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ArtFire is an online marketplace for artistic goods, including fine art, vintage items, handmade goods, and traditional craft supplies.

How Does it Work?

According to their website, the creators of ArtFire wanted to create a community full of creative local makers and independent businesses.

They started with their brick and mortar community and Arizona and soon expanded into their online business, so that customers from all over the world could order the high quality artisanal products their crafters had to offer.   

Customers are welcome to treat this website like any other online retailer, by simply picking the category of product they are interested in purchasing and being provided with a list of merchants that provide customers with this very items.

Items sold on include Jewelry, Craft Supplies & Tools, Weddings, Clothing, Home & Living, Bath & Beauty, Bags & Cases, and much more.

Cost/Price Plans

Unfortunately at this point in time, the majority of the website is under maintenance and renovation and they don’t appear to have their pricing guides for online merchants published at this time.

Other reviewers have noted that this marketplace charges a per month charge, rather than a per transaction charge, but without the company offering their official information, this cannot be officially verified.  

Refund Policy

The website says that because of the nature of their membership service, all fees and charges will be considered non-refundable and there will be no refunds or credits for partially used periods. goes on to say that from “time-to-time” they may offer their merchants and customers credits, but that is completely up to their discretion, and no gift of credits obligates ArtFire to award any credits in the future.        

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] 


There are not many reviews of this website community at this time, but the few that are available from merchants appear to be fairly positive.

The only complaints that appear to be common are that the fees charged by this website are difficult to justify unless you are regularly making sales.

Unfortunately because the website does not currently publish their pricing guide, this is difficult to verify. 

There are some customers complaints about orders made through this website, but since is compiled from many individually run online stores, many of these complaints are likely toward individual sellers and not necessarily the market as a whole.

Customers may want to look for reviews of the individual merchant they are working with before they finalize a purchase. 

ArtFire Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites that provide a place for artisans and craftsmen to sell their products, including and, amongst many others. 

If you have any experience with ArtFire or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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ArtFire Customer Reviews

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Subscription bait and switch scam
August 19, 2021
Subscription scam. They at first offered seller subscription for free, then changed their policy to charge you a monthly fee. Tried to cancel through email as their FAQ recommended but got ignored and no response. Tried to call and the phone only tells you to email them. Total scam.

July 30, 2021
Do not purchase from this company! I got scammed.

Do Not Use!!!!!! Total Scam!!!!!!!!
July 28, 2021
If I could give them negative stars I would. I am SO frustrated. I ordered an AC unit OVER A MONTH AGO and have heard NOTHING! They are impossible to get ahold of. I'm convinced this is not even a legit business- IT NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN

Ripped Off
July 24, 2021
I ordered a pair of chairs from ArtFire. It turned out to be someone in China. The chairs were never delivered. I created a dispute in PayPal. The seller provided a bogus USPS delivery confirmation somehow showing the chairs were shipped from Amazon. I have a video doorbell so I know they were not delivered when the comfirmation indicated. I tried to create a dispute with AirtFire via Email was the Email was ignored. There is no way to create a dispute via their website. DO NOT USE ArtFire...

Artfire is Really Really Terrible. Buy through them, Kiss Your Money Goodbye.
July 23, 2021
Artfire is a license to scam. If your purchase has Artfire attached it, kiss your money goodbye. Their policy is to let Paypal deal with bad e-commerce behavior. Read BBB, it is loaded with Artfire scammers and worse Artfire don't shut these guys down. Why would they, they get transaction fees from your money and the suppliers don't deliver and Artfire don't resolve. Bad Artfire....Bad Artfire.... Bad Artfire. It cost me, don't let it happen to you. Sorry legit vendors, Artfire doesn't manage the frauds effectively and unfortunately we need to throw out the babies with the bath water. Legit vendors, find a new home. Artfire isn't it.

SCAM do not use
July 22, 2021

Do not use Art Fire!

I had to stop payment through my credit card company and Paypal after the seller never shipped my order and did not respond to my request.

Here is the response i received from Art Fire about 2 weeks after the dispute.

ArtFire Customer Service Team (

Jul 22, 2021, 12:50 PM MST

Thank you for contacting ArtFire’s Merchant Service Center.

If you are a buyer, please note that ArtFire is a classified site and does not have access to orders and order information.

Orders and transactions are between you (the buyer) and the merchant/seller. If you are looking to make changes to your order, inquire about shipping times, or are looking for a refund, you must contact your merchant/seller that you placed your order with.

The best way to contact your merchant/seller is through their email address, located on your order confirmation. If you paid via PayPal be sure to check the email address that is on file with PayPal for your order confirmation.

If you have not received a response from the seller after three business days, and you are certain their response is not in your spam or junk folder, you may want to consider initiating a dispute with your credit card company or PayPal.


ArtFire Merchant Service Team

Scam company
July 13, 2021
I’ve never heard of this business until I got a phishing email from them in my inbox … the email stated that I had a monthly subscription with them and that I needed to update my payment information by following a link … no way did I follow the link …. Very ticked off that I got this phishing email from them about an account I don’t have with them , very furious!

PamD. July 15, 2021

Be careful on this site. They have many sellers that have phony listings at a ridiculously low price to steal your credit card information.

Buyer be ware
July 13, 2021
This website is a ripoff I place a order payed for it and never received it try to look up the sellers name on Art Fires website and they said they don’t have a seller by that name. Buyer Be Ware do not do business with this site

July 6, 2021
ABSOLUTE TRASH........I wish I had read the reviews before being scammed. Out of all the protections these days, to allow this company to stay open and running with all the criminal and deceiving transactions is dumbfounding. Opened a dispute and legal case with this company......all over a custom soccer jersey.

July 5, 2021
Total SCAM SITE! Do not buy from or join this online seller. I ordered a hedge trimmer from Excellentgoodshop seller and received a 2"x3" piece of foam. TOTAL SCAMMERS!

Don't use this site
June 14, 2021
I'm dealing with that now, I purchased a game system last night and now it's showing sold to someone else

I will not recommend this site they will scam you out of your pocket
June 4, 2021
This is a total scam. They took my boyfriend's money and they can't bring me my 2 speakers. They took my money and now they own me, I am going to report it to the police.

December 24, 2019
This company is nothing but a scam. Do not order from them. You will never receive the merchandise and they have your money.

September 16, 2019
I Signed up to be a seller just to see what is was all about. BIG mistake. First of all you can't even look around at your products before you have to buy. Etsy has a free level service that offers MORE tools that even this location's basic subscription. I purchased a subscription and went through about 3 hours worth of exploring and listen ONE item. ONE. I decided it wasn't for me. Traffic is awful, they take a larger % in fees than Etsy does and customer service is horrendous. I would NEVER recommend this dumpster fire to anyone. I tried to get a refund, but since I listed ONE item for a grand total of 8 minutes, I'm now out the cost of a subscription I won't even look at for 3 months. This is the WORST setup I've ever seen.

Stay far far far away
June 10, 2019

I suppose this is just another twig on the fire, but every other review is right on the money. I wish I'd read it before I signed up. I tried to cancel the account about 10 minutes after signing up and realizing that the subscription tier that I'd bought had basically none of the advertised features. The pricing structure only becomes transparent AFTER you've signed up, so be ready for nasty surprises.

These guys have the most ridiculous cancellation process ever, and they don't actually follow up when you finally do cancel the account. The only way I was able to get the account canceled was to go through my credit card company and tell them to stop authorizing transactions from ArtFire.

March 2, 2019
I ordered an ab360 almost a month ago and did not receive. Fully paid for and nothing and no replies and wrong email address.

January 6, 2019
I ordered Christian Pulisic youth jersey thinking it would be official. It was not. The sizing was not international sizing standards so the jersey ended up being too small. I ended up having to order via Amazon. It was a learning experience.

Haven't got my order
November 16, 2018
I will never order from Art Fire again, I ordered a button baseball shirt for my husband birthday gift and haven't received it yet and when I try put in the tracking number they gave me it doesn't work,it go to a page that say error so they get no star from me.

Worst online purchase experience
November 11, 2017
Once I placed my order. I reached out to Art fire 3 times with no response. I wish they were as quick to respond as they are to bill you.

Dont waste your valuble time
August 25, 2016
I have been on Artfire for 2 months, did everything correctly and still not a peek at me store. I thought I would upgrade the photos of my work... good luck with that, its impossible. I have been on Etsy for a year with far better results