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About Atlas Coffee Club

Two of the best things in the world are traveling and coffee.There’s nothing quite like trying new coffees while traveling, but many people  find that they just do not have the time to commit to coffee research while at home. And relying on the same coffee day after day can get boring!

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might consider using Atlas Coffee Club.

How Does It Work?

Atlas Coffee Club is an Austin, TX based coffee subscription company which aims to help you discover the world through coffee. They source the highest quality coffee from different regions around the world and send you fresh coffee from a different location every month.

Each month focuses on coffee from a specific country, which ensures that you are trying a wide variety of flavors from different parts of the world. Past months have shared coffee from countries like Ethiopia, Columbia, Indonesia, and Kenya.

Atlas Coffee Club samples numerous coffees from each country, selects only the best ones, then roasts it to perfection and delivers it fresh to your door. With each shipment, you receive a half bag, single bag, or double bag of coffee, information about tasting notes & brewing tips, and a postcard from the country of the month.

You can choose from three roast preferences: light to medium, medium to dark, or all roast types and you can also choose to receive either whole bean or ground coffee. Additionally, you can set your delivery schedule to either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.

Read on to find out more about how Atlas Coffee Club can send you on a journey around the world through their coffee of the month subscription service!

Cost and Price Plans

If you wish to subscribe to Atlas Coffee Club, there are a few different price points depending on your preferences. A 6 oz. half bag (which makes 15 cups of coffee) costs $9.00 plus shipping cost. A 12oz. single bag (which makes 30 cups of coffee) costs $14.00 plus shipping cost.  A 24 oz. double bag (which makes 60 cups of coffee) costs $28.00 plus shipping cost.

You will automatically be charged every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks depending on how often you want your coffee delivered, and you can cancel at any time.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking to learn more about coffee and be exposed to a variety of different flavors, there are alternatives to Atlas Coffee.

One popular alternative is the Trade Coffee Co. Trade is a coffee company that strives to create a personalized coffee experience for all their customers because they believe every cup of coffee should be an excellent cup of coffee. They pride themselves on working with the best roasters in the U.S. and offer only high-quality coffees.

Their subscription service comes in two varieties: The Hookup or The Classics. The Hookup offers a wide selection of unconventional coffees and costs between $15-$22 per 12 oz. bag. The Classics is for the everyday coffee drinker who aspires to brew better coffee at home. It costs $14.75 for a 12oz. bag of coffee or $25 for 2 bags. They also sell a range of coffee, equipment, and drinkware on their website. If you enroll in the subscription program, you always get free shipping on your orders and receive special discounts.

Another great coffee subscription service is Bean Box. Bean Box is a Seattle-Based company that wants to bring the world’s best artisan coffees directly to your door. They boast a 4.8/5-star review on Google Reviews and offer free shipping. They have two options for their subscription services

 First, you can opt to purchase a sampler subscription which will send you four 1.8oz bags of coffee every month for $16.50. Or, you could go with their coffee of the month subscription package, which sends you a 12oz. bag of coffee starting at $26/month and you can choose to receive your delivery monthly, weekly, or every other week. They also sell a variety of coffees and fun coffee gifts, including coffee gift boxes.

Finally, you might opt to go with MistoBox. MistoBox has made it their mission to help you discover the best coffees in the world from your home. Their experts do the difficult work of finding truly special, high-quality coffee so that all you have to do is taste and enjoy. Their subscription service allows you to personalize your coffee deliveries to your tastes, delivery frequency, and bean type preference.

You receive a 12oz. bag of fresh coffee. Their prices start at $10.95/month +shipping costs. They also sell coffee and coffee gift subscriptions on their website. MistoBox boasts great reviews from blogs like Homegrounds and has been featured on Shark Tank, Lifehacker, and Food & Wine.

Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with customer service, you can reach out via the Contact Us form on their website. Their phone number is 512.522.1337. If you are specifically looking up how to cancel Atlas Coffee Club subscription, you should pretty easily be able to do that through your account, but if you need assistance you can reach out at [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

The service boasts some great reviews from impressive sources. You can find a lot of praise for them on the Media section of their website.  USA Today said that an Atlas Coffee Club subscription was “a perfect gift for a coffee lover,” and The Boston Globe was impressed with the “graphically gorgeous, colorful packaging,” of the bags.

The coffee community on the internet also has great things to say about Atlas Coffee Club. For example, the blog Homegrounds said that Atlas Coffee Club is “a unique, exciting experience.” And Business Insider said that the coffee is “delicious,” and praised the fact that “the coffee is produced and purchased ethically.”

Atlas Coffee Club certainly seems to have some satisfied customers!

Where to Buy?

You can signup for a  subscription through their website.

Is It Worth It?

So, is Atlas Coffee Club legit and should I subscribe? It is legit. If you are looking for a world-class coffee experience, go for it! Whether your next coffee journey takes you to Ecuador, Brazil, or Europe, just make sure that you enjoy the ride!

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