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About is a website that offers over 100,000 audiobooks for download to over 500 mobile devices. Taking books with you on the go is convenient and is makes it easy to read your book during any available moment you have. Once you download the book it is yours to keep.

You may choose not to subscribe to their membership program and pay regular prices for their available audiobooks, however if you read a lot then a membership program may be the way to go. A free 30 day trial is available and you will receive one book credit, plus an additional free bonus credit. If you don’t cancel your free trial you will automatically be billed the regular Gold Membership price of $14.95.

New customers can take advantage of a special Gold Membership price for the first three months of their subscription, receiving one book credit at $7.49. After three months, the Gold Membership enables you to download one book credit per month for $14.59. Platinum membership costs 22.50 per month and you receive 2 book credits per month.

For avid readers there are annual plans which are paid in full at the time of sign up. The Gold Annual plan costs $149.50, through this membership option you receive 12 book credits and can use them at any time throughout the year. The second Annual plan is called Platinum Annual, this plan costs $229.50 and you receive all 24 book credits immediately for the year. With their “Great Listen Guarantee” you can exchange books that you didn’t enjoy for a different one. All subscriptions automatically renew if they are not cancelled before the term end.

One of the unique perks to their service is that you may link over to the Whispersync application. With this application you are afforded with the added convenience of access to audible audiobooks. There are currently over 15,000 titles to choose from and more added each day.

When comparing Audible to iTunes, you will find that most reviews said iTunes was much easier to use and download books from but had a larger library. The prices of books on each site are comparable; however, promotional prices are offered through Amazon for books in the library. customer reviews, found online, are positive. These display that this is a great site for those who want to download books on their mobile devices and has a great sound quality. These reviews also communicate the fact that the customer service agents were very helpful and responsive to their needs.

The negative reviews pertain to the monthly book credits that come with a subscription. There are limitations to the number of credits that can be rolled over from month to month. Customers that lost unused credits were both surprised and disappointed when they noticed missing credits; most of these customers did not read the terms and conditions.

When deciding which online service is going to work best for you, pick the one that is going to be the most cost efficient based on the number of books you typically read each month. Read the terms and conditions to confirm that the price for your subscription will not change. Any materials should also be combed for restrictions and contingencies to the services and products which may eventually cause a conflict of interest.

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Run in the opposite direction!

June 21, 2019

Bezos bought a wonderful service and absolutely ruined it. I held my tongue when they moved purchases out of app, making the customer jump through hoops to save Bezos a little dough. However, somehow I recently managed to rope myself into some kind of membership' when I was trying to purchase a single title, and didn't notice at the time.

I noticed this morning when looking at my CC statement and promptly canceled the membership to end the auto-charge, preferring to purchase single titles as needed. One would assume with all common sense that the credits one has purchased would be available for one to use, regardless of their membership' status; I paid for the things, they're mine.

NOPE, credits back to zero. (I skipped over the part where when you try to cancel you have to pay VERY close attention because they make you jump through several hoops to confirm, hoping you'll mistakenly exit the process and continue being charged). I called customer support, the lady says NOPE, you bought them, now they're gone, but I would be happy to replace them for you.

Lol, yeah, no thanks, I'll contest the charge with my bank and just extricate myself from anything having to do with Audible, Amazon and Bezos.

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AUDIBLE has stolen 112 eur from me so far

September 22, 2017 has been charging me monthly for the last 8 months (14 eur a month) without me knowing or giving permission or even signing up to be a member.

A few months ago I signed up for a FREE audiobook from amazon, and apparently they gave audible my credit card information. Audible then has been steaing 14 euros from my account every months.

Seeing this happens all over the world it is pretty clear that it's not a mistake but a scam

I read physical books every night so I have NO USE for audiobooks.

This is extremely upsetting. I want my money back

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