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Not stolen
August 10, 2022

Hello there, glad to say this was an excellent experience cause I paid 150$& for a dirt bike that looked very well worth it but was hesitant about it being stolen and for 1 dollar I was able to relax and I’m very happy with a nice cleaned bike that runs great for 150.00 praise God.

How many owners the car has had.
August 7, 2022
This was a great report. Very detailed. Told me things about my car I did not know. How it has 26 features. Also, greatly appreciated the printable check list to take with you when you go car shopping. I once bought a vehicle that had no spare tire. Never thought to check for. Kinda thought that should be standard. But this list will help keep those buy mistakes from happening.

1 dollar
August 6, 2022

Pleased with the report but not with the misleading '1$' report claim when it's actually $24.

Honesty and up front information. That's what I paid for. Thank you again.,
August 5, 2022
The report was enlightening. I wanted to know what this SUV came with. The owners manual covers several different parts that say "if included". This report was thorough. Thank you. I don't have a printer . How can I save this report?

Quick interesting information without emptying the bank account
August 4, 2022
Interesting report provided very quickly without emptying the bank account! Would have liked a more detailed factory installed equipment and features list, was looking for something particular, remote start prep package. But found the ownership information to be interesting since the car was purchased used.

NCIB report
August 1, 2022
Stolen vehicle check report from NCIB was included. Theft and fraud was helpful. Thanks

If there were accidents
July 28, 2022
Very easy to use.

Excellent source of information
July 27, 2022
The vehicle report was very helpful in determining whether I'd like to purchase this mini van.

Recall data
July 26, 2022
AutoHistory Check was fast and accurate. Fee of $1 was very reasonable.

Fast Quick Info
July 24, 2022
I got the information I wanted for a great price and very quickly.

Cheaper than other similar services.
July 23, 2022
Great service. Investigating an RV that I purchased and the information provided was very helpful.

Amazed By All The Information
July 22, 2022
I found the report to give a very good and fair amount of information on the vehicle. I now have found out about more features that the car has than I knew prior. It's a very good tool to use when doing research for a vehicle.

salvage title reasons, thiefts, owners, and all car INFOs
July 22, 2022

This report was very good, but the reason for the cars salvage title and by whom was left out. The leasing of the vehicle and by whom was also not reported.This is the reason I was asking for this car.

I appreciate the year given on the salvage issue year though, and that it didn't have any major issues a=or accident associations.the years of own ships was helpful as well as the CO. recalls. the add kelly blue book apps etc were also cool, thank you for report, it has given me a picture somewhat of the history of the runner.

Mileage and owners
July 21, 2022
Review covers more than I could ask.

Vehicle history & accident report!
July 17, 2022
Very accurate & complete information!

easy to use
July 17, 2022
great customer service

Not enough info
July 16, 2022
Had info I wanted but not title owner

July 12, 2022
Report was complete and accurate. No omissions. Comfortable relying on the report.

Easy to use
July 9, 2022
Looks like a very comprehensive report. My only complaint is that it lists 6 owners (maybe because this car has been registered in 3 states multiple times) but before me, the only person to own this vehicle was my dad. So 6 owners is not accurate. I didn't get the report emailed to me either, which I thought was strange.

July 9, 2022
Very detailed, excellent report. Worth every dollar! ;-) I wish I would have known about this site before previously paying 40x the amount for one report just to see what the history of a vehicle was. Thanks for having a great site!