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About Assurant Health Insurance

Assurant Health Insurance is a network of health insurance products which claim they are focused on providing affordable plan choices in a wide variety of areas for a wide variety of consumers.

The network looks to provide plan options for major medical insurance, as well as supplemental insurance like Dental or Vision, and fixed-benefit plans. These plan options can be customized for individuals, families, and small employers.

They even offer temporary insurance plans for people who are in between permanent insurance plans and are looking to avoid large medical bills while they are waiting for their new insurance plans to kick in. These plans start around $86/month for an individual and $172/month for family plans.

The website of Assurant Health Insurance says their main goal is to provide their customers with convenient access to health care delivery, easy to understand products, and value added services in order to help their customers better manage their coverage.

If you are a current customer of one of their health care options and have any questions or complaints, their Contact Us page has a large variety of numbers you can call depending on your specific coverage or issue.

These customer care options include specific phone numbers for Students, Small Business, Major Medical customers, Short Term Coverage, and Supplemental Coverage. There is even a separate customer care for questions concerning benefits covered by your current plan that you are interested in expanding or need more information on.

If you are not one of their current customers and are interested in insurance plan quotes, you can choose to either call an Assurant Health expert or to go through their reliable online portal to see what plans best fit your needs.

To receive a quote, you’ll need to be able to provide information regarding your age, any current health care issues or pre-existing conditions, the level of coverage you are looking for, and what kind of deductible you feel most comfortable with.

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