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Two Readers on same site- two different stories

May 27, 2016

I read with Clarissa awhile back- she nailed backgrounds on two guys I had to a T! She was pretty awesome! Last week I tried Jozette who cost more- she seemed to drag out the reading to keep me on the phone longer and bilk the bill up. What she said I really didn't think she was too accurate. When I went to give her 2 stars only- the website decided not to put my review of her on her page- her page only seems to have the 5 stars on it.. pretty typical!
I read with Rebecca also back in March- her background wasn't bad- but she said the opposite of Clarissa- One says yes to one guy and no to the other- the other says no to the one guy and yes to the other- someone has to be totally wrong! I seemed to feel connected with Clarissa- she's pretty cool- so depending on the next month and if her predictions do pan out- we will see or not if any of their readers are even worth reading with! But I would read with Clarissa again!

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June 07, 2016

Let us know how it goes!

June 30, 2016

Did the predictions pan out?

July 04, 2016

the one guy she said was wasting my time- so far she has proven right- I see him a couple times a week where he works- we talk a lot and he always comes to find me or he watches me- she said he was the one who is wasting my time ( so far she is right) I will give him another few weeks then I am just going to write him off- the other one she told me she still sees us together this summer- so I still need to give her at least another month cause sometimes timings are hard- but by August I will post either way what the final results are... Clarissa had the backgrounds dead on- without me saying one word she told me why I was calling and she picked up the two guys without me asking one thing... so time will tell and so will I! lol

July 20, 2016

Thanks for the update! So far, her prediction has not come to fruition for me despite her being very accurate about the situation and people involved. I will give it more time to allow for off timing, and report back. In my case, there is a hard deadline because the prediction is based on my being in a certain place.

July 21, 2016

yeah I can understand your concern- they tell you free will can also delay times and also thinking negatively can too- but I can tell you this- I called a week ago to see if she was still on track and stood by her original reading... right out of the blue she said to me laughing "Why is that guy from the gym still around you?" .. she was right- regardless of her previously saying he was wasting my time- he has stepped up and showed interest like there might be a hook up soon-I didn't even have to tell her- she picked up on his energy increasing around me and he is going to make his interest known. Even though its not the relationship I want from him- he will offer me something..(that's what she refers to me as wasting my time) so far- she's picked up more stuff what's been happening there without me saying anything... background right and she's still sticking by her original reading. I told her IF it happens (which I am still unsure I will call her back.) And she laughed and said you will be calling me back! She's very friendly and seems to know a lot of background and remembered my stuff- hang in there- timing is hard.. but by mid August if nothing is coming on my end at all- I will report back and rerate the sight a scam... keep your fingers crosses and think positive!~

September 05, 2016

Did you speak to any other psychics on the network about this? It would not surprise me if they share notes so they can trick you into believing they picked up on something without you telling them.

September 05, 2016

Also a thought that comes to mind is say you speak to two psychics who know each other. Each gives you the opposite prediction. Now it seems one of them has to be right. So if they communicate with each other and play good cop bad cop essentially at least one of them is right and that one wins a client. It's win-win for them because if they both predicted the same thing and were wrong, they'd both lose the client. But when one is giving the opposite reading to another they each have 50^ chance of being right on the outcome. This is why they read the past and present so accurately (sharing info) but then give different predictions. I know for a fact that one other psychic I spoke with knew Clarissa (and it's one that you mentioned)

September 12, 2016

Hi Professor I hope things are settling down for you! I read with Clarissa in April- she was the first one I read with on the site- so she nailed the background 100% on the 2 men in ? . I didn't even have to ask her my ?- she told me she knew why I was calling before I had to say one thing about it- she also told me they were 2 men- (which I never told her) she also told me one was physically not in the area and he wore a uniform- she said he is in the service (again she was right- I didn't tell her one work about either or them- she rolled off on her own.) So she did nail backgrounds right without me ever having talked to anyone there before.. so that's why I am disappointed she was so wrong about your story... I stillh ave till the 25th of Sept. to see anything tangible... when I read with Jozette in later May to see what she thought- she dragged it out to rake up the bill- so I finally cut her off... she wasn't accurate on anything- I looked online and found some other customers who had read with Clarissa in the past months and said they use her cause she has been accurate.. so who knows? Maybe they have friends who they pay to go online and write false reviews... all I know is that after talking with you- I am not counting on anything I am glad we communicated cause I don't let the readings influence my life anymore- I don't plan on contacting any psychic company cause I have tried Keen (wrong) and Psychic Source (so wrong).... I tell you I don't know how people can look at themselves in the mirror everyday misleading people and taking their money.... again, I hope your life is settling down and you can find peace... cause that's what I need now in my life.... tired of the games- tired of men and their BS! lol take care!

September 14, 2016

Clarissa told me the truth and I should have listened to her. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear and unlike many psychics, she doesn't keep you on the phone for hours and hours running up the minutes. Several of my chats with her were less than 10 minutes but she cuts right to the chase.

September 20, 2016

That's what she told me too. If she didn't see it happening, she would have told me otherwise. Except it didn't happen. So I guess she told me the truth, and truth lied?

September 20, 2016

Morgan - first of all I must confess that I am a man. So she read for me about a recent ex back in April and other matters. Her readings felt very accurate because she was able to give seemingly precise descriptions of the person in question.

But the bottom line is the prediction. You're paying top dollar for that prediction. You already know the description of the person so you don't need to pay for that.

Clarissa takes pride in her accuracy and assured me of her confidence in her predictions. As the timeframe passed and I was about to leave, giving virtually no room for her to claim the timeframes were off, she turned the tables on me and told me that not letting go of my ex and reading with her was delaying the outcome. Never mind the fact that I was sceptical of her prediction in the first place and was happily moving on. Never mind that she told me my ex was alone, though I now believe she may have already been lining up her new boyfriend while I was still with her and let me dump her to placate my ego.

What matters is does the prediction come to pass? If yes, and you're happy with the outcome, good. If it doesn't, then too bad. No recourse. The money has been spent.

At $10 a minute, don't you think it's better to just let go and not fill your head with all this psychic crap? For one, you're now waiting till the end of September for a prediction. If I recall earlier, it was end of summer.

My opinion is that by reading with a psychic we are giving our power away to them. And money.

It's simple. A person wants to be with you or they don't. As long as they're not with you, they don't. If they truly want to be with you they will let you know. Meanwhile, go out and get a life and meet BETTER people. Do things you enjoy. Invest your money for your future and into things that benefit you.

That's all I have to say.

September 25, 2016

I read with her once a week. She keeps me sane!! lol

September 25, 2016

lol... sorry professor I assumed that you were female! Me bad! I have to agree with you... the shake up at work was right as she saw it but that was all she was right on....I am now past the due date and like you, I was okay where I was at being alone.. she told me oh no, he's coming back.... I was happy knowing I was okay on my own... but she kept telling me no the cards don't lie! But I, like you am a lot smarter now and reviewed her for not being correct.. I doubt they will post it.. cause then it just lets people know that basically they are a waste of time, money and common sense! I haven't contacted since the last reading and I don't plan on it... I think we both learned a hard lesson... KHARMA is a beech and hopefully the pigeons are coming home to roost at Capistrano! lol Good for us! A lesson hard learned, but learned just the same! I am happy and at peace and that's the way I am going to stay... in my power! good luck to you for future happiness!

October 06, 2016

Clarissa is one of my favorites. Last year she predicted a move for me that I didn't see coming. In fact, when she told me I told her it was out of the question. (I was offered a job in another town 3 months later and did move) She also saw me reconnecting with an ex that I hadn't talked to in years. I didn't see this ever occurring but 2 months ago I got a Facebook request from this ex and we have chatted every day since and are meeting at the end of the month. The only thing I will say is that she predicted the reconnect earlier than when it actually happened. Other than the timeline, she was pretty accurate.

October 09, 2016

I'm going to give her another chance and see what she has to say about why her prediction didn't pan out as she had so clearly stated. She was extremely confident of her predictions, more than I. So you'll have to forgive me for being upset that the prediction didn't pan out. Her descriptions of people and situations are very accurate, I'll give her that. In my case, there wasn't much room for her timeframe to be off, because her prediction was based on my being in a specific place and the outcome was the opposite of her prediction. So a delayed outcome is impossible at this point. I'm no longer in the same place where the prediction can come to pass.

November 03, 2016

I had a crazy night and called at least 6 psychics in one night about my issue!!! She was the only one to come close to what I was to expect. By the way, it was not good! lol She told me I would be experiencing a terribly dramatic situation and things would fall apart "temporarily". It did. Things came together, as she predicted, afterward. I trust her.

February 06, 2017

Well you contacted 6 psychics so clearly she could tell you had a terribly dramatic situation. And when that's the case, things usually do tend to fall apart temporarily. And of course, you eventually move on and things get back together. Awesome!

Sorry I don't mean to rain on your parade, but folks these people are milking you at $10-13 per hour for a dodgy service. Trust me, I've been there, and regret giving them even a dime.

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I tried waiting for results

March 28, 2016

So far they told me the past on a lot of things that happened in my life with a ex so now I just need to see if it's going to work out as they say..but I will do another review if it do or don't..hoping the best!

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Honest REAL Tarot Readings...

January 17, 2016

From time to time you hear negative things about psychic networks so I wasnt sure if I should get a tarot reading with AskNow or not but recently I decided to. The experience I had was actually a very good one and the reading was VERY ACCURATE, so much it was a little creepy to be honest! I would recommend this company to anyone who was interested in getting a REAL tarot reading!

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Fake Psychic Reviews

October 13, 2015

Think about it......all of these bad reviews are not found on the Asknow website. Everyone has a good review so basically all the psychics on the website are great..........YEAH RIGHT. Then it hit me ....I rated a psychic twice for two readings at a poor rating but when I was went to my reading details on the website, it says I gave the psychic 5 stars and I know I absolutely did not.

May 08, 2017

Yeah and their psychics are tested for accuracy. Except they all give you different readings! Never bothered to ask ASKNOW how they test their psychics? ASK. NOW!

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Don't waste your money!!!

September 14, 2015

After spending hundreds of dollars and reading with multiple so-called psychics on this site, I found that none of them were accurate at all. Some obviously just stammered along in order to rack up minutes with the caller without saying anything intelligible. There are also "readers" who just start blabbing about themselves to waste and extend your minutes. Some just sit there and breathe into the phone for a while to stall before saying anything which was then absurd. Their so-called guarantees are not as guaranteed as they lead you to believe either. If you have an issue with your reading and attempt to obtain a refund, there are stringent requirements to get a refund - not at all as they present themselves!!! Save your money and choose another site.

February 06, 2017

They're all scam artists.

Comment on this review... is my Favorite

March 1, 2015

I've tried a few online psychic networks and the pay per minute companies were extremely expensive and the predictions never came to pass. While reading reviews, I found a psychic network called and they were not pay per minute and overall seemed affordable.
Unlike and others, none of their psychics beat around the bush, jabbering on with irrelevant, unrelated nonsense, like the beauty of my turquoise aura and so forth, trying to take up my time. The psychics I selected at went well over the purchase time and were brilliant. I was "home!" They are really great and I feel that I'd be lost without my Savantace. I used three different psychics there and loved them all.

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September 02, 2016

I have to agree.

February 06, 2017

Oh I had 2 readings with tarotti. One beat around the bush. The other gave a totally opposite reading to the first one. Of course like they say on their website, all of the tarotti psychics are genuine, accurate and receive their gifts from the same source. So how is it they give opposite readings from the same source? Yeah I'm sure there's some BS answer for that. What a load of crock.

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"Scary" Accurate Psychics on

November 12, 2014

I have tried many psychic services over the years but the most accurate were on They were even scary accurate to some degree. I generally read with Psychic Clarissa or Psychic Lucian. I've had some horrible readings with some of their competitors like Kasamba, who don't even screen their psychics. One psychic at Asknow told me he had to give 3 sample readings to 3 different managers before he could get hired. All of those companies should do that! I also got ripped off by that scam artist Therese at Psychic Source. After much trial and error, I'm sticking with AskNow.

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September 02, 2016

I've read with both of these readers and both were wrong. Clarissa was absolutely off, and what's worse, when she's off, she turns the tables on you and says it's your fault. .

September 15, 2016

This "professor" person seems obsessed and crazed with Clarissa. I wonder what the REAL story is and why he is so crazy. She has always been so sweet to me.

September 20, 2016

Maybe it's because I spent a lot of money on readings that were wrong? Maybe it's because when the reading was wrong she refused to accept it? I think people would be pretty upset by someone taking their money claiming to be accurate and giving confident predictions that don't come to pass.

Teresa - are you clarissa?

September 21, 2016

Wow, Professor. name is Teresa and you are a crazy obsessed person.

September 25, 2016

No psychic is 100% accurate. Also, certain psychics connect great with certain individuals but no so much with others. I have an awesome connection with both Clarissa and Lucian.

September 27, 2016

I read with Clarissa too, a small prediction passed but the main one she was so positive about she kept pushing the timeline back when asked....I agree with Professor... you aren't paying a psychic to be sweet to you.. you are paying her to be right... Plus when you go back to rate the reading anything less then 5 starts they wont post it... proof right there the service isn't on the up and up.... I have to back Professor on this one folks!

September 30, 2016

Another prediction that Clarissa made, one that I completely forgot about regarding my sister, came to pass last night. There is no way anyone would have guessed this. I stand by my assessment of Clarissa. She has been great for me.

September 30, 2016

Another prediction that Clarissa made, one that I completely forgot about regarding my sister, came to pass last night. There is no way anyone would have guessed this. I stand by my assessment of Clarissa. She has been great for me.

October 02, 2016

Yes Teresa keep calling me crazy and obsessed. Maybe you ought to be kinder to Selena. She's probably been right with others? Or perhaps you're just fine paying $10 a minute for a possibility? And if she's wrong what's the big deal? No. you're the obsessed and crazy one. If she was right for you fantastic. She was wrong for at least two people here.

October 02, 2016

Teresa - do you make it a habit if insulting people and name calling? This is a review site. People want to know about the quality of service and experiences from different people. It's great that her predictions came to pass for some people but surely there are many cases where her predictions did not. And when they do not it's much better that the psychic admits they were off than try to go around it. The real story is that I doubted her prediction from the beginning because I had moved on and she insisted i should be open to something I closed off as it was definitely going to pass. It didn't. At $10 per minute I expect at least someone to say shoot I was wrong maybe we are not connecting well and you should find another psychic. Even then it's an expensive apology. Please develop a bit of maturity and understand this is a review site. If she's right for you and wrong for me, no need to defend her. Otherwise don't criticize any other psychic that was wrong for you. At $10+ a minute sorry. No one should be making predictions that are that wrong. If not all psychics connect with everyone then basically there's no sense in reviewing here.

October 29, 2016

I like those readers, as well. Wren should be added to that list. She is great, too!

December 29, 2016

I love Wren!

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