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Art Naturals, found online at, is a company that states they are a leading online seller of nature inspired beauty and personal care products. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Art Naturals says that they have always believed that beauty treatments should begin with the purest forms of nature, and that they're using the finest ingredients and extracts from around the world to create products that are not only good for skin and hair, but also good for the body and spirit. 

Currently customers can go to their website and search for a specific product by using their search feature or they can go through this company’s offering of products in categories like Oils, Hair Care, Bath & Body, Skin Care, and more.  

Ingredients and Side Effects

Their website says that natural ingredients are at the forefront of their brand, and they regularly “search the globe” to find the best ingredients for their customers.

They promise that their products contain the highest quality oil extracts from all over the world, and that they will continue to improve their ingredients whenever new high quality ingredients are discovered.  

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this company sells such a wide variety of products that it is impossible to quote a single price range for what you will find on this website, especially when you take into consideration various sales and promotions that will be held throughout the year, as well when they add new products to their various lines. 

Refund Policy

This company says that customers are welcome to return full priced merchandise within 60 days of the date of delivery as long as they are unopened and in the original packaging. Merchandise that has been used, altered, or damaged will not be accepted for return. 

To initiate a return, customers will need to go into their online account or contact their Customer Service team in order to receive the necessary step-by-step instructions to return their purchase. All Final Sale items are non-refundable.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 855-ART-4488 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


As mentioned above, this company has so many different types of products at this time that customers will really need to look for reviews regarding the specific product they are interested in ordering so that they can find the most relevant and accurate reviews. 

That being said, this company does appear to have a positive reputation within the beauty industry and has many different products which are highly rated at online retailers and even products which have been recommended by different fashion magazines. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different kinds of beauty products and personal care products which are made from all natural or organic ingredients, as well as many different product lines which are dedicated to the use of and featuring of essential oils.

If customers are unable to find what they need from this company, there are many other product lines which may better meet their needs. 

If you have any experience with Art Naturals or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Art Naturals Customer Reviews

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Beware this site!
January 25, 2022
Bought an item a month ago, still have not received it nor has anyone from their site responded to my inquiries. I should have read more reviews before buying from them. Being a repeat customer I didn't expect this level of service.

Hand sanitizer
July 12, 2020
They apparently have a contract with Walmart... the hand sanitizer is MADE IN CHINA...ironic?

ArtNaturals is a part of my everyday regimen
June 16, 2020

I don't get in and out of the bathroom every morning without using ArtNaturals hair products on my lion's mane. argan oil and vitamin E shampoo, the conditioner with shea butter, and I style with the pomade.

They are excellent products and I have used they consistently for who knows how long. I thank artnaturals for taking what could be a form of disaster every morning and shining it up and taming it to perfection

RmBc July 12, 2020

Made in china

Price gauging, VERY unethical, terrible customer service
June 10, 2020

I have never had such a terrible experience with a company, EVER! In fact, I have never written a bad review. But people need to know that this company which claims to make $100-$500 MILLION per year are a rip off with terrible customer service.

I purchased 12 8 oz bottles of unscented hand sanitizer, during the height of the pandemic. I was so desperate for a natural hand sanitizer I didn't even look at the price tag, which was $109.96 !

Later, I needed more and purchased the exact same thing. This time it was $46.95. The difference is a 51.20% increase !

I called the company to ask for a refund of the difference in prices which would have been $63.01.

They refuse to refund me the difference and insist they are ethical. Their motto says:

“ArtNaturals was born out of

a desire to free beauty

from high prices,

toxic chemicals

and all-around bad vibes

We're Here For You "

ALL of these claims couldn't be farther from the truth!

Also, I signed up and received a 20% off code. When I tried to use it just 3 min after receiving it via email it wouldn't let me ! I wrote to the company and they refused to refund me the 20% I would have saved.

Customer Service ? ZERO !!!

BBB has rated them with an F and they have had over 400 complaints in just the last 12 months.

ALSO, I too got a batch that stunk ! In addition it wasn't filled to the top. Instead of 8 was 5 ! They DID say I would get a refund from this batch however, which I was happy with, though I haven't received it as of yet. We shall see.

I will not waste my money here. Their motto is totally opposite of what they do. Bad Vibes, High prices, and NOT here for their customers. I really wanted to like this company, but after they refused to refund me the difference from a 51% price gauge, I won't be back. BUYER BEWARE!

May 22, 2020

Buyer beware a very dishonest company - stay away from them they did not answer and do not answer their phone or emails so there is no way to cancel a order at this time we had not received our 1st order of 3 gallons of hand sanitizer and our family ask us to order more so we did we ordered 4 more gallons then after 2nd order we finally received our 1st order several weeks later and then we smelled their hand sanitizer.

Their hand sanitizer really stinks badly and I am being very kind in how I am saying it when I received our 1st order of 3 gallons and gave them to family every one said they could not stand the stink.

I tried to cancel the 2nd order but there is no way to cancel they do not answer their phone just a recording tell you that they are to busy to answer a phone and they do not and did not respond to our emails - buyer beware - a very bad and dishonest company they claim on their web site all is in stock and ships in 2 to 3 days their other company name is ( art natural ) all the same company.

RmBc July 12, 2020

They apparently have a contract with Walmart... the hand sanitizer is MADE IN CHINA...ironic?

horrible product and company
May 14, 2020

Purchased hand sanitizer from artnaturals in the past and it was fine. Ordered again it was in pre transit for over a month. I messaged them on instagram, emailed, called, nothing. Finally received a very expensive large order of the most noxious smelling substance, not sure if it is even hand sanitizer or safe to use.

Bottles leaking, broken, and gallons half full. Made me and others lightheaded and sick. Don't breathe it in!!! Requested refund no response...what a surprise. Now they have lowered their prices. I guess they felt bad price gouging for crap.

 Do not buy from this shameful company. Artnaturals would you want your mom to use your product??? I think not. Shame on you.

RmBc July 12, 2020

It's made in China..Walmart is stocking it,,,

Worst Company to purchase from- Never buy from Art Naturals
May 13, 2020

Please do not buy from Art Naturals. They are price gougers and have the worst customer service in the world. I have tried connecting with someone for over a month to return the tiny products i bought with a large price tag.

The answer i got was due to the current situation, we are not accepting refunds. After over a month of emails, i finally get a response that I won't get a refund. This company is only out to get your money.

Btw, my items arrived a month late. I went out and purchased other items so i wanted to return theirs and now i can't. Beware, of this company. All they want is your money. Never purchase from them again.

No Customer Service
April 27, 2020
The worst company I've ever done business with. Orders were never received. All damaged in shipment, company notified on MANY occasions,never responded over a 2 week period. May need to file a complaint with the BBB. Unsure what to do next, never have I had this experience.....

Uncented Hand Sanitizer Smell
April 26, 2020
Ordered a number of hand sanitizer bottles and the odor smells like turpentine.

RmBc July 12, 2020

It's made in China,,,,,,Walmart is stocking the brand,,,,

Scam company
April 26, 2020

I ordered hand sanitizer through amazon on March 26th. The delivery date was pushed back due to "damage in shipping". The new delivery time was by April 24th. I have not received product and have requested a refund.

I was told I needed to go through amazon and contacted their customer service. Amazon said they would contact the company and would be refunded. Now I get an email from art natural requesting continued patience. I no longer need their product and want a refund. Not the runaround.

RmBc July 12, 2020

It's made in China and Walmart is selling it ..ironic "made in China"

They shorted our order and will not respond
April 22, 2020 They shorted our order and will not respond to emails and will not answer the phone. Based on other reviews I see that we are not alone. Do not buy from this company. Somewhere there are people working for and owning this company who know that they are ripping people off. To those people I say; Karma is coming to visit you.

SCAM - I never received anything at all!
April 16, 2020
I wish I could give negative stars - I can't comment on product quality, since I never got it. Ordered on 3-10-20, today is 4-15-20. No answers to emails or phone calls. Payment processed through Ebay so I can't dispute with my credit card issuer. To Art Naturals founders/owners: Karma is a @$tch!

This company is shameful.
April 14, 2020

Ordered one gallon unscented hand sanitizer over two weeks ago due to the company’s promise to ship out in 48 hours during the covid 19 crap. A shipping label for ups was made 72 hours after I placed my order. Its been over two weeks and ups has still not received my item, from what I see now even if I do get it, I'm not gonna be happy with what I get according to the multiple bad reviews I've seen on this website but I didn't even get that far it looks like.

Called and emailed company multiple time, phone lines are straight shut down, saying because of covid, emailed multiple times no response. Shame on this company for taking money from people and not even providing a product of reasonable quality and in my case no product at all!

hand sanitizer
April 12, 2020
Bought 8 bottles of unscented hand sanitizer , arrived OK time and package, but not unscented , have tried all options to get proper product, no answer by email or phone, put in complaint with pay pal , would not recommend as of now, use a credit card so you can contest , PayPal resolution is BS !!

Dan P. May 13, 2020

Absolutely agree. They are price gougers and will not take returns. They have horrible customer service, will not answer phone calls or respond to emails. They take your money and run with it. Never buy from them again.

April 8, 2020
bought 32 7oz bottles of hand sanitizer for a hefty price of $270. I received my poorly packaged items with loose caps and some flip caps even open. About 25% of out of each bottle leaked out. I have called and no one answers and have emailed them at least 4 times and no response. DO NOT buy from them. terrible product and absolutely no communication!

Products arrive unsealed, no quality control
March 31, 2020
Products arrived in unsealed bottles. How can they ship products that leak most of the product, not to mention what quality control goes into packing. I checked not one of 12 bottles has a seal so not comfortable using on my skin.

Buyer Beware!
March 30, 2020

I ordered 2 bottles of their aloe vera gel. Price was close to $50. Bottles pictured in the online ad held a green colored gel. This is during the Covid-19 pandemic and I purchased what I thought was legitimate gel from a legitimate business. Several weeks later I received 2 bottles of clear water.

No gel.....not even green colored water! So did many others, who actively complained to site ArtNaturals was selling from......and that online company closed ArtNaturals down from selling on their extremely popular their site.

Jennifer Schuster April 04, 2020

I had the same experience of the previous poster, ordered aloe vera gel and received "water" with a faint fragrance. When I called the company the recording said they were too busy to accept calls and no message was allowed. My emails were bounced back because the mailbox was full. What can be done about this fraud?

MartaRukavina April 07, 2020

They do not answer calls and do not answer emails. Their product is inferior, Please do not purchase from them.