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About Attorney Search Network

The Attorney Search Network at is an official Lawyer Referral Service for the state of California and their job is to refer potential clients to licensed, insured attorneys.

The Attorney Search Network is a free service that helps people looking for legal assistance in a variety of ways. 

First, if you already have a lawyer in mind to assist you with an issue, you can use their service to provide you with free information on this lawyer, including Certifications & Specializations, Years of Experience, Credentials, State Bar Records, Ratings, Verdicts & Settlements.

Customers who do not yet have a lawyer but are looking for one to help them with a legal issue can call their service and talk to a Legal Analyst, whose job it is to walk through the details of the case and recommend the best service or lawyer to assist them.

If your case seems like one which would be best handled by an attorney, you will be math with a lawyer who is qualified to practice in the specific area of law that meets the needs of your specific case.

The analyst will arrange for an initial consultation with a lawyer, either by phone or in person. If you do not have the means to pay a lawyer for legal assistance, there are state rules that require the Attorney Search Network to provide you with services that can meet your needs, whether they are low fee or no fee services.

Sometimes the Legal Analyst will determine that your case would actually not be best handled by a lawyer. In fact, they say about 50% of the people who call the Attorney Search Network end up using another agency to help them with their case.

When a Legal Analyst determines that your case does not require an attorney, they will give the information you need to contact the correct agency or entity, like small claims court, the labor board, and more.

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