlike other websites which help customers compare insurance policies, does not actually help you compare rates and quotes side by side.

Instead, the website will take your basic information and then direct you to auto insurance companies they are partnered up with. You will then have to go to the website of that particular company to receive a quote.

This means that does not actually save you much time when searching for car insurance, because you are still required to go to individual websites and fill out your information on each website you visit.

However, try to assist their customers by providing information, articles, advice and tips for understanding how to look for in a policy, in case you are unfamiliar with the variations and features of car insurance policies.

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