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About Atomic Beam Sunblast

Global Shop Direct is an online retailer for various products from around the world. Based in Sydney, Australia, the company is dedicated to make Australian lives easier. The company began in 2002 and has been delivering innovative products ever since.

Their catalogue includes cleaning tools, kitchen equipment, outdoor needs, leisure products, fitness equipment, apparel, and even cosmetic items.


The Atomic Beam SunBlast by Global Shop Direct is feature-filled and perfect for outdoor lighting. It is a solar-powered LED that lights the way in the dark of night. You may have seen this item before on the television.

It will save you a ton on electricity due to several of its features. 


First, the SunBlast is solar-powered which means it gets its charge from the light of the sun. The lithium-ion battery charges all day so that it can do its job during the night. When charged to the max by the sun, the SunBlast can emit a bright light of an estimate of 400 lumens. That is enough light to ensure safety when walking outside at night.

Another cost-effective feature is the motion sensor. The SunBlast houses a motion sensor that can detect movement from 25 feet away. The motion sensor light also has a range of 120 degrees around its environment. This motion detection makes sure that it will only use up energy when someone is nearby.

Not only does this feature help energy conservation but it also acts as a form of protection. Lighting up with motion sensed can repel away unwanted intruders in the night. You have total control over lighting as the SunBlast comes with two light settings: high and low.

This product by Global Shop Direct is also very easy to use. The SunBlast comes with an adhesive in the back which means installment is easy - peel the back and stick it on. The adhesive will work on many surfaces such as stucco, wood, and even stone.

The product also comes with screw holes for mounting options.  Built for the outdoors, the SunBlast is well constructed. It is heavy duty and can withstand the elements of nature such as rain and snow. If you’ve witnessed this product being advertised before on the television, then you will receive features as seen on tv.

Cost and Price Plans

The Atomic Beam SunBlast is available for an affordable $59.95. You can order this with a one-time payment with a $9.95 postage and handling fee.

The company also offers an installment option where you pay $11.99 for five months (including the $9.95 postage and handling fee). Global Shop Direct also has a "Buy 1, Get a 2nd" where ordering a second Atomic Beam SunBlast will save you $20.

Customer Service

Global Shop Direct gives their customers easy access to customer service. You can get in touch with the company for any inquiries you may have about the Atomic Beam SunBlast.

The company's after sales support number 1300-137-598 is available for your questions. The after sales support number is available from 8AM to 9PM (EST) all week. One can also use the company's live chat service to talk to a customer service representative.

You can also send an online inquiry through their website

The company also provides a satisfaction guarantee so you can check if you like the product. You can return the product at any time within 30 days if you are in any way unsatisfied.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The general opinion about the Atomic Beam SunBlast is positive. Customers comment on how bright the LED can shine in the night and how sensitive the motion sensor is. They also enjoy how easy it is to install without any wires or tools needed whatsoever.

There are only a few comments where the SunBlast can be better. First, there has to be enough sunlight where you want to install this product. Being solar-powered, you wouldn't be able to install the SunBlast underneath the eaves. This is a potential issue for those who need the lighting in areas that have cover from the sun.

Another issue is the placement of the light settings in the back. If you install the SunBlast using the adhesive, you lose access to the control panel. You would have to remove the whole thing to change the light settings. But aside from that, the Atomic Beam SunBlast is a well-received product.

Competitors and Alternatives

The SunBlast is not the only product in the outdoor lighting market. A worthy competitor is the 60 LED Solar Security Light from Bunker Hill Security.

This solar light from Bunker Hill Security is also solar-powered and can sense motion. It features 180-degree sensor that can detect motion from 50 feet away. It is also easy to install and is easier on the wallet than the SunBlast. Another company, Frostfire, also offers a similar product. It is also solar-powered with motion sensors.

Coming with a modern design, the outdoor light from Frostfire has a solar panel that can last 5 years. Another competitor is Kogan with its own outdoor lighting product.

The Kogan Solar Motion Sensor LED Light, as its descriptive name implies, is also solar-powered and comes with motion sensing technology. While all these products provide cost-effective outdoor lighting, they all provide excellent security from unwanted intruders sneaking in the dark.

Where to Buy?

Fortunately, getting your hands on this product is fairly straightforward. You can get your own Atomic Beam SunBlast from the Global Shop Direct website,

You can also order by phone through their number 1300-792-286.


Overall, the Atomic Beam SunBlast is an excellent addition to your home’s outdoor environment. With solar-charging and motion-sensing capabilities, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever managed before having them in the first place. Lighting the night for security, the SunBlast will not disappoint.

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atomic beam sunblast
April 18, 2019
Bought three of them none work yes there turned on paid close too hundred dollars for them