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great info
July 7, 2022
Great information on my 2018 malibu

Saved from buying a previously totaled vehicle.
July 5, 2022
Found information here that I'm glad I knew before I made a purchase.

If vehicle had been in any wrecks and recall report.
June 30, 2022
Very easy to use for a lot of information. More than I expected! Price was great. Why would you not do it!

Found out it did not have a salvaged report or accident report
June 30, 2022

I was pleased withe information provided and would use the service again.

October 31, 2021
Got info very quickly and it seemed accurate. I am happy and hope that the transaction will be a success.

Important Information
October 30, 2021
Simple, easy to use. Information you can actually USE.

how many owners
October 10, 2021

This is a great way of obtaining information before going to the dealer to get their asking information.

will definitely use this site again

service or title
October 1, 2021
Told me absolutely nothing a rip off

I needed to see title information prior to being asked to write a review
October 1, 2021
easy to use. wanted to see title information before writing review but was not an option

Vehicle history
September 29, 2021
I was happy to receive the provided information and it gave me confidence to purchase a used vehicle.

Fast, Affordable, Reliable Service
September 28, 2021
I received the information on the vehicle I requested extremely fast and it helped me with what I needed it for. Your service is very affordable, easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone looking to find information on a vehicle they are looking at purchasing or for other reasons.

Simple, fast results for an affordable price!
September 26, 2021


It gave me the information I needed and didn't want to ask the dealership for only to have them act like they're doing me a favor.

I can walk in there more informed and ready to negotiate.

September 24, 2021
Very concise and detailed information. Safety and fraud issues are not a consideration.

True color of car
September 24, 2021

Very happy with your report. Needed this report to find out the true color of the exterior paint as we need to touch up the chips and scratches. Happily, we found it in your report.

Thank you

secure BOTH the VIN and the registration plate, may need either or BOTH to secure a report.
September 24, 2021
Reasonable detail. Entry challenge with the VIN not being recognized. Bypassed by using the current state registration plate and the VIN I entered was correct to the one AHC found using the state plate instead. Interesting. The is a very worthy method and site for gathering basic details about a vehicle of interest. I shall use this site again!

September 23, 2021
I was looking for the report for my father in laws car and found everything to be correct and up to date.

Production year
September 23, 2021
Very detailed and helpful. Also quick and inexpensive.

It was a good info just not what i was looking for
September 17, 2021
Wasnt looking for the info i needed wasnt on here need owner info

How many owners
September 16, 2021
Very easy web site to use with good report. Highly recommend

Service history
September 16, 2021
Would like to see a more detailed service record from previous owners.